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    Good Morning, 

    I purchased 2 x iNuke DSP and I would like to hook them up to a DIY Home Theater Speaker.  The Idea is to use the Xover on the iNuke rather then building a passive crossover. My Question is:- Is it possible to have the woofers on Channel A with a 2 Ohm Impedance then the Tweeter @ 8ohm on Channel B ? Would that cause any issues ? Or effect Sound Output? 





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    I am very new at this but try to have the best system within my budget. Ive recently added a Behringer NX6000D and 2 Lavoce SAN 184.03's to my surround sound  system which consists of a Denon AVR X4200W, klipsch RP-450C, 2 klipsch 280f, and 2 klipsch 41m. I am more interested in ensuring that the amp and subs are set up properly to get the most out of them. Is there a simple guide for setup of the amp?



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    I find it strange lab don't offer patch panels for their amps... I use the PLM stuff exclusively and there's nothing better than a nicely labelled, perfectly made patch panel. 

    I'm a lab dealer, so yes I would buy one if they made one. Since they don't, I looked for an alternative. For anybody else that may find themselves looking, I give you one suggestion. It's a good one.

    Click this link and see  what I think to be a brilliant artist's work:

    Check out PP+

    For those too scared to click the link, google PP+ Patch Panels.

    No, I don't own the company. No, I'm not getting anything from them for posting this.

    It's a simple heads up that there is somebody making affordable and absolutely perfectly built patch panels specifcally designed for purpose. 

    I bought some. Gonna buy some more. You should too. 

    Music Tribe/Lab guys - throw this guy a bone and swing some work his way. He's not your competition, you don't make the products he does. There are plenty of your customers looking for these things and it's in your best interest to help them out. Steer them his way.

    Maybe a gentle suggestion/push/shove.

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    • QLDSL1
      Dale_M Many thanks for bringing this to our attention, I will pass on your remarks to the design team.
      • Jun 1
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    Hello. have some question about setting isvpl in plm 10k.

    For example i have [email protected] (RMS) speaker.

    Then i want to properly adjust MaxPeak,RMS  limiters and also ISVPL.

    As i know - in common mode limiter settings in db are 20log(V/Vref)-amp gain - safety margin.

    For peak and rms V there should be different values.

    For example Vrms (of my speaker)=SQRT(2*400*8) because of crest factor 2 of sine signal.

    For Vpeak there should be another equation - sqrt(4*400*8) because test signal (pink noise) have crest factor 4.

    And finaly question - is Vpeak equals ISVPL threshold? 

    Or there is another equation for find this point?

    Thanks in advance

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    hope you are well.

    My need : I am a mixer for movies, building my own stage. I want to power 3 channels (3xLF 3xHF) of JBL 4670D (

    and 8 channels of Top speakers (Atmos) DKAUDIO P12C (

    Rest of surrounds and LFE are self powered. I am also interested in Dante integration + FIR Processing through lake for at least the front channels.



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    Oh boy, where to start. Hi there!


    Okay, a friend gave me a NX3000D to power my passive sub and told me one channel was inoperable. Right now I have it set to "Bridge" mode using a RCA to 1/4" T/S cable from my subwoofer preout to input A on the amp. I'm using a Speakon to bananas connector from output A to my 4 ohm subwoofer, a RBH SV-1212NR, a passive sub. Everything is working.


    My question is about the channel my friend said was inoperable. In stereo mode he said only the B input/output works and there's no signal for the A output (in stereo mode). I have it set on Bridge mode using the A input/output and it's working well. Both green lights above the A and B dials illuminate when I play something. Room correction had me set the gain at about 11 o'clock on the dial. Does this mean I have the amp set to maximize output and have available full rated power, 3000 watts, to my 4 ohm sub? Have I done this correctly?


    Sorry for the rudimentary questions. I'm new to pro amps and still a little confused with the menus. Plus my friend added to my confusion telling me about the inoperable channel when in stereo mode.

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    • Pogre
      Paul_Vannatto If the one channel is not working, you will only get the power output of the other channel, even in bridge mode.
      • Apr 10
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    I'm having issues with the firmware update crashing without installning. I have no problem connecting using the NX Edit.exe tool. I've tried to run the program in compatability mode, both windows 8 and 7 but with the same result. Dont know how to proceed. I cant really find any information regarding how to firmware update.

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    I need information about the damping factor for IPD 2400.

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    je viens d'acheter un PDX3000 et je voulais enregistrer mon achat pour bénéficier de la garantie de 10 ans. J'ai tout renseigné mais l'enregistrement ne se fait pas. Cordialement 

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    • Mouzika
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Did you receive a case number with your registration? Can you provide that number?
      • Mar 8
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    I'm having problems getting a signal from Behringer amp to mixer, I'm using xlr to 1/4 inch jack as instructed however nothing is happening. Do I need to do a set up by linking it to a laptop initially. The instruction manual is as clear as mud. 

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