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    I have an old and much loved pair of Tannoy Golds that are not performing equally after moving house. One speaker sounds muffled compared to the other and I have isolated the issue to the speaker (swapping cables, changing interconnects and cleaning connection points). I don't see the model on the dropdown for a repair care request.

    I think a capacitor is degraded on the crossover and wondered if there is anyone offering to service/repair the speakers to return them to a working set of speakers?

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    • mwvmathewson
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. For Service help please contact our Service team by clicking on Support and then Care/Service to submit a ticket.
      • Mar 21
      • Tannoy M20 Gold Mk 2 issue
        mwvmathewson Thanks Kyle. What should I enter in the model if it is not in the dropdown list?
        • Mar 22
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    Dear all,

    please be so kind and send me price, time of delivery and shipping costs for:

    1 pc. woofer for Tannoy DC-6T



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    I need hf driver's or replacement diaphragm for dmt 215 Ii I have been told it's the same as current model legacy series. Any leads to where I can buy a pair ??


    Thank you

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    Is it impossible to find these as brand new spare parts? Really love these speakers and hope i could get some help ? 


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    • Davidoff87
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Please contact our Parts team by clicking on Support and then Spare Parts to submit a ticket.
      • Mar 13
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    I would like to know how to open a ST200, because I feel that there is something moving inside.

    I tried to unscew the bottom screws but the top plate does not move.

    I already opened a ticket (CAS-556022-F4G8F9) on the 25/02 but still have no response.

    Thanks a lot

    Best regards

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    • fred13
      Nigel67 Hi fred13. Many apologies for the delay in getting back to you on your case. I have just taken the case myself and will answer it as soon as I have the information at hand.
      • Mar 8
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    Dear team! We were distributors for Tannoy for years, but lost contact to sales people for Prestige series. Are these products still available? Who is the sales for these speaker range and how can we contact and order? Please let me know! We are audiotuning.com and would like to get contact again! kind regards Dieter

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    I raised a Care Ticket (CAS-549273-J6G4Q5) back on 17th Feb regarding a dead Gold 7 but now over a week later and nothing.

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    • HellsWench
      Nigel67 Hi HellsWench. I can only apologise for the delay in our Service Team replying to you. I have sent them a message and asked them to look into the reason why and also answer you ticket as soon as possible. Again, many apologies.
      • Feb 27
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    My new Stirling have 75 hours on them are still very squawky. I have the treble energy all the way down and have wired them to the LF and jumped to the high both of which helps a little. My friends Stirlings sound great with my Leben integrated and wires. The sound's improved only mildly and I'm concerned that the tweeter may be faulty. Roughly how long is it expected to take to for them to break in?

    My pair was made in Aug. 2020. Would that have been from the now closed Coatsbridge, Scotland factory or was it made abroad?

    Thanks, Art

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    I wonder if it there is some replacement for the cocentric speaker 1717 for Tannoy Sensys DC2.

    Thank you in advance.



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    • m1tsos
      Dale_M We would advise raising a parts ticket from the Support tab and see if the team can advise you.
      • Feb 17
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    I have a pair of ~10 year old Tannoy Sandringham SE, which were purchased new. The problem is there's no high frequency, and perhaps no mid frequency being reproduced by both channels/drivers. It appears only the low frequency is for sure coming through continuously on both speakers. The single-wide +/- speaker cables are connected to the binding post correctly and securely, as are the original jumpers. I have even tried alternative jumpers to make sure they are not the issue-- and they are not. I have also tried a known working speaker from a different manufactuerer with same system electronics and cables and the system works with that speaker perfectly fine/100% to specification.

    My concern is any semblance and level of clear communication and support here,... the Sandringham SE doesn't appear to be listed on this musictribe portal, nor does my attempted service ticket appear acknowledged,-- so very concerned to have purchased a speaker new and have zero support.

    Can someone share with me anything helpful in getting further advice regarding testing and/or official service of speakers to bring both back to full performance and specification. 


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