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    Hello, I know that there are some posts here about the app suddenly crashing when iPadOS is installed. Only the basic functions are usable. When you tap on the upper part where you perform edits to specific channel, when you tap setup and when you tap effects, the app crashes. I've tried that on three different iPads (regular one, Air and Pro) and it happens on every single one of them. I'm aware that for some reason the app has not been updated for more than 2 years (which is not easily explainable or logical for me, since every XR user uses it daily) and I'm not asking for major redesign changes or anything. But I need the app to function normally! Imagine the troubles I've had when I got on stage and the app crashed!? 

    This is asked a few times already, but again: Behringer, update the app and fix the problem!

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    • Mateo51000
      PedroRodrigues Hi Mateo51000, thank you for your post, we are working as fast as possible to update our App to allow compatibility with the latest iOS Version. We will announce via our social Media any update on this matter. Thank you
      • Nov 1
    • Mateo51000
      BeKa19 I have the Same Problem, thank you for working on it.
      • Nov 21
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    New ipad running 15.6.1

    Trying to connect thru wireless net work.  My connect screen is paused and status is listening. I think all numbers on the screen are correct.


    Old ipad running 10.3.3 connects and goes to app.


    Anyone have and solve this problem?

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    • woldds
      Dale_M Please take a look at this video to ensure you are not missing any steps:
      • Oct 20
    • woldds
      stevezcalaero I have started experiencing the same issue on 2 different x32 mixers on 2 separate networks. Wired and wireless PCs can connect, but iPads cannot. Right now I am stuck and unable to use the iPad to control the mixers. Maybe this is an issue with a recent iPad update?
      • Oct 21
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    Hi everyone,

    I have just released an update for the Live Toolbox and Scene Parser family of apps, with some bug fixes and enhancements.

    X32 Live Toolbox v1.33

    X-Air Live Toolbox v1.33

    MX Terminal v1.08

    LT_Command v1.08


    X32 Scene Parser v1.15

    X-Air Scene Parser v1.02


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    • Paul_Vannatto
      LarryJost I have been struggling with LiveToolbox...with the English Commands, I can get "set channel x send x on" to work, but I cannot get any sends to turn OFF. Example:set channel 1 send 1 off
      set channel 1-5 send 2-4 on
      set channel 6-16 send 3 on
      set channel 17-27 send 4 on Separately, the English commands for DCA do not really work because they are a bitmap. For DCA I just use ordinary OSC commands instead, but it would be great to be able to use the English Command ranges for SENDS since there are so many of them.
      • Aug 8
    • Paul_Vannatto
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Larry, yes the ranges for sends do not work. I had a look at the code awhile ago and realized it would take some effort to figure out how to have ranges on both the channels and sends. Some day when I have some free time, I'll see what I can do.

      Regarding the off, last time I checked it was working, but will check again when I have the X32 Rack back in the house. Currently I'm having to setup the Wing for a 3 day event (with 3 bands and a town wide church service).

      Last time I checked, the DCAs worked fine. I know they are bitmap values. But Live Toolbox queries the current state and adjusts accordingly.
      • Aug 9
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    Using the same numbers as my old iPad with the Xmix app (which has worked perfectly for years) - I've loaded them on my new iPad in the Xmix app. I cannot get the new iPad to sync. I need help!

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    • Bergyboy1
      Nigel67 Hi Bergyboy1. There shouldn't be any issue connecting to the the app to your iPad. I was just talking to someone yesterday who had the same issue as you described and he uninstalled the app, then re-installed it again and it started working. Sometimes if the iPad upgrades its firmware it can cause this to happen or an app that you install after the X-32 mix app may cause it to not work. Please try this. Is your iPad the latest 5th generation Air, or the 9th generation iPad? It may also be worth factory resetting the X32 and setting up the connection again. Make sure that you back up all shows, presets though to USB stick that you want to keep.
      • Jun 8
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    x-air keeps disconnecting from ipad app.  It'll connect for a minute and then disconnects.  This happens over and over.  Any thoughts?

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    • alexdarnall
      Dale_M Are you using a router or the inbuilt WiFi? It may be best if you send in a Technical ticket to us from the above support tab.
      • May 5
    • alexdarnall
      Paul_Vannatto Ooooo!! I'm now a "yahoo" ...
      • May 10
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    What is the best app to download for my Android tablet to control the x32 board?

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    • OldmanT59
      Paul_Vannatto Mixing Station Pro
      • Apr 29
    • OldmanT59
      JeffRusin Mixing station pro is a good app but when I say it’s a pain in the butt to get it set up that’s being nice. I don’t know if you can get I am 32 mix or X32-Mix on android but I would suggest that to start, you can figure it out with no instructions in minutes
      • May 10
    • OldmanT59
      Paul_Vannatto X32-Mix is only available for iPads, not androids and the last update was with firmware 3.x (nearly 3 years ago). So good luck using it with firmware 4.x. And I doubt that it will be updated in the near future.
      • May 10
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    Hi all. Just bought a flow 8, love it but it can only run from my iPhone 6s which is updated to the latest iOS update....5 year old iPad couldn't connect to there a minimum iOS/model of iPad which can be confirmed to work with the Bluetooth controlling system? iPad would download the app no problem but not connect to the desk no matter how many ways I tried! Would be far easier running it on a bigger screen rather than a tiny phone screen, thanks!

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    • OzzyC1987
      Dale_M Please see the spec (snippet attached) full document can be found at the App store here:
      • Apr 8
    • OzzyC1987
      RickStockley Unfortunately, the specs are a bit misleading. While it does state iOS 9.0 or later, it still will not work with the iPad Mini gen1, running iOS 9.3.5 (due to the BT version on the iPad, I believe). When I purchased the Flow 8, I had initially hoped it would work with my iPad. Regardless, still an awesome mixer!
      • Apr 14
  • srasi009
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    What type of router should I get for my X32 console? There are so many and I am having trouble picking the correct MB per second

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    • srasi009
      RexBeckett It does not need to be super fast. 1200 Mbps would be enough. It should be a dual-band router and you should use the 5GHz band because it is more resistant to interference from phones and other Wifi devices. Look for one that supports 802.11ac Wifi and has multiple external antennae. It is also an advantage to have at least two LAN ports so you can connect a wired laptop if/when necessary.
      • July 21, 2020
    • srasi009
      DavidKnighton Hello srasi009. Any simple router will do. The feature that I would consider before purchasing is WiFi RANGE. The lower end models don't have very good range, which means that the signal will degrade faster when there's a bunch of phones/tablets in the room. Users will often have a good soundcheck, but once the room is filled with guests, the WiFi signal starts to become unreliable. Get a router that has decent range for your expected environment and keep it as close as possible to the area in which it will be used most heavily. Notable brands, Linksys, Netgear, Cisco, TP Link. Avoid using Apple products as they are finicky with these consoles.
      • July 23, 2020
    • srasi009
      JasonAdamses All you need is a good Router and it doesn't need to be connected to the internet. I use a AC1250. Plug the Router into the Ethernet port on the back of the Rack.. In the Setup Tab in the X32Rack setup the Connection. Connect your laptop/pc/or tablet to the Router. Connect and go. I use low cost Android Tablets with Mixing Station Pro with very good results. There is Mixing Station and Mixing Station Pro that is available. (Mixing Station Pro is well worth the few dollars it cost!) Behringer also has X32 Edit software as well. For me I find best antivirus apps for iphones here: and it best to have the Router fully booted up and on before turning on the mixer. Again Mixing Station Pro is a great app to start with. ;-)
      Just know you may struggle at first to get it all going. May require some updates to the desk and software to get everything on the same page if you will. Here is just one example from YouTube. I'd also recommend spending some time with Drew Brashers videos as well.
      • Apr 9
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    I think I have done it before but forget how. I need to have my L and R on 2 master faders instead of one merged. How do I accomplish this?  I'm using X Air Edit on Mac and Mixing Station on Android.

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    The new cross-platform FLOW Mix App for iOS tablets and mobile phones offers wireless remote control for the Behringer FLOW 8 Digital Mixer. This App is using Bluetooth to connect to the hardware. 

    The FLOW Mix App gives musicians, producers, or engineers control of all mixer parameters. This includes levels, panning, eq, compression, and effects as well as snapshot memory. 

    The plain user interface is designed for comfortable operation on tablets as well as small-format smartphones. Features like Assisted Setup and the Stage-View are aimed at inexperienced users to provide intuitive access to a world of great sound. 



    • Full remote control including: 
    • Preamp Gain, 48V on MIC 1/2 
    • Main-Mix Level, Pan, Mute, Solo 
    • All Input Channels with Low-Cut Filter, 4-band EQ, and Compressor 
    • Bus-Sends to FX and MON-Out 
    • Main and Monitor Buses with 9-band EQ and Limiters 
    • Customize channels with Icon and Name
    • Use Assisted Setup to have a quick start as a beginner
    • Load and store Mixer-Snapshots in the App or on the Hardware 
    • Balance your mix from the Mixer- or Stage-View 
    • Activate or Hide certain inputs to focus on the channels you need 
    • Change routing according to your workflow 



    * App 1.6 requires FLOW 8 mixer firmware V11749 or higher 


    What’s New (Android) 

    18.Jan2022 (Version 1.6) 

    • New pre-fader routing option for Monitor 1/2 bus send 
    • New preference for indicating Mute buttons on mixer page 
    • New channel icons displayed in mixer and stage view 
    • Tap Tempo can now be adjusted on all layers in Stage View 
    • New preference for operating controls with a rotary gesture, 
      and performance of linear gesture improved 
    • Preferences and Routing pages can now be scrolled on small devices 
    • Connectivity issue with some Android 10 devices fixed 
    • Android 12 support added 
    • Fixed an issue to start a new session 

    What’s New (iOS) 

    23.Jan2022 (Version 1.6) 

    • New pre-fader routing option for Monitor 1/2 bus send 
    • New preference for indicating Mute buttons on mixer page 
    • New channel icons displayed in mixer and stage view 
    • Tap Tempo can now be adjusted on all layers in Stage View 
    • New preference for operating controls with a rotary gesture, 
      and performance of linear gesture improved 
    • Preferences and Routing pages can now be scrolled on small devices 
    • Fix for Mute/Un-Mute display issues in Stage View 
    • Fix for missing dB reading tooltips 
    • UI glitches in configuration page fixed 
    • Fixed an issue to start a new session 


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