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    I've bought a Behringer X-Touch Mini to control X32 Edit & my X32 Rack. Is there any documentation about how Mackie Control Mode has been set up, or is there an editor I can use?

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    • lpagross
      lpagross The X-Touch Mini could be such a great controller for the X32 Rack if it just had a better MC Mode. Is there any way to edit the MC Mode?
      • Jan 17
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    I searched the internet but could'nt find a solution. I managed to let the fcb change presets in Overloud's TH3, but can't get it to change banks? If I use Learn in TH3's midi section (for Next bank or Previous bank) and push the UP or DOWN pedal twice, I get No midi signal found message. 

    If I use the pedal Up or Down, there is no bank change in TH3. How can I get this done? 

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    • Georgem1968
      NicJonesMT Hi GeorgeM1968.
      Sorry fr the delay contacting you.
      I work in the UK Support team.

      Can you please confirm how you are connecting the FCB to your computer running TH3?
      If you open a MIDI monitoring software such as MIDIox are you able to see that the FCB is sending Messages into the Computer?
      How have you programmed the pedals on the FCB?

      Normally I would recommend programming the FCB to the MIDI Implementation of the device you are connecting to, but looking at the manual TH3 only has the MIDI learn function. In theory if you set the pedal to send a message you should be in theory able to use the MIDI learn function.

      If you need additional support I would recommend clicking Support at the top of the page and submitting a tech support ticket. We can then go through some more trouble shooting with you and try to get this resolved.
      • Jan 14
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    I am attempting to use the XR18 as an audio and MIDI interface with an Behringer FCB1010 foot controller; to control a plug in (in this case the Cory Wong Archetype) however this seems to be almost impossible as the product manuals lack information and there are no resources on the web to answer any questions.

    I am very new to MIDI  and I'm struggling to get this set up.

    The setup is:

    1. XR18 via acces point connected to XR Edit on Mac Book

    2. Guitar into XR 18 Channel 1

    3. USB from XR18 to Mac Book Pro (2019)

     -- --This works fine and connects to the Cory Wong Archetype plug in with the USB Returns of the XR18 set to AUX L/R sending the signal back into the AUX output


    The FCB1010 is then connected to the XR18 - FCB 1010 MIDI OUT to XR18 MIDI IN - and XR18 MIDI OUT to FCB1010 MIDI IN

    The problem is that the XR18 does not recognise the FCB1010.  I have set the XR18 Audio/MIDI Setup to USB-DIN Pass Thru

    Firstly, is it possible to use the XR18 as a MIDI interface in this way? Or is an audio interface required?

    If it is, I'm aware that MIDI has to be on the same Channel, so I have set channel 01 on the FCB1010 but there is no guidance on how to set a MIDI channel on the XR18, so it is possible they may not be 'talking' to each other.

    Assuming this CAN be done - how do I then get the setup to control/change the Cory Wong Archetypeplug in? I am only looking for a stom-box type changer initially.


    Any answers on this would be greatly appreciated.





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    • Elterwater2
      Paul_Vannatto Connecting "XR18 - FCB 1010 MIDI OUT to XR18 MIDI IN - and XR18 MIDI OUT to FCB1010 MIDI IN" with the XR18 USB/DIN Pass-Thru enabled means that what is tranmitted from the footpedal is returned to the footpedal. You need to connect the footpedal directly to the computer.
      • Jan 13
      • Behringer XR18 connectivity
        Elterwater2 Thanks for the reply Paul. I have a cable on the way to make that connection. I was curious to know though, if the XR18 itself could be used in the same way as an audio interface with DIN connections? If anyone knows?
        • Jan 14
      • Behringer XR18 connectivity
        Paul_Vannatto I think what you are trying to do is convert the MIDI in to the USB out, which does not work. The main purpose of the midi in the XR18 is to use midi devices control the XR18. The pass thru setting was added to allow the midi in to pass thru to the midi out . When that is enabled, midi control of the XR18 is disabled.
        • Jan 14
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    I brought a behringer 2a controller it came with deckadance2 Voucher but I can't get it to activate can anyone please send me an information thanks

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    • Damage
      Dale_M Hi Damage if you purchased a Behringer hardware unit and received a voucher for Deckadance LE Edition, please follow these steps to redeem your software:

      Download and Install the latest demo:

      Go to the Stanton Deckadance website and click "Demos" tab. Scroll down and download the demo for PC or Mac.

      Stanton Deckadance2 Website

      Enter your Behringer voucher code

      Click the following link and enter your code (you may need to create a Cakewalk account, or use an existing account)

      With Deckadance open click on the toolbar "Preferences" icon (top-left corner)

      Select "Registration" on the left menu.

      Under "Registration Steps":

      Click "For LE Edition" and save the generated CRQ file to your desktop

      Click "Activation Website" ** and upload your CRQ file.

      Activation webpage will quickly send back a response DAT file. Save it to your desktop.

      Click "Import Activation Response" and upload your *.DAT file

      Activation is now complete. LE Edition serial-number should now be visible on the same registration screen.

      ** If you cannot access the Activation Page through Internet Explorer, please ensure your cookie settings:

      Go to menu: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy - > Advanced

      "Override automatic cookie handling" should be Enabled.

      "Third-Party" cookies set to "Accept"

      "Always allow session cookies" is unchecked.
      • Jan 12
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    I own a BCF2000 and it's not really easy to program it. Because there was an editor for windows, there should be a kind of comunication protocol for the BCF2000. Currently I'm working on a web-based editor for my Akai LPD8. I would like to continue this with adding the BCF2000 to it, so also other BCF owners are able to program the device way easier.

    Is there documentation available. If not, will Behringer empower also the owners of older devices?

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    I have no idea how to get this thing to connect to my XR-18. I set all the midi commands as per the XR18 manual, load the file but nothing works.

    Are there special settings I need to set in the XR-18 Setup Menu?

    Does this run without X-edit running?

    Is it supposed to be in MC Mode or Standard?

    Is it possible to map windows functions and shortcuts to the keys as well?



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    Just received berhringer rd8 ,going through controls 

    And my one doesn't seem too erase and copy 

    Erases after factory reset then stops after a few goes ..

    All the correct communication when trying to copy but then doesn't copy 

    Item came already programmed too ..which means been used before ..

    Any suggestions ,


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    • Digiti4444
      ThorstenBösing Have you the actual Firmware on it ? Try to use the Synthtribe App and have a look on the Firmware.
      • December 13, 2020
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    Is there a document anywhere which details all the MIDI commands for the CMD PL-1?

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    Went to the product download page to get this for a new computer and it seems to be gone? Does anyone know where to download the X-touch editor from? 

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    • TylerMorton
      DaveMorrison X-TOUCH MINI or Compact? They're under the "Product Library: Software" menu for each product.
      • November 28, 2020
    • TylerMorton
      john0121 Just click "software" on the right of the page here and you'll see it:
      • November 29, 2020
      • X-Touch Editor?
        estuermer Nope there is nothing
        • December 4, 2020
      • X-Touch Editor?
        DaveMorrison Things disappear (and re-appear) on this website and now the "Product Library: Software" menu is gone, gone, gone.
        • December 6, 2020
    • TylerMorton
      LingLong35 The product page does not have a link to download the editor. Anyone have a copy and upload one?
      • December 6, 2020
    • TylerMorton
      john0121 Sorry, the link is missing at the moment. This has been reported to the web team for a fix. In the meantime here is a copy posted at wetransfer
      • December 6, 2020
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    The product page doesn't have a link download the software and google isn't much help. Anyone have a copy they want to upload share?

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    • LingLong35
      john0121 Hi Jack, sorry the link is missing at the moment. This has been reported to the web team to get it back in place. In the meantime here is a copy to download:

      Hope this helps
      • December 6, 2020
      • Where to find the X-Touch mini editor software?
        estuermer thank you. I thought I am blind and/or crazy.
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        • December 7, 2020
      • Where to find the X-Touch mini editor software?
        LingLong35 Thank you John!
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        • December 7, 2020
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