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    Just purchased a TC Polytune 3

    Not arrived yet.

    To save me taking my pedal board appart to get acces to the power cables i'm considering using a battery with this.

    Does anybody know whether the Polytune draws power whilst connected - even when the unit is off?

    Whilst connected, how long will a standard alkaline battery last during constant use (true bypass mode)



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    • Chedmus
      PedroRodrigues Hi Chedmus, please consider that the Polytune 3 will draw voltage even when off , it draws lower voltage but it does draw energy. Thank you
      • Aug 30
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    I was watching a review for the BH800... I assume it is more or less similar to the BH550 with only the wattage differing.

    The reviewer indicated the BH800 was a class D power amp and therefore has a slower attack than other amplifiers.

    I've never heard amps described that way before, can anyone help me understand what it means?

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    • Jkblight
      PedroRodrigues Hi, Jkblight thank you for your post, please take in to account that there are two basic types of power amplifiers: linear and switch-mode.
      The Class-D amp is a type of switch-mode amplifier that consists of three stages: the input switching stage, the power amplification stage, and the output filter stage.
      A common misconception is that a switching power amplifier is an amplifier with a switching power supply.

      A switching power amplifier utilizes switching technology as a means to amplify the signal, whereas a switching power supply is using switching to provide AC mains power.
      In linear amp designs, the output power transistors amplify the incoming signal analogous to the input signal (same signal only louder).

      In a switching amp, the incoming audio signal modulates the width of an ultrasonic square wave in the output transistors.

      This modulated square wave is then low-pass filtered. The result is the amplified analog signal sent to the speakers. This signal processing is called Pulse Width Modulation or PWM.

      In operation, a switching power amp uses several pairs of power output transistors with each pair operating as switches (transistors can operate either as amplifiers or switches) in a push-pull arrangement. One transistor of each pair turns fully on (saturation) while the other is off, then they alternate.

      One transistor always produces a positive voltage when it is on; the other always produces a negative voltage when it is on. When a transistor acts as an open switch, the current through it is ideally zero.

      When the same transistor acts as a closed switch, the voltage across it is also ideally zero. Whether the switch is open or closed, the power dissipated as heat – current times voltage – would ideally be zero. The result is less power wasted, which means improved efficiency – theoretically 100%.

      Since the output transistors develop almost no current (when off) or no voltage (when on), they produce almost no power wasted as heat. Increased efficiency requires less power from a power supply and smaller or no heat sinks for the amplifier.

      These are important advantages in portable battery-powered equipment. Since the class-D amplifier works in an on/off mode, people mistakenly think that the “D” in class-D means “digital “.

      This is not the case.

      There is no digital coding of the signal. The function of class-D is based on analogue principles.

      Class-D amplifier applications range from battery-powered portable products such as mobile phones, high-end professional amplifiers, musical instruments, and home multimedia systems.

      Please take in to account that I have seen other customer asking information about the same thing and it is difficult to make generalizations, especially when we are referring exclusively to the amps since much is also related to the speakers.
      Nevertheless "fast vs slow" has a lot to do with the bass and it's much more about the transients and the attack.

      Please take in to account that there is no right or wrong or better or worse when it comes to the perception of fast vs slow, as this is a case of perception some Amp may be faster for some and the same Amp may be slower for other.
      • Aug 16
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    Hi, when i tap tempo with the delay or the tremolo, i like to fine tune it to get the exact tempo of a song by using the hotknobz fonction. But the tempo i set with the knob dont stay in memory.

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    • Papou1086
      PedroRodrigues Hi Papou1086, thank you for your post, please consider that when running the unit on FW 1.2 the Hot Knobz lets you assign each of the 3 black knobs on Plethora X5 to simultaneously control any/all pedal parameters on your BOARD, for real-time tweaking in PLAY mode. Touch and feel your effects.

      This is a BOARD level setting and can be found at


      Please confirm that you have follow these steps.

      Thank you
      • Aug 16
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    I am in need of preset selection footswitches for the TC Electronics Flashback 4 Delay/Looper. Can someone provide a part # and a link to purchase these?

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    • Bbender1955
      Nigel67 Hi Bbender1955. Our spares team will be able to help you with part numbers, pricing and availability. They can be contacted by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spare Parts tab and submit a ticket.
      • Aug 13
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    I really love my amp. I know it is an older model, but lately the sound cuts out shortly after turning it on. I want to get it fixed. I live in Fort McMurray, ALberta, Canada ... any suggetsions ?  

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    Can I please ask if there are plans to add features to the looper on the plethora?


    Specifically I would like to see one-shot retriggerable playback, reverse and speed controls.




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    • DeviousByNature
      PedroRodrigues Hi DeviousByNature Thank you for your post, I will forward this request to our Dev. Team and please keep an eye on our social media as we keep improving and updating our unit. Thank you
      • Aug 10
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    I have a homemade expression pedal with a 20k pot, will this work with the Plethora X5?

    Also, any plans for a global tap tempo?


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    • longtallronnie
      PedroRodrigues Hi longtallronnie Please consider that any news or our new firmware and future features will be present via our social media and also will be present on the product's page on the latest Firmware file you will have a feature description file. When it comes to your homemade expression pedal I would not suggest using a home made pedal with your unit as any issues that might arise form this will disqualify your unit form any warranty cover. Thank you
      • Aug 8
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    My long gone Nova Floor multi fx had my favorite drive section ever, It worked incredible with my main guitar. Does anybody know of a TC Electronic single pedal that replicates that drive section? Any info greatly appreciated!!

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    I have a Plethora and love it, but one thing that's missing and would be really helpful is a Wah. The Plethora is fantastic for helping reduce my pedalboard size and a Wah toneprint is probably the only thing missing at this point that I really want. Having to carry an additional Wah pedal adds weight and complexity to the pedalboard.

    Is there a Wah planned for the Plethora x5?

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    • Homebrewer71
      jeffwhitfield Ditto here. Might be a way to do a wah-like effect with the Vicious Vibe though. Haven't played with it but I bet there's a way to nail it using some of the envelopes there.
      • May 25
    • Homebrewer71
      NicJonesMT Hi Homebrewer.
      I'll pass this feature request over to the dev team.
      • May 26
    • Homebrewer71
      BibsJ Envelope Filter - can't be too hard to make a digital one for the Plethora :)
      • May 28
    • Homebrewer71
      vin100 Hello! Yes , that would definitely be a great idea... please...
      • Jun 12
    • Homebrewer71
      wpsellers Yes, I also would love an auto-wah, envelope filter! :) Just got my Plethora yesterday----all good!
      • Aug 7
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    Hello - wondering if there's anyway to put a Sentry on the board without taking up a slot?  Also, would be helpful to have a subtle chorus always on effect to fatten up the tone also without taking up a slot.  Does anyone know if there's a way to do this?

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    • Jacktod24
      WilliamR Hello Jack, at the moment, there isn't a way to assign a pedal on the plethora without using a pedal slot. However, you can integrate an external pedal without taking up a slot through the plethora's integrated effects loop.
      • Aug 5
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