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    Hello everyone, I'm new here.

    I'm having issues with my Alter Eho echo v2. It always worked flawlessly, always kept with care. Since couple weeks the pedal works for about a couple minutes, then turns up but no effect on the signal, just dry. If I unplug the power supply and plug it back, it works, then again...

    Anyone had the same problem? Is it a sign of departure?

    Thanks everyone helping with some tips! 

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    • Fuzzgun
      Dale_M Can I ask you to submit a ticket via the support tab above and select Technical so we can assist?
      • Jul 6
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    Has anyone figured out how to change the delay type in Toneprint?

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    I want to report a bug.

    When I create a toneprint for a Flashback X4 with "Modulate" and apply the 'modulation time' of the chorus to the "Delay Level" knob it also changes the factory preset of the 2290.

    This means that the "Delay Level" changes to "Modulation Time" I'm talking about the factory presets and not the A / B / C presets. If I reassign the "Delay Level" to the Toneprint it corrects the problem with the 2290 (Factory preset).

    The Flashbach is update as well as the Toneprint software.

    Best Regard

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    Any thoughts on why a PolyTune Clip has no problems tuning the low B strings on my 5 and 6 string basses but the tuner in the X5 doesn't recognise them at all?

    Is there a Guitar/Bass mode in the X5 (like in the Clip) that I need to switch?



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    • nadampski
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here, The tuner in Plethora is optimized for efficient DSP use and guitars + doesn't cover full piano range like PolyTune, so this is expected behavior. As a workaround, you can tune the lowest bass string 1 octave up the fretboard
      • Jun 27
      • Plethora X5 tuner for bass
        nadampski Can it be added as a feature request, please? I'm sure the X5 has way more processing power than a PolyTune Clip and all other processing would appear to be suspended when it's in use.
        • Jun 28
      • Plethora X5 tuner for bass
        nadampski Did you notice my reply, William?
        • Jul 9
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    At 4 ohms the BH800 has a power module rating of 800W, according to the manual. I believe this is continuous/RMS? 

    But what is the wattage at 8 ohms?

    Thank you very much.

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    When I go to the tc site and select spare parts it takes me to musictribe 

    can anyone direct me on how to order replacement knobs 

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    Hello everyone, 

    If I wanted to use a boost pedal with my G System, where would I put it?  I want a volume boost, not overdrive boost.  I usually put it in the effects loop of my amp, but I don't know how to tap into my loop with the G System connected.  

    Ideally, I'd like to have the boost pedal be part of a preset, is that possible?  

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    Hello. My loops were unorganised so I sorted them on my computer. Now when I turn on the Ditto+ it says Disk Space Full. I have the exact same number of files. Am I not allowed to move WAV files around? 

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    • Tjordan02
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. It sounds like you may have changed names/structure, so now the pedal will try to convert files to Backing Tracks (costing double memory) if the previously stored Backing Track files were not copied along from the track folder with the LOOP.wav files. Since the previous converted Backing track still resides in the folders, they use up data, and when the pedal starts, it will try to create new BTs for all files/folders that miss a matching one.
      • Jun 21
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    Hi There,

     I have the new Ditto+ looper, and I think it's great, but I think it could be greater, possibly with only a software mod.

    As everyone knows, one of the hardest things about a one-button looper is stopping. Can't be helped, it's a limitation of having so little control with only one button. You have to stop with a double click, which is hard to do and get things right on time.

    But the Ditto+ has three buttons! One of the things you can do on the pedal is hit the "next track" or "previous track" button only once while the loop is playing, and you switch to the next or previous track and stop (dead).

    So what if it did this, instead. What if, while playing, if you hit the "next track" button it continued playing until the end of the current loop, then *started the next track*? Similar for the previous track button. 

    And if you need to switch tracks and have a dead stop, press and hold those buttons.

    You may say "those buttons are too small to use with your foot," but they really aren't. Particularly if you put a smaller knob on the pedal, which I've done.

    I imagine that this might be possible with only a software change, and then you'd have something awfully like a multi-track looper, in a Ditto+ form factor. And how great would that be?

    Just an idea I had to share in case it turned one of your engineers on.

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    I want to wire up my pedalboard for stereo, but sometimes i'll use it in mono. If I leave patch cables inserted into both inputs and both outputs of the pedal, and then use it in mono only, will this negatively affect the operation? Will the pedal detect both left and right cables are plugged in and then change the effect for stereo?

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