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    Can someone point me to the FAQ on how to get the Polytune out of boot mode? I tried to update the firmware, but it got stuck and now I can't unstick it. 

    I downloaded the "PolyTune_SWUPdater" and "setup" file, and followed all the instructions on the release notes page

    The issue seems to be that the SW Updater is designed to work in Windows XP, not Windows 10. I tried to run various compatability settings (like running the program in compatability mode for Win XP), but it doesn't let me run the SW Updater, so I can't update the firmware (and its now stuck in the boot mode).

    I read that you can run the SW Updater program from an old Windows XP computer and get it to work, but I really don't have any of those around, or know anyone who does.

    Can someone please help?

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    • kongo
      NicJonesMT Hi Kongo.
      Could you please click Support at the top of the page, and submit a technical support ticket. From there we can then advise you further.
      • Sep 17
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    I'm trying to decide between the regular Polytune 3 and the Mini version, I like the Mini's size, and that it has the switches on the outside, but is it possible to upgrade the Mini's firmware?  I don't see anything like a USB connector like the regular Polytune 3 has, and there don't seem to be any software updates on the product page. 


    Thank you!

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    • MTGuitar
      Dale_M Hi there, no there is no software updates available for the mini as it does not have a USB port, only the full size Polytune 3 offers this advantage.
      • Aug 31
      • Is it possible to update firmware on Polytune 3 Mini?
        MTGuitar I figured that was the case, I just wanted to confirm. Thank you for your response!
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        • Aug 31
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    Just purchased a TC Polytune 3

    Not arrived yet.

    To save me taking my pedal board appart to get acces to the power cables i'm considering using a battery with this.

    Does anybody know whether the Polytune draws power whilst connected - even when the unit is off?

    Whilst connected, how long will a standard alkaline battery last during constant use (true bypass mode)



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    • Chedmus
      PedroRodrigues Hi Chedmus, please consider that the Polytune 3 will draw voltage even when off , it draws lower voltage but it does draw energy. Thank you
      • Aug 30
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    I'm looking for a barrell jack for the ac adapter plug, anyone know ehere i can get one ??

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    • CQJR1962
      WilliamR Hello, William from music tribe here. Please click the support link on the top of the page and create a spare parts case. Someone from our parts team can contact you about getting that part ordered for you.
      • Aug 5
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    hi all, 

    just looking for a solution as to why my polytune clip drains the battery even when the unit is switched off after use.



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    • Afern13
      DavidKnighton Hello Afern13,
      This is a bit of a know issue that the power drains constantly. I believe it was the battery door shorting the negative and positive or something to the effect. You'll need to submit a service request for a replacement.
      • Aug 3
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    I recently learned about sweetened guitar tuning (tuning each string a few cents flat to accoomodate for fretting chords etc for optimal intonation during play) and wonder if the Unitune can be used to do this (tune a string anywhere from 4 to 12 cents flat, varying by the string).

    I was able to do flat tuning with a Korg CA (essential for African instruments) but want a clip-on for guitar and am wondering which one to get. I prefer the Unitune otherwise, but am unsure about the tuning increments. It looks like a line of lights is an interval of some kind, so I wonder if it's 1 cent, or more than that, perhaps 5 cents?


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    I went to purchase a Polytune Clip and was told by my local music store that there was a recall in Australia however i can't find any information. Can you clarify please?

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    • Conor68
      Dale_M We have had no reports of this.
      • May 13
    • Conor68

      Okay the store is Turramurra Music in Sydney,Australia if you're concerned. Always loved TC Electric. Had a few dodgy clip on tuners and this seems to be the best by a long way

      • May 13
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    Any idea how I can purchase a replacement nut and bolt hinge for my polytuner clip?

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    • Witnot
      Dale_M Hi there I would advise going to the Support Tab above and submitting a SPARES ticket to see if they can advise you.
      • May 1
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    Hi, where can I find the serial number for Polytune Clip Black?

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    hey guys,

    I just got my polytune 3 today. worked great and loved it. updated firmware to 1.4 and now it does not recognize my 5 string bass. It tunes great for individual strings but only shows 4 strings when I strum. 

    Thanks a ton,


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    • jlittle3917
      PedroRodrigues Hi jlittle, please consider that if you press the display mode button on the rear of POLYTUNE 3 once, the currently selected display mode will be shown. Pressing the display mode button repeatedly will cycle through these modes:

      -Guitar / Needle mode (indicated by a “G” and the centre LED column lighting up).
      -Guitar / Strobe mode (indicated by a “G” and the middle row of LEDs lighting up).
      -Bass / Needle mode (indicated by a “B” and the centre LED column lighting up).
      -Bass / Strobe mode (indicated by a “B” and the middle row of LEDs lighting up).

      In Needle mode, when you tune a single string, pitch is indicated by a column of five LEDs in the upper part of the display, and the name of the target note is displayed at the bottom of the display.
      If the string you are tuning is too low, LEDs to the left of the centre column will light up. If the string is too high, LEDs to the right of the centre column will light up. Tune the string until the middle column and the middle row of green LEDs lights up. This means you are “on target”.

      In Strobe mode, the difference between the correct (target) frequency and the actual detected frequency is displayed by two indicators simultaneously:

      1. Red LEDs to the left (pitch too low) or to the right (pitch to high) of the centre LED column
      2. Rotating segments in the display. The closer the detected frequency is to the target frequency, the slower the rotation.

      Tune the string until the rotating pattern has come to a stop and only the middle column of green LED lights up.

      As you know, POLYTUNE 3 is a polyphonic tuner, you can strum your instrument, and POLYTUNE 3 will analyse and display the tuning of all strings.
      So, you don’t need to activate the polyphonic tuning mode, it just works. Please Strum and tune. (PLEASE SEE THE IMAGE BELOW)

      Please consider that only the strings that are actually present and played will be shown in the display.
      Therefor if you tune a four string bass, only four LED columns will light up.
      • Apr 9
    • jlittle3917
      jlittle3917 Thank you for the quick response. I am currently in bass strobe mode. Tunes great! but the strum mode is only showing me four strings even when I am hitting all 5 on my bass. Prior to the 1.4 firmware update this was working fine and has never been a problem on my previous polytune.
      • Apr 9
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