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  • goinz
    Contributor - Level 1

    I am not sure if it is a bug in sequencer but if you edit a pattern it is not possible to overwrite a rest with a note. vice versa is possible or note with note too. I run OS 1.07. BTW Great work! Love the Synth.

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    • goinz

      Ahh....  have to rmeove the rest and the accent parameter before adding the note . But Sequencer is a bit buggy in some cases. But I think it is a gr8 feature and very powerfull. But a very big feature will be to control all other parameters too, like VCF or OSCI tune or what ever. 

      • August 24, 2019
  • dantrnr
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hey All,

    So all of a sudden my Model D is outputting extremely low audio. When I turn on the A-440 test tone I have to crank the volume all the way up and then I can barely hear it. This is the case through 1/4 inch out and 3.5mm phones. I've test and am using the correct DC Input. The same low audio output occurs when engaging the oscillators.  

    Any ideas on what this could be?


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  • DKDiveDude
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    I don't know about my fellow musicians, but having already 13 keyboards, 12 of them synthesizers, but all MIDI capable, I do not really need, let alone want anymore keyboards.

    I already own the Behringer Deepmind D12, and I am planning to buy Model D and Neutron.

    I absolutely love to also purchase desktop versions of MS-1, VC340, and Odyssey, but not really as keyboards versions. Main reason for this is that I am simply out of space, and can much easier fit in desktop versions. Also why buy a synth with just three octaves, when I am going to hook it up to a 5 or 6 ocatve keyboard anyways. Yes I am aware that some of you products only support a limited octave range, but still, I rather save the space for a desktop version, and play them on my top notch MIDI keyboard.

    Anyone else feel the same or is it just me?

    Anyways Behringer keep up the great work, and will absolutely buy when Jupiter 8 and DS80 eventually come out in a few years.

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    • DKDiveDude

      @DKDiveDude ,


      Welcome to the community.  This is a good suggestion.  I'd like to add Desktop/Rack-mountable version, if possible.  I could certainly see someone wanted to rackmount several synths in a road case for easy transport and setup. 



      • August 9, 2019
    • DKDiveDude

      Oh yeah, even though I have 4 rack mount synths, I totally forgot to include that.

      So to clarify, Desktop or rack-mount versions of your synths is much preferred by me, and actually most likely will not purchase anymore keyboard synths due to lack of space, and that I already have some great 5 and 6 octave keyboards.

      • August 9, 2019
  • Analog_Fun
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hello Everyone.

    If I need help on my Behringer Nuetron Is this the place to ask qestions?

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  • jackduk
    Contributor - Level 1

    After sitting on my desk for just a few weeks, I've noticed dust building up on my Deepmind 12D which I'm worried about as their are gaps in the sliders where dust is obviously going to gather. 

    Headed over to Decksavers as Facebook must have heard me mention it and then advertised it on my feed and their covers are tip top. Only thing is, they don't do any for Behringer! 

    Anyone know why? Or if any alternatives are out there that look just as good? 

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  • TCH-Rob
    Triber Contributor


    Here's a demo of the Behringer Model D through the TC Helicon Voicelive 3... this is a great effects unit for synths as it essentially has a full pedalboard's worth of effects, all with individual on/off footswitches. It can also save presets and has a fully featured 4 track looper. 

    Disclaimer: I may overuse the words "large" and "wide". I need some new vocab to describe synth tone 

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  • RonaldFigura
    Contributor - Level 2

    Are there any Behringer Technicians that moderate or monitor the forums?

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    • RonaldFigura

      I don't think this place needs moderation. Things are impossible to find and simply disappear. Moderation takes care of itself.


      I think this place is dying.

      • July 11, 2019
  • horder2344
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hi. If I connect my new MS 101 to my behringer 6 channel mixer using a mono jack output cable to twin left right stereo input on my mixer I get really bad feedback coming though the speakers. If I switch the cable to mono Jack out to mono Jack in on the mixer its completely fine. I have tried different cables and each time if I use a mono to stereo its gets really loud feedback. Does this sound like a faulty unit? Thanks.

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    • horder2344

      I don't know for sure, but if the MS 101 output is mono, using a mono to stereo adapter cable will not yield desireable results. This is why most mixers and/or amplifiers have a "left/mono input. You cannot get stereo from a mono source. Most older synths (Minimoog, ARP Odyssey, etc) were mono. 

      • July 8, 2019
  • TC-Mike
    Triber Moderator
  • riffjam
    Contributor - Level 2

    A ( 3 ) x 3340 VCO, ( 3 ) x LFO version of the "Crave"? CAST your VOTE in my "Crave 3" Synth Poll!  How about a full-featured workstation keyboard small enough to carry in a gig-bag and play anywhere? Or how about a "live performance" synth that allows you to tweak 27-synth parameters simultaneously from one hand as your other plays the keyboard? These are just a few of my crazy synth design ideas. Would you like to see Behringer produce any of these? Take a look:  Tomm's Crazy Synth Designs

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    • riffjam

      Hi Tommy,

      thanks for your input.

      is your Crave 3 idea meant to be a monosynth too?

      What filter should it have ? the same as the Crave ( Moog ladder) or a different one eg the multimode filter from the Neutron?

      i think i'd keep the sequencer rather if it is meant to be a 3 osc mono

      From your other design drafts i like the idea of a sample based portable "workstation" kind of keyboard- an updated Rompler design loaded with high quality bread and butter sounds , enough voices and maybe an analog filter to round it all off

      best regards,






      • June 24, 2019
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