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    Hi guys,

    I just registered 2 products and (Crave & UMC204HD) but I did not get any redeem code for Tracktion.
    Any idea how to get it?

    I did upload the original invoice (Thomann), my name is on there, but I did not register within 90 days.
    Is that the problem? 


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    i am going bananas  not being able to disable the sequencer from auto syncing with any given source (ableton/TR707/etc), i also own a Crave and in the crave software there is an option called exactly that sequencer auto sync which gives two options activated and deactivated and this prevents the sequencer from playing as soon as i press play in the daw or my drum machine, but i do not see anything that allows me to deactivate the sequencer autosync, is there a different way to do this on this Synth or is this feature going to be added to the software hopefully soon?


    I added a pic that shows the crave menu and the option i mention above.


    Thank you

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    • Meborrh
      JoeRivers96 Hi Meborrh, could you try installing the latest version of SynthTribe? I don't currently have access to a Poly D to check if this option is available, however I will forward this on as a suggestion to implement.
      • Fri at 12:16 AM
      • Poly D Sequencer Auto Sync
        Meborrh Hi Joe thank you for your time, i do have the latest Synth Tribe 2.4.6, Id appreciate it this will be a good feature to have hopefully soon!! thank you so much!!!
        • Fri at 3:55 PM
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    This error has just come up on my DeepMind 6 and I'm not getting any sound out of it. Please can you advise - many thanks.



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    • jkhamler
      DavidKnighton Hello jkhamler,
      Try running a firmware update on the device to see if that resolves the issue. If you continue to have the voice error, you will need to submit a SUPPORT ticket using the tab at the top of this page. Scroll down and click SERVICE REQUEST to initiate your ticket.
      • Thu at 1:34 PM
      • DeepMind 6 "voice failed to boot", "dsp failed to boot"
        jkhamler Thanks David. Touch wood it seems OK today. Essentially I tripped on a cable and catapulted it face down onto the floor. As you are aware they are fairly weighty so this caused a very large facepalm, especially when I realised that it no longer worked (error above).
        • Fri at 2:24 AM
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    I purchased a new Behringer DeepMind 12D which comes bundled with rack ears. However both the ears are for the right hand side! So pretty useless. The retailer can't help of course, as they don't stock parts.

    I created a care ticket asking to have a left side ear sent. But no response.

    All I need is for Behringer to send me a single left hand side rack ear. Why is it so difficult, and taking so long?

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    • Divinegoat
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Divinegoat, would it be possible to share your case number or email address, please? I will investigate this matter further for you.
      • Thu at 3:50 AM
      • DeepMind 12D Wrong rack ears
        Divinegoat Hello Chris. Thanks for taking an interest. My case Number is: CAS-412119-J4Q8P3
        • Fri at 7:10 AM
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    I know the pandemic has affected manufacturing for many companies but I just wanted confirmation from an official source, there seems to be a general scarcity of stock of System 100 modules in the US. Often vendors will have some of the modules but never all the modules Im interested in...

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    • eno
      PedroRodrigues Hi Eno regarding this matter I would suggest to contact our partners and reseller to request this information as they are responsible for ordering and organizing the shipping of any unit form us. Thank you
      • Thu at 12:31 AM
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    I just updated to the latest firmware (1.0.2) and sad to see the CAT fixed on low note priority in mono mode now with no option to change it in synthtribe software. The bassline in this video was made on previous firmware and is now no longer possible because I am using overlapping (upward) notes that sound without triggering the envelope:

    I hope you will bring back the option to chose key priority in the next firmware update like you can in Model D and other synths.
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    • lemmike
      JoeRivers96 Hi, thank you for your suggestion. I will be sure to pass this over to our developers to consider in a future update.
      • Wed at 5:10 AM
      • Behringer CAT note priority firmware 1.0.2 - please bring back low/high/last key priority option again
        lemmike Great! Thank you.
        • Wed at 5:53 AM
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    Anybody knows if Behringer has planned to get out the 185 sequencer?

    It would be a great addition!!


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    • Liradigital
      PedroRodrigues Hi Liradigital at the moment we cannot make any comment regarding any future releases, Please keep a close eye on our Social media for any news regarding any releases. Thank you
      • Wed at 1:11 AM
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    Hi, Happy new year !

    Since a few years, I've been doing jamuary (and noisevember), and this year I've been doing live streaming via Youtube.
    I use quite a lot of Behringer gear so I thought some of you would be intrested in watching a few. 
    Here is this years playlist :


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    • mtyas
      PedroRodrigues Hi mtyas unfortunately at this moment that will not be possible as we do not have Sponsorship program being implemented. Thank you
      • Wed at 1:02 AM
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    I just got my DeepMind12.  A couple of questions.  1. where to register? 2. I plan to use it a lot.  is there a problem with having it on all day long or for hours at a time, every day?  what do you suggest for best care of the unit?  is the Fan speed able to be brought down to minimize sound in the control room?   what would be the minimum suggested fan setting.


    thank you very much

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    • lovebean101
      NicJonesMT Hi LoveBean101
      I can't really advise on keeping it on all day. I can't see any issues with doin this but it depends on how stable your power supply is, if your using surge protectors etc. In the office we have had our DM12 on for extended periods of time and it did work fine.

      To register the unit click support at the top of the page and then scroll down the page and select product registration.

      With regard to fan speed, in the setup menu there is an option to adjust this. It goes from 0 (Minimum)to 244 (Maximum). I would recommend experimenting with the fan speed to see what suits your needs.
      • Wed at 12:43 AM
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