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    Hoping for some help or guidance on this.

    I've had the VK for probably 2 years.  When I first got it, I set up channel 3 to receive midi and this has work great all this time. I set Program changes and CC# all on this channel including note data for harmonies.

    Today I had to reset the unit to factory defaults. Now when I try to set to Channel 3, I am getting multiple channels setting to receive midi instead of just channel 3.  I have tried many different ways of only sending data/note/s from keyboard (Novation Launchkey mini), via Roland UMone, then through cakewalk to set the channel to send on. No matter what I do, multiple channels are setting. I have followed the manual instructions. From Cakewalk, I solo channel 3, hold down set while pressing notes on the keyboard. I've tried short holds all the way to very long holds. If I aim to set channel 3, channels 3 to 11 are now receiving midi data. If I try to just set channel 16, then I get: 16 plus 1 to 7.

    Am I missing something simple. It has been sometime since I first set this up. I have read over and over the manual but to no avail.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hello everyone and thanks for your help.
    After testing the Looper of Voicelive 3, I have 2 questions for which I didn't find the answers in the manual, or in any tutorial. Can anyone with more experience help me with some advice?

    1. Which is the maximum length for an imported loop in Voicelive 3 or the maximum length of a loop that one can use in a preset slot? (also because I'm trying to imagine the benefit of a backing track compared to a loop "as long as a song").

    2. After testing the looper overdub, I tried to find out if there is any possible way to use the overdub for comping (I mean, using the overdub to replace a vocal take with a better one, so RECORDING THE NEW TAKE IN THE PLACE OF THE PREVIOUS ONE, not just overlapping the vocals and recording the new take over the previous take).?

    Thanks a lot.


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    Most times, I use TC Hellicon VoiceLive Rack or Tascam for Live autotune and I use Ableton live to send Midi CC to change presets. My problem is this devices are pretty big. Is there any portable device that meets the same need and that accepts midi CCs.

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    Hi everyone. 

    Does anyoine knows how to erase at once all imported loops, including the ones already used in the presets' slots, I mean the entire user content?

    I managed to erase the slots individually, within the presets, but not to completly erase the imported loops from the device.

    And I'm still afraid to press Reset to the original settings, afraid of not losing something important that is not user content. Is this the only solution?

    Many thanks for your help. 


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    Hello there. I recently purchased TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch 2(VLT2) and I need to start using it in my studio to create harmonies based on the chords of my songs. I've tried to connect VLT2 directly to my PC through the USB cable but unfortunately my VLT2 is not detected in my favorite DAW(Studio One 5). So my workaround is to route the VLT2 main outs to my audio interface(Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen) and then connect my audio interface main outs to the VLT2 Aux Input. Now my question is: Can the VLT2 Aux input be overloaded if I connect the said audio Interface's main outputs(TRS Outputs) to the VLT2 Aux input? 

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    • Osotwa
      PedroRodrigues Hi Osotwa, thank you for your post, please ponder TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch 2 does not allow multitracking via USB so you would to have to configure a STEREO IN and STEREO OUT to allow a DAW configuration. Please consider that regarding the VOICELIVE TOUCH 2 outputs, the XLR Output marked in blue will produce a mono signal.
      The 1/4” TRS Outputs marked in red are the main outputs, they can be configured for Mono, Dual Mono or Stereo output in the Setup menu.
      When you set the Output parameter to Stereo, the left and right audio channels are output to the left and right ¼” TRS jacks when connected to a stereo monitor or PA system.
      The XLR jack will output the left side audio only.
      Mono setting (default) The factory setting is that the left TRS output and the XLR output contain the summed mono mix including effects.
      The right TRS jack outputs your dry voice with Tone applied to the mic input signal but no effects. Sending both a mono mix of the effects and the dry signal to a mixing desk is useful when a live sound engineer wants to control the balance of wet/dry mix at the mix position.
      In this case, set the Lead Mute parameter to On.
      Dual Mono Setting When you set the Output parameter to Dual Mono, the left TRS output and the XLR jacks output the effected vocal, and the effected guitar signal is output from the right TRS jack.
      In this configuration, a sound engineer can control the level balance between the mono wet vocal, such as vocal with harmonies and effects and the mono wet guitar signal.
      • 3 hours ago
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    Hello I am very new to using pedals! So please please take into consideration I may sound super simple. 

    I have the original TC helicon voice live touch. 

    I am going on tour soon so just brought one of these. My voice is super auto tuned in my songs so I thought hard tune would be perfect, except I can't seem to find where I can set hard tune to a specefic kEy. 

    however I did find specific keys in harmony. But it doesn't seem to work with the hard tune as maybe the specific key is just for when you using harmony's.

    does anyone know how to help, please please explain things to me as dumb as u can. 



    and thank you 

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    • chutney30th
      Mastrofm Can someone please tell me what ipad mini will download the Xair app to work with the Xair16? I download the app but it does not recognize the xair. Thank you in advance.
      • Sep 23
      • TC helicon voice live touch (1)
        PedroRodrigues Hi Mastrofm, for any questions please make a post and do not request information as a reply to someone else's post. More please bear in mind that you are requesting information for a Behringer unit on the TC HELIOCN page. Please post your question on the Behringer page. Thank you
        • Sep 24
    • chutney30th
      PedroRodrigues Hi chutney30th, thank you for your post, please ponder that you can enter a key and scale when you a) know the key of the song you are singing and b) have a pitch reference to sing along with such as an instrument or mixed music. Choose a preset such as #3: Tuned Up + Down to hear the effects.

      To enter the Harmony key and scale of your song:

      1. Hold the Harmony button to enter its edit menu.
      2. Press the arrow buttons until you locate the Key: menu.
      3. Slide along the Slider to choose the key.
      4. Tap the right arrow to enter the Scale: menu.
      5. Slide to choose a Major scale e.g. M1, M2, M3 or a minor scale e.g. m1, m2, m3.Try each scale for best fit with your music.

      Now, sing the song with your accompaniment. By default, the key and scale you set will remain in effect for all harmony presets.
      If you prefer to save different keys for presets, turn the Key/Scale Gbl parameter in the Setup menu to Off.

      Please note that regarding Custom scales: Scale customization is not possible in Touch.

      Some presets ported from VoiceLive 2, e.g. those with “Drone” in the name, will show Cu for scale.

      This indicates the scale is custom, though it cannot be edited further in VoiceLive Touch. I hope this clarifies this matter. Thank you
      • Sep 24
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    Hi, is there a setting so that the harmoniser only activates when the pedal is depressed? (non latching)

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    • Hutchball
      kiskadar69 I don't think there is such a setting on H1. Maybe TC-Helicon will include it in a future firmware version.
      You can use the non-latching mode with these, for example:
      - TC-Helicon Harmony Singer (cons: fixed scales cannot be selected)
      - TC-Helicon Harmony Singer 2 (cons: fixed scales cannot be selected, pros: power input 9VDC =pedalboard friendly)
      - TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play plus Switch-3
      - TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX plus Switch-3
      - TC-Helicon Play Acoustic plus Switch-3
      - TC-Helicon Play Electric plus Switch-3

      If you want to use the H1 anyway, here's a workaround:
      Step 1. Set the DRY/WET potentiometer of the H1 to full WET. This way only the harmony will appear on the XLR output. The H1 harmony function should always be On.
      Step 2. Plug your mic into some kind of splitter (active splitter, or a small mixer). The original vocal will be on one of the outputs of the splitter.
      Step 3. Connect the other output of the splitter to the XLR input of the H1, and enable this connection with a momentary switch.
      • Sep 23
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    By mistake I installed the latest software for the "tc helicon voice live play" via voicesupport 2. But I have the "tc helicon play acoustic". What can I do to get rid of the wrong firmware? Where do I get the latest firmware for my "tc helicon play acoustic"?

    Can't find it on the TC Helicon website.

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    • TorstenPeh
      WilliamR Hello, William from the musictribe here. I believe I was the one that helped resolve this for you through tech support. If I am mistaken please click on the Support link above and create a tech support case and we can get you all sorted.
      • May 26
      • installed wrong firmware by mistake on my play acoustic
        mrnewty74 I have the same issue, please advise. I submitted a support request. thanks
        • Aug 8
      • installed wrong firmware by mistake on my play acoustic
        studioakord did you solve the problem. i have the same problem
        • Sep 23
    • TorstenPeh
      studioakord I wanted to update my TC Helicon PLAY ACOUSTIC to VoiceSupport 2. But instead VoiceSupport installed the Voicelive Play firmware on it. Now I can't use the guitar input anymore and I can't get to the guitar menu.
      Any chance I can reinstall the Play Acoustic firmware?
      I tried to find it in the VoiceSupport software but no luck
      • Sep 23
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    Hi all, 

    I have not been able to find any definitive instructions for midi program changes to link my VoiceLive 3 Extreme to my Widi Master. 

    Midi signals are definitely being sent by Bandhelper, confirmed by Midi Log. 

    The Widi Master is definitely receiving the Midi signal, confirmed by blinking LED. 

    The Widi Master also blinks when I press buttons on the VL so not a Widi Master issue. 

    Midi Wrench also confirms that the Midi signals are being sent and received by Widi Master. 

    The only thing left to really double check are the Midi Program Change Values I put in.

    I've only been able to find instructions on message boards and YouTube videos so it's a bit frustrating to be honest, and difficult to pinpoint what the issue could be. 

    Here's an example of what Midi signal I'm  sending to change the VL3X preset:

    EASY ON ME - Preset number 257.
    I therefore entered:
    BANK MSB 0
    BANK LSB 2
    I also tried 
    BANK MSB 000
    BANK LSB 002
    PROGRAM 000

    ... but the preset still doesn't change.

    Would appreciate any assistance with this! 

    A link to official instructions or a bunch of examples cos I'm out of ideas!

    Thanks very much.



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    • Jesuton5
      PedroRodrigues Hi Jesuton5, thank you for your post, please ponder that the MIDI implementation in VL3 is essentially the same as the VoiceLive 2…
      There can be up to 500 presets loaded into a VoiceLive 3, and it’s possible to navigate between these presets with an external controller sending MIDI Control Change (“CC”) and Program Change (“PC”) messages. The VoiceLive 3 can receive CC and PC messages via MIDI from sources like keyboards, footswitches, DAWs, and more. For the controlling device to send a MIDI message to VL3 it needs to be using the same MIDI channel as the VL3, typically this is channel 1 but you’re welcome to change it.
      Also make sure you aren’t misusing the MIDI input filters and ensure that the MIDI input is set to be either “USB” (for the USB-mini input) or “MIDI Ports” (for the 5-pin MIDI input) depending on how you're connecting. These settings can be changed in VL3’s “Setup” menu, on the “MIDI” tab.

      To change Presets via MIDI, first tell the VL3 which Bank to look in, then tell it which Preset in that Bank you want to change to.
      Bank select: To specify the desired bank, issue an LSB Bank select message (CC#32) with a value of 0-3.
      Preset Select: After specifying the Bank, issue a PC Preset select message with a value of 0-127.

      MSB LSB VL3Bank Program Change (PC) VL3 Preset #
      0 0 0 0-127 1-128
      0 1 1 0-127 129-256
      0 2 2 0-127 257-384
      0 3 3 0-115 385-500

      The internal number associated with a Preset isn’t exactly what you see on the VL3’s screen, they’re actually all off by 1. This is because internally the list of Presets actually starts at an index of 0. This means that 0 = Preset #1, 1 = Preset #2, 2 = Preset #3, etc. It’s like your presets are saved from 0-499 but are displayed as 1-500.

      There are 4 Banks in VL3, and each Bank contains 128 Presets. Therefore the Preset selection number that goes to VL3 needs to be between 1 and 128. So for a Preset above 128, you need to subtract the number of the first Preset in the same Bank to get the MIDI Program Change info.

      The 9-digit message for changing to a preset is in the format of:

      MSB LSB PC#
      Or, you can first send a CC#32 of the Bank you’re looking in, then a PC value of the Preset you want.
      Here are some examples:
      Preset #5 would be: 5 - 1 = 4
      000 000 004
      or CC#32 value 0, then PC 4
      Preset #100 would be: 100 - 1 = 99
      000 000 099
      or CC#32 value 0, then PC 99
      Preset #208 would be: 208 - 129 = 79 (because Preset #208 is in Bank 1, which starts at Preset #129)
      000 001 079
      or CC#32 value 1, then PC 79
      Preset 259 would be: 259 - 257 = 2
      000 002 002
      or CC#32 value 2, then PC 2
      Preset 322 would be: 322 - 257 = 65
      000 002 065
      or CC#32 value 2, then PC 65
      Preset 491 would be: 491 - 385 = 106
      000 003 106
      or CC#32 value 3, then PC 106
      Preset 500 would be: 500 - 385 = 115
      000 003 115
      or CC#32 value 3, then PC 115

      When you try to address a Preset that does not exist (either an empty spot or one outside the 1-500 range), there is no built-in warning system, VL3 just won’t do anything. So if you can see the “MIDI” indication on the VL3 appearing when you send commands, but are not getting the Preset to change, ensure you’re not referencing an empty or non-existent Preset location.

      If that all seems too complicated for you, consider using Steps instead of Presets. Steps are essentially Presets within a Preset, and you can have up to 10 Steps all in the same Preset. If your current Preset contains the Steps you’ll be using, it just takes a single CC message to choose your Step…
      CC 115 = Step
      Value represents Step Number, i.e. 1 = Step 1, 2 = Step 2, etc.
      So sending a CC#115 with a value of 2 will take you to the second Step in your current Preset.


      I hope this helps.

      Thank you
      • Sep 20
    • Jesuton5

      Hello Pedro, thanks for your response. Your message is a copy of one made by you elsewhere on this message board, and actually the only instructions I was able to find. This to say that I have yes attempted to follow these instructions but have not been able to make them work. Would you be so kind as to check the example I gave of preset 257 and show me what it should in fact be, and let me know where I'm going wrong? This is
      of course for Program Changes. As for the Command Changes alternative, there are only two fields to fill in on Bandhelper ('controller' and 'value') but your instructions above include three pieces of information, (eg CC#32, value 3, PC 115) so please clarify this also if possible please. Finally, I am unable to use steps as I have created individual presets for backing track playback, this is the basis of my show. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks P.S As another user also alerted,the links at the end of your response no longer work. Best wishes

      • Sep 21
    • Jesuton5
      kiskadar69 @Jesuton5: read pages 151-152 of the TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 Reference Manual. On the VoceLive 3 SETUP / MIDI tab: set the Source parameter, set the Input Channel to 1 (because I see that BandHelper sends on channel 1), and set the Input Filter parameter so that VoiceLive 3 filters out neither CC (Control Change) nor PC (Program Change) messages.
      I'm not familiar with the BandHelper program, but the messages it sends seem to be correct.
      • Sep 21
    • Jesuton5
      Jesuton5 Hi @kiskisdar69, thanks so much for your reply and for your suggestions! Yes I can confirm that I've definitely reviewed those pages. INPUT channel has always been set to 1. OUTPUT Channel is also set to 1, is this correct? I have also tested setting to 2. And yep, INPUT and OUTPUT Filters definitely set to NONE. Still no joy sadly.
      • Sep 21
    • Jesuton5
      kiskadar69 Jesuton5: test WIDI Master MIDI Out and VoiceLive 3 MIDI In separately. For testing, get a notebook/computer with a reliable USB-MIDI interface (or ask someone who has one).
      1. Connect the MIDI Out of the WIDI Master to the MIDI In of the notebook and monitor the MIDI messages coming into the notebook.
      2. Connect the MIDI Out of the notebook to the MIDI In of VoiceLive 3 and use the notebook to send Bank Select MSB, Bank Select LSB and Program Change messages.
      • Sep 22
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    Is there any way to send midi tempo values from Microsoft Word to the Voicelive 3 Extreme to set tempo?  I use Microsoft Word files for my lyrics, and when I open up the individual song files, I'd like to have a tempo setting in each song file with individual tempo values to be sent automatically via USB midi to my Voicelive 3 Extreme, automatically setting the tempo.  Is that possible?  If not, is there a way around it?  I'm using Windows 10 Pro.  Any help is definitely appreciated.  Thanks.

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