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    Hi there

    Is there a way to run an old Konnekt 48 interface with a new MBPro 16" Monterey?





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    • Moser641324
      PedroRodrigues Hi Moser641324 unfortunately there is not, as this unit was discontinued some time ago and the unit will only interface with legacy OSX and Win. Thank you
      • Jul 22
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    Is it possible to run my Konnekt 6 device with mac big sur operating system?
    What should I do?
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    • HECTOR80
      Nigel67 Hi Evren. Unfortunately Konnekt 6 is a Legacy product and support for it ceased quite a long time ago. I am sorry, but we are not able to advise of its functionality with Big Sur.
      • December 14, 2020
    • HECTOR80
      HECTOR80 I'm very sorry, but thank you for your answer.
      • December 15, 2020
    • HECTOR80
      holdU It's a really sad. I love my konnekt6 but now Im on another Mac, and it's doesn't work. :(
      • Jul 21
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    Somebody else happens??

    Has someone found the solution??

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    Subject: Technical problem with the DN9696 multitrack recorder.

    At first I tried to turn it on, suddenly it turned off after like 5 seconds. Tried 3 to 4 times it did the same thing. Then the front panel buttons stopped functioning, the front screen no longer displays anything yet the lights of the meeters are lit. Monitor connected with a VGA cable has no signal. I decided to open it, found the CPU fan displaced. Thus, I decided to contact the Technical support to figure out the problem. I've been using it for more than 12 years! I hope you might be able to help.

    Chief of Sound, Casino Du Liban, Tony Khoury.

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    • Tonykhourymidas
      NicJonesMT Hi TonyKhouryMidas.
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      • Jun 24
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    I think my just died after using it since 2008 

    It was my trusty companion, such a good interface. They don't make em like that anymore... 

    I tried to use a novation soundcard i had lying around Novation hub or something much newer but used it for djing... 

    It could not handle my projects... When opening Ableton Live. 

    I left my konnekt a few days still nothing. 

    I lights up now but it's as if the firmware doesn't boot up... 

    The vid was is how it used to go previously and then it would sometimes take like 10min... 

    but now it doesn't do anything... 

    So Does this use a cmos battery that might be needed to be replaced??? If any1 knows? 

    Anothet question is Does any1 recommend a similar soundcard... not sure if Usb soundcards do work for my setup... 

    I actually don't have the money to buy a new one and certainly ain't gonna buy the Apollo or in that price range... 

    I was curious about the Arturia one but I don't know... 

    I just myself could not find a soundcard with this many outputs and all the other features on the back.

    Hope someone can help me out thnx 

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    • yann_
      PedroRodrigues Hi yann_ ,thank you for your post, unfortunately the TC-KONNEKT 48 has been discontinued for some time, so we stopped releasing any resources for the most recent OS's. If you wish to keep using your TC-KONNEKT 48 you must do it exclusively using legacy OS's otherwise the interface will not operate. Than you
      • Apr 3
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    ich wundere mich das es nach wie vor nicht die möglichkeit gibt, die aufgenommenen Samples direkt umzubenennen. Wenn ich etwas einspreche und das 4-5 mal, weil mir die vorherigen Aufnahmen nicht passen, muss ich jedes mal mühsam die richtige Datei aus dem Ordner suchen und dann umbenen.

    Es wäre echt hilfreich und würde einges an Zeit sparen, das endgültige Audio, welches nun auf einer der Samplertaste liegt direkt mit einem "Rechtsklick->Umbenen" auf das Audio neu zu benennen, sodass ich den Rest den ich nicht mehr haben will einfach nur noch aus dem Ordener löschen kann ohne ausversehen die Datei, welche ich behalten möchte mit zu entfernen.

    Ist dies bezüglich ein Softwareupdate in Aussicht?


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    Can you update the firmware on the xr18 through the android app.

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    can someone send a link to update my firmware on my i mac. i went on behringer x 18 page and am not sure if i am chosing the rt one. it said i updated it but stayed the same version. HELP please. im new   Thomas

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    Hello. I just bought an ADA8200 and I want to connect it to my fca1616 to have more inputs. The problem is that when I connect the fca in ADAT mode, what is connected to it stops being heard. The ADA can't get it to sound even though the FCA driver recognizes it. Can someone explain to me how I have to connect it and what I am doing wrong. Thank you.

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    Hello. I just bought an ADA8200 to connect to a FCA1616 firepower to expand the inputs. I have finally managed to synchronize everything, the ADA inputs are recognized by the computer and I can record my synthesizers in cubase, but the sound does not reach my monitors. Apparently everything is fine. The inputs of the FCA sound good and the input and output led lights up, but the inputs of the ADA do not give any signal in the FCA, they reach the computer and I can record them but I cannot hear them while playing. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thank you

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