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    Good evening--

    I purchased a DI800 active DI rack unit a few years back...have great service from it.  I'm going to build another separate rack and use a similar setup.  Looking to confirm model number of what I'd purchased a few years ago (Aug '19), I found the DI800 has been replaced with a "v2" (version 2).  Can anyone tell me what the difference between the two is?  I'm apparently overlooking the info...  Behringer website doesn't seven show a "v2" variety of this least not one that I can find.

    Thanks in advance--


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    • DanTheMan05
      Nigel67 Hi DanTheMan05. I have spoken to the Design Team and the V2 was released due to updates that were required because of compliance changes. There is no change in the audio quality between the V1 and V2 nor any additional features. Hope this answers your question. All the best.
      • Jun 13
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    I bought a Behringer Ultra-G di box in September 2021 and it has now stopped working. I want to return it for a replacement or repair. I am sure it must be within the warranty period as it is only 5 months old

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    • Spencerj
      Nigel67 Hi Spencerj. Please contact our partner that you purchased the unit from originally and they will be able to arrange a warranty repair for your DI Box. Many thanks
      • Feb 14
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    How're you doing?
    Valuehub4u is interested in carrying your products in our store and on our website. Can you please break down your wholesale pricing and procedure for me to further the process? I'll appreciate it. If your MOQ is more than 1500$ please send us in the right direction. 
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    • Rickjones11
      Nigel67 Hi Rickjones11. Thank you for your interest in becoming a partner. Please e-mail [email protected]  and include your company profile. A colleague will then get back to you with the relevant details. Many thanks
      • Jan 25
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    Does I simply plug my TS cable in input 1 and my TRS cable in output 1 to have my signal transformed from unbalanced to balanced ?

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    Hi, I have bought a PS1 Powersoak. It's all good but if I run my Vox NT50 flat out into it with a 2x12 cab attached, even with the powersoak set to the lowest volume, it's still too load to play in my flat late at night.

    So, is it safe to use it without the speaker attached and the soak volume set to a little more than the lowest, then I can use the line out into a mixer & use headphones. I say, little more than lowest becuase the line out is wierdly controlled by the large soak volume wheel, so when that's set to lowest, virtually nothing comes through the line out apart from hiss & hum.

    The manual is quite ambiguous on this.

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    • russellcatchpole
      DavidKnighton Hello Russell,
      The manuals states that "even with the SOAK set to 100, the power output will be about half of the amplifiers rated output". This means if you have a 100 watt amp, you're effectively reducing the output by about by 50 watts with Soak set to 100.

      All that being said, I think it would be wise to maintain the speaker load of the cabinet, as most amps do not function correct without the speaker load. What I would suggest is to turn the Master volume down on your amp to compensate. Also, you might want to check and see if you can disconnect one of the drivers in your cabinet to change the load impedance. If you can disconnect one driver, you may increase the load impedance, which will draw less power from the amp, and in turn may reduce the volume a bit. If you do this, make sure you check the impedance value of the speaker and use the correct impedance setting on both the PS1 and the amp head.
      • January 6, 2021
      • Bugera PS1 without a speaker connected?
        thewool Hi David,

        Sorry but this answer is very unclear and over-complicated.

        Regardless of the settings, either the PS1 provides the necessary Speaker Load Resistance or not. Your manual says you can either connects a PS1 AND/OR a speaker. ie. it does not need a speaker. ie. it is safe to use without a speaker regardless of the attenuation level.

        Could you please consult with your engineers to get a definitive answer on this, this question is asked a lot in the audio forums.

        • August 8, 2021
    • russellcatchpole
      thewool *BUMP
      • August 15, 2021
    • russellcatchpole

      It would be good to get explicit technical support from Bugera on this question. I see this question on many external boards. This is clearly a use case that many customers would like to use (I am one of them). Please provide clear guidance on if / how the PS1 can be used for silent recording without a speaker cabinet connected. Thank you.

      • Jan 3
    • russellcatchpole

      Hate to necro this thread, but I would like to know if anyone has a concrete answer on this topic...


      • Apr 29
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    GDI21 produces noise when using high gain's ok with Tweed and clean setting...

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    • sachin1
      Dale_M Sorry to hear this, please go to the support tab above and select Technical for us to assist you.
      • July 27, 2021
    • sachin1

      i have already generated a ticket.....

      • July 27, 2021
      • GDI21 produces noise when using high gain's ok with clean and Tweed amp setting
        Dale_M Do you have a case number?
        • July 30, 2021
      • GDI21 produces noise when using high gain's ok with clean and Tweed amp setting
        sachin1 CRM:0120000201678
        • Jan 18
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    I am not getting output to my amp. Full function to headphones, but no output to amp. Is this just a setting?

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    • Drew33kap
      Kathryn34 Are you running vocals through the guitar out? If so, that doesn't work with this pedal because it is both a vocal and guitar processor and the two signals are separated in the VL3X.
      • July 14, 2021
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    can i have 1 transmitter and 2 recievers ??? how to link them with 3 units?? 

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    • TimHuttner
      DavidKnighton Hello TimHuttner,
      You can only send bluetooth audio to one subscription at a time. Bluetooth audio does not support multiple audio devices simultaneously.
      • July 9, 2021
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    Hi MusicTribe community ?
    Hope you are doing well ?

    Is there somebody who already used the D.I.4800 A ?

    I would like to use it in studio as a splitter and I would like to know if it's allow mic input signal ?

    Thank you for your aswer. 

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    • kyostal
      RexBeckett Hi kyostal, the DI4800A is not ideal for use as a mic splitter. It would be better to use an Ultralink MS8000 which is designed for this application.
      • April 19, 2021
      • Behringer DI4800 A
        kyostal Thank you for your aswer. I did not see this product It will be perfect.
        • April 19, 2021
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    Klark Teknik
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    Learn More:

    Features dual parallel-connected combo XLR’s / ¼" TRS inputs. When connecting to the Combo XLR input, the input impedance is 20 kΩ, ideal for line level equipment and offering even lower noise performance. It's also equipped with a Stereo input mini jack which is ideal for connecting MP3 players or mobiles phones etc.

    List Price: $129

    #KlarkTeknik #DN200 #DIBox #Active #2Channel

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