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    VoiceLive3 Extreme - Can anyone advise me as to a sensible setting for a gentle vocal correction when using the VL3X. I'm not the most accurate vocalist but not the worst..... I do have a Mic Mechanic 2 where the 'correction' procedure is fairly simple and straight forward. The control knob goes from 0 to 100% (I usually set it at about 30/40%). Looking for a similar kind of correction setting when using with the VoiceLive3 Extreme. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you, Rod. X

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    Hi, just bought my plethora and after hours of testing I still can't figure out why my sound is muddy and lost lots of highs.

    I updated to the latest 1.3.11 version, tried every buffer types in settings, both 4 cable method and only in fx loop method, nothing changed. I heard a huge difference with the fx loop on/off. I'm not adding other pedals.

    My amp is Marshall JVM410H which works perfectly fine with my regular rig in the fx loop(some boss pedals+HOF2+ditto), so with the correct buffers and impedance that was alright.

    Someone here got the same problem? I really need a solution. Thanks!

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    • GiornoX
      NicJonesMT Hi Giornox.
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      If you could provide a video of your setup and how the Plethora sounds we can then advise further.
      • Jun 17
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    I work at a venue and we have a Lake LM-44 processor that was setup with the Lake Processor software but unfortunately I cannot remember the password I set within the software. Please tell me you can help!

    Stuart Badger 

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    • Blink180stu
      NicJonesMT Hi Blink180Stu.
      Please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket. A member of the team will then advise you further.
      • Jun 17
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    Hello all! I just received my brand new X5 yesterday and was super excited until I did the firmware update, as directed. Now the unit is stuck in a place where, upon booting up, I'm presented with 3 options: DELETE BOARD, FACTORY RESET, or CONTINUE. None of these choices actually do anything - upon selection, the unit reboots and comes right back to this same screen.

    I originally tried updating on a Mac, to the latest firmware 1.3.11. Then I moved to a PC to avoid any Spotlight issues. I've attempted to downgrade to firmware 1.1.55, and back up to 1.3.11. Results are the same, although sometimes the second screen will display "Preparing Update," and it will stay stuck there. I've let it go for over an hour in this state (presumably long enough to prepare) but it never gets past it.

    I've seen many others here have had similar firmware update issues. I've seen "Wesendit" links to potential fixes, but those links don't work anymore. I filled out a support ticket yesterday, but haven't heard back yet. Any ideas??

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    Anyone know if it will be more bi-phase phasers on sale?



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    • fbert
      PedroRodrigues Hi fbert, I believe there will be more stock to be sold, nevertheless I would suggest to follow the link below to access our network of Partners and Reseller to request information on stock availability on this unit: I hope this help Thank you
      • Jun 15
      • Biphase
        TelboyD Hi Pedro, I just received my Bi-Phase this morning. I purchased it from an official Behringer distributor in Vietnam - - sent to my home in the United Kingdom. Just been to register the product but there is no option of 'Bi-Phase' listed in the drop down menus.
        Is there a chance this will be rectified very soon, please? Cheers, Terry.
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        • Jul 6
      • Biphase
        PedroRodrigues Hi TelboyD, thank you for your contact, this matter will be resolved ASAP, meanwhile please send me your case number so I can include notes on this matter and have your pedal correctly register when our internal product list is updated. Thank you
        • Thu at 12:17 AM
    • fbert

      Many thanks, Pedro !!!

      • Jun 16
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    Greetings!  I recently had an installation where the network was changed from one IP network to another.  3 out of 4 DM TCEs easily adapted and found the new network automatically.  A fourth has reverted back to 169.254.whatever, and I have no idea how to get it back to the network everything else is on.  I cannot find it in DM Kontrol, even if I rescan for devices.  Any help?

    As I am at the job site and really want this to be finished, a quick response would be amazing!


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    Good afternoon,


    would appreciate some advise on connecting amp 800 to mixer



    mixer      studiomaster 12XS+

    effect unit Lexicon MX300

    recorder Tascam SD20M

    headphone amp Beringer amp800 (aquired recently


    connected to mixer:

    Microphone, keyaboard, ch 5/6 & 7/8 (stereo)

    lexicon (for vocals only) aux out, return to ch. 11/12 (stereo)

    tascam from mains out to recorder in (XLR)

    amp 800 from mixer/recorder headphones out to input A (mono) with TRS

    CD/recorder on ch. 9/10, channel fader normally down to avoid feedback when recording


    when listening headphones when connected directly to mixer/recorder I can her everything as it will be recorded, when connectiog amp800 to headphones out on mixer or recorder vocals disappear and only signal from lexicon is heard. same when playback of CD. instruments are OK, vocals disappear (no effect chosen on ch. 09/10)


    what am I doing wrong - please advise


    Already emailed Dutch supplier (see below), awaiting their reply


    Ter verduidelijking hierbij even mijn gear details:

    Mengtafel                Studiomaster club12+

    Effectunit                 Lexicon MX300

    Recorder                   Tascam SD20M

    Headphoneamp    Behringer AMP800 (recentelijk aangeschaft)



    Instrumenten         kanaal 1 t/m 8 (inputs; zang, drumcomputer en keyboards (stereo kan. 5/6 en 7/8)

    De Lexicon wordt via AUX out mono aangestuurd (wordt alleen voor de zang gebruikt) en komt stereo op kanaal 11/12 terug op de mengtafel. De AUX outs van de andere kanalen worden niet gebruikt, mocht er op de keyboards effect nodig zijn, gebeurt dat via de DSP met de interne effect processor

    De Tascam wordt via de Mains out (XLR) aangestuurd.


    Via de MON outs op de tafel stuur ik nog een stereo versterker en speakers aan. Vreemd genoeg wordt het volume van de versterker/speakers mede bepaald door zowel de volumeknop van de headphones als de Master volume schuif; hier kan ik echter wel mee leven.


    Normaliter kan ik op de koptelefoon uitgangen (zowel die op de tafel als die van de Lexicon) alles goed monitoren en wordt wat ik op de koptelefoon hoor ook correct op de SD kaart gezet.


    Na ontvangst van de AMP800 heb ik deze met de TRS kabel op de koptelefoon uitgang van de mixer met input A (de “mono” ingang) van de amp800 verbonden. Bij afluistering via de amp800 hoor ik echter alleen het signaal van de Lexicon terug (zit dus in een ontzettende galmbak). Het maakt niet uit of ik de amp800 direct met de mixer verbind of met de headphones out van de Tascam, het resultaat blijft hetzelfde. De amp800 is aangeschaft om met meerdere muzikanten op te nemen (home-studio). Kon uit de handleiding niet duidelijk opmaken wat dit veroorzaakt.


    Sluit ik e.e.a. verkeerd aan of moet ik beide inputs van de Amp800 middels TRS aansluiten (heb maar 1 stereo headphones aansluiting op de mixer).

    Zou het eventueel een optie zijn om de MON outs van de mixer met input a & b van de amp800 te verbinden?? Outs zijn echter wel mono. Opnemen doe ik sowieso alleen met de headphones.


    Ook als ik bijv. een CD afspeel valt de zang in de galm als ik via de amp800 terugluister. Bij directe aansluiting van de headphones op de mixer wordt alles correct weergegeven.


    Hoop dat jullie mij hiermee kunnen helpen, ben dit probleem de afgelopen 40 jaar nog niet tegengekomen.


    Many thanks in advance for your, hopefully, soonest reply

    best regards

    Will Francois

    the Netherlands



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    good afternoon,
    what's the latest fw and how to update?
    what tcpip settings are recommended?
    can this be done via a midas pro series desk? which one?
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    Just purchasd user ditto+ loop and am searching for user manual

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    Hi there,

    I recently bought the FX2000 from Thomann and although it took me a while to get to grips with it I have found it to be a great addition to my home studio with excellent quality effects.

    My problem at the moment is that for some reason the input LEDs will not return to zero even though I have diconnected all the cables and uplugged the mails cable.When I turn the unit on the LEDs are peaking and are frozen in that position. No matter what i try I cannot get them to lower the level.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    If I find the solution myself i will gladly post it here in the forum.



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    • Alanaml
      NicJonesMT Hi Alanaml
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      Please provide as much detail on your full setup as possible.
      • Jun 8
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