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  • stribo1
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    Hi there. I play trumpet and saxophone in a band and was wondering if this was possible.... can I run my trumpet through the stereo input with a switch on the stage mic (toggle on and off when not playing), and run my sax through the mono input with also a switch to toggle on and off when not in use?

    Also, is the stereo signal for the 'trumpet' going to send to the board half the output strength of the mono signal? I hope this is possible - that would be really cool. As I'm sure you're aware the gain of the trumpet compared to the saxophone is significantly different hence the need to run both channels seperately into the board. 

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much. 


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  • UUBill
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    Our church has used a Behringer DEQ1024 for a few years. Just recently, it has begun to—for want of a better word—scream at us when we reach a clipping level. Does anyone have any ideas? See video for demonstration, but turn down your speakers (you've been warned!). TIA, Bill

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    • UUBill

      Hi Bill ( @UUBill ), 


      Welcome to the community.  Wow!  That's definitely going into my sound effects collection.  It appears you have a feedback loop somewhere in your system.   Has anything position wise changed in your setup? By position wise, I mean microphones relative to PA speakers? The first thing I'd do would be to change the meter from "Out" to "In" so you can see the levels coming in.   Next, I'd take picture of your current fader settings, then drop all of the faders to nil, and see if it still happens.  If not, bring the frequencies up a few at a time until it occurs.  That should tell you where the feedback is occuring. 


      Hope this helps,


      • November 6, 2019
  • conradk
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    Hi All 

    I am new to midi and have just bought a TC M350 rack unit. I have also bought a Harley Benton MP100 Midi commander (aka Melo Audio midi commander) 

    I have sent a midi cable from the MP100 to my synergy SYN 2 preamp and i then have a midi through cable going to the "midi in" on the MP350 

    I have manageed to program the MP100 (using PC chnages) - so that it is changing all channells of my preamp AND also changing (presets) on the M350 BUT i am experiencing a VERY noticeable dealy on changes. If i remove the M350 from the signal change - the changes (straight to the preamp) are seamless, (with zero gaps betwen changes) - so it is definately , somehting to do with the M350. 

    I HAVE NOTICED that each time i change channells on the preamp the "tap tempo" button on the M350 flashes, so i am assuming the gap between changes , is due to the M350 receiving a message to engage tap tempo. The tap temp has its own cc number but i am not using CC comands, just PC change commands!.

    I have told the M350 to use "Omni" and i have the syn 2 preamp set to "omni" as well 

    This is driving me nuts! Anyone know what i am missing here? 



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  • GerardGrobben
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  • GPL
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    To anyone at TC's support. I understand that some of your Interfaces are breaking the 10 years barrier (Jeez, I have a Konnekt8 from 2006!), but, other brands still support their older prodcuts with regular updates. So, simple as that, is driver development for audio interfaces halted? We´ll have any other driver/firmware version for our audio interfaces so we can use them with the newer OS's?
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    • GPL
      GPL (Really no one? Hagen, Thomas, Nicolaj?)
      • January 16, 2019
    • GPL
      visham It would be nice to hear from TC Electronic on this.

      I am using an Impact Twin on Windows 10 (1809).
      • January 29, 2019
    • GPL

      Yes! I'd definitely like to see a new version of TC NEAR! I have talked my entire band into purchasing TC gear (we have a Konnekt 8, 24D and an Imapct Twin) and now I fear it'll stop working after the next OS update. Currently, we use Mac OS Mojave and Windows 10 (1809) and the interfaces seem to work fine. But it'd be great if there was official support for modern operating systems!

      • February 21, 2019
    • GPL

      I would like to know, too! I've hung onto my old Konnekt 24d over the years, and would love to carry on using it, as it's STILL great, and offers features that most new interfaces do not! At the moment, I'm running it on a Mac with Mojave (with a Firewire 400 to 800 cable, and a Firewire 800 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter), and it IS still working, but I share the same concern: Will it continue to work when the new version of MacOS comes down the pike? Will the driver continue to be updated for a while? or will I need to start scoping out a new interface?

      • July 8, 2019
    • GPL

      I just bought a (known working on XP) BCA2000 on the back of a Win 7 driver being listed on Behring's website (!!!!!)

      It doesn't work, and as far as I can discover there NEVER WAS a working 64-bit driver.

      I find this deception disgraceful and am considering taking it to the British Small Claims Court  under the COnsumer Protection Act.

      Anyone know if I'm mistaken and a 64-bit Win7 BCA2000 driver DOES actually exist. and WORK?


      • October 27, 2019
  • synthlink
    Contributor - Level 1

    I own an old TC 1210. I love this machine but it's old and it needs some repairs.
    As I've an electronic tech background, I can fix it myself.
    Does somebody knows where I could find the service manual or schematics ?

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  • grigiopositivo
    Contributor - Level 1

    Buongiorno a tutti, ho un voicelive 2 e vorrei creare un preset per poter cantare canzoni di Vasco Rossi. qualcuno potrebbe aiutarmi?

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  • RalfLeRenne
    Contributor - Level 1


    I bought a "Harmony Singer 1" a few years ago, and would like to switch to the second version. I'm in the process of making all my equipment for concerts "battery powered", and I saw this Harmony Singer 2 is able to do just that.

    But I still need to know if it can work with rechargeable batteries, since they usually tend to have less voltage. I would also like to know for how long the pedal can run on batteries. How many hours would it be ? 

    Thank you very much, 

    Have a great day,



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    • RalfLeRenne

      Hey @RalfLeRenne,
      I'll be honest with you, battery life ain't great.  I tested a Harmony Singer 2 with fresh AA's (non-rechargeable) and it lasted three and a half hours before dying.  I don't think batteries were intended to be the primary power source for these stomps, more like a backup.  When a 9V adapter is plugged in, the pedal will use that wall power and ignore the batteries, which then kick in if wall power is removed.  Anyways, I think Harmony Singer 2 has the worst battery life out of the bunch because it has the busiest algorithm, but yeah you might want to have a backup set of rechargeables.  Cheers!

      • October 23, 2019
  • Robert_Dusemund
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hi ya all!

    I wonder if I have a Critical Mass Stomp box behind a HarmonySinger pedal, and what effect it will have. Usually you sing directly into the CM pedal and get a unison choir. Can CM turn a three-part, three-man choir (from the HarmonySinger) into a 3-part mass choir? Or will come out in the end only vocal mud? Or more simple: Can Critical Mass handle harmonized voices or only single ones.

    hopefully Robert

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    • Robert_Dusemund

      Hey @Robert_Dusemund,
      I just tried running a Harmony Singer 2 into a Critical Mass and I gotta I'm surprised it sounded as good as it did.  I was fully expecting vocal mud but the Critical Mass seems to handle 3-part harmony without a problem, it actually did sound like a choir.  I guess in hindsight it kind of makes sense, since there's no interpretation going on in Critical Mass - it only adds unison and octave voices.  To me the first 4 "Melodic" settings on the Critical Mass sounded best, but that'll probably be subjective.  One tip if you do decide to try this out, have Tone active only on the Harmony Singer and not on the Critical Mass, Tone only needs one instance in a signal chain and it works best at the front of the chain.  Anyways, great idea and I'm impressed with the results.  If you're still on the fence feel free to share some test audio (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) and I could record what it sounds like through the two pedals.  Cheers!

      • October 1, 2019
  • coombah
    Contributor - Level 1

    Light comes on but unit does not show any presets.Tried reset but nothing happens.Any ideas?

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