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    I never recieved the email with an activation code. I create a ticket  in the technical category, because there is not one for the plug ins activation process (i send all the information needed - pay,name,ilok).

    Is anything better i can do?


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    • fotinos

      Hi fotinos, thank you for your post, can your please provide the pay,name,ilok that you mention via PM to me so I can assist on this matter. Thank you

      • Thu at 7:50 AM
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    We are using the X32-Edit app on our Windows 10 machine. All has been working well until yesterday when this (see attached photo) happened. We have trashed the app and reinstalled it to no avail.

    We are connected to the x-32 mixer but can't see anything else.


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    • LarryBadger
      Paul_Vannatto Have you tried deleting the Users\username\appdata\Roaming\X32-Edit folder, then rerunning the app (replace username with your username)?
      • Mon at 10:09 AM
      • X32-Edit not loading properly
        LarryBadger We accesses it, deleted and reinstalled. No change from photo above.
        • Tue at 11:59 AM
    • LarryBadger
      Paul_Vannatto That's odd Larry. Usually that fixes X32 Edit issues. I would suggest you create a service ticket by clicking on the Support (above) and filling in the form. Not sure what else to suggest. X32 Edit works fine on my Win7 partition as well as on my linux Mint (which I use mostly).
      • Tue at 12:21 PM
      • X32-Edit not loading properly
        LarryBadger OK. went through the C Drive again and found our tech had simply renamed the old file in the roaming folder. Actually deleted all x32-Edit files in that folder and dumped the Trash. This time everything works.
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        • Tue at 2:27 PM
    • LarryBadger
      Paul_Vannatto Like the old saying goes - if you want to get something done right, you've got to do it yourself. :)
      • Tue at 2:35 PM
    • LarryBadger
      instantpostlikes You can edit your name, username and many more with the help of this.
      • Wed at 5:09 AM
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    my editor is not seeing my boards.any ideas

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    The Wing Snipshot Toolbox has just been upgraded with the following:

    Bug Fixes
    * Some GUI groups did not change color - fixed
    * Parser FileInputEdit did not change color - fixed
    * Input List giving errors with User Signal assignments - fixed
    * Sometimes during editing of JSON data, there are trailing commas between brackets.
    These are now removed during saving the final results to a file.

    * Changed all buttons to one that can have color changes
    * Added Button color button in Setup, Colors
    * Added monitor mix parsing tool

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    I have followed the guides and user manuals available. 

    Connected blue yeti microphone to PC iva USB, and to GoXLR (mic input) via 3.5 mm aux cable.

    Switched my default Speaker and Communications device to Chat GoXLR.


    GoXLR app registers nothing when attempting to setuo the mic. Only a buzzing sound.

    Then found that I had to disable Blue yeti from the Recording devices in my system, and so I did. 

    Still nothing... no sound is being picked by the GoXLR.

    Is there any additional guidance here please?

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    The App allows control of all the parameter of the Behringer X32 and Midas M32 series of consoles:-

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    I use X-Air Edit to control my XR-18 from a Windows 10 tablet with touch screen mounted to the mic stand.  In-between songs to speak to the audience, I need to mute the effects by touching the screen, but it is too slow and difficult.  Instead, I want to have an external switch assigned to mute effects. Is it possible to connect a device to the USB port of the tablet to mute effects in X-Air Edit?

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    • SteveWalker
      Paul_Vannatto Unfortunately not Steve. The X-Air cannot be controlled via USB. What some have done is to make a DIY project with push buttons and an arduino and connected to the X-Air via midi or ethernet. If that interests you, I can provide some arduino code to make it happen.
      • Aug 22
    • SteveWalker
      SteveWalker Thank you, Paul, for replying to my question. I hope you are doing well; it's been a long time. I have been using the XR-18 for about 6 years now. After my post today, I found a software that uses the X-Touch Mini with USB port. Please watch this video and comment with your opinion: XR18 controlled with OsiMIDI Stage + X-Touch Mini
      Thank you, Steve
      • Aug 22
    • SteveWalker
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Steve, yes it has been a long time. OSIMidi is software that works in parallel to the X-Air Edit (or X32 Edit) to act as a translator between the X-touch Mini (via USB) and the X-Air/M-Air/X32/M32 (via ethernet using OSC commands), just like my Live Toolbox or any of Patrick's apps would do. They don't directly control the X-Air Edit. Rather they control the console and X-Air Edit responds in turn by commands of the changes from the console.

      Software could be developed to function in a similar manner of the OSIMidi. But it would be quite an effort, due to the fact that each OS handles USB control very differently. I see on their website that their software is available for Windows, Mac, linux and Raspberry Pi. Kudos for that and their licence prices aren't that bad. I'm not prepared to tackle such a project at this point, since I've already got a few I'm currently developing (Wing to X32 converter, Wing Snapshot Parser, etc.).
      • Aug 22
    • SteveWalker
      SteveWalker I'm glad you confirmed my understanding of OSIMidi and I'm sure it would work well. My main goal was just limited to muting the effects while speaking to the audience. I have been able to mute on the touch screen mostly in the beginning of my show but not easily between songs. So, without mute many listeners may have trouble understanding because of reverb and delay. I use the full X-Touch in my recording setup giving me 100% compatibility with Logic Pro X and about 50% with Pro Tools. So, I don't need the X-Touch Mini except in my live performances for muting effects. Thanks for your expert advice for this.
      • Aug 22
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    Hi: just wanted to get some clarity on whether VSS3 is compatibile with Apple's Big Sur OS?  Couldn't find the answer in the discussions I looked at.  Thanks in advance.

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    • sseymour7
      sseymour7 And this query would include the question of compatibility via Apple's Rosetta 2 platform; thanks in advance!
      • Aug 3
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    Hello. How can I download the Tracktion? I've registered myUMC204HD.

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    • Alex2013
      DavidKnighton Hello Alex2013,
      If your device is registered within 90 days of purchase, you should get an automatic reply with a redemption code and link to Tracktion website. If you did not receive the code or link, hit REPLY on your registration confirmation and ask for a follow up reply with the code.
      • Aug 2
    • Alex2013

      Thanks! I found it in spam message)

      • Aug 3
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    This app is 100% CLEAN and 100% FREE

    Get your copy of VISUAL CHECK @

    Digital mixer software test for all Encoder - Button Fader - Display - LED via LAN network

    This is a last beta, Pre-official release, Please if you find any kind of error send an e-mail with
    detailed error report to [email protected]

    Thank you @ all for the error/bug feedback support.

    Cris Bonis Italy

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