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    Maybe I can't see the wood for the trees: Where can I find comprehensive manual for the M32-Edit application?

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    • intruder75
      Paul_Vannatto I don't believe a "comprehensive manual" was ever created for the M32-Edit, either officially or 3rd party.
      • Feb 9
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    Hi guys

    Wondering how I go about changing an input routing using a Snippet when I'm using the new User routing feature in M32Edit. I tried using the Routing tab in Snippets but it doesn't seem to be saving the point to point settings whem I recall the snippet. Is this even possible?




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    • HalClague
      Paul_Vannatto What version of M32-Edit are you using? M32-Edit 4.3 has the User In and User Out filter in the snippet's Mixer section. A better way to make a snippet is to export the scene with the desired settings (eg. User In and/or Out) and import it into Scene Parser. Here is the link
      • Jan 30
    • HalClague
      S-Audio I looked to see what version but couldn't find it. it does have user 1 and 2. I'll search for the version and update it if needed. Checking the link you sent now. Thanks
      • Jan 30
    • HalClague
      Paul_Vannatto The M32-Edit version is listed on the Setup, Connections screen (bottom right corner).
      • Jan 30
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    Hello! Trying to record loops/ vocals from my voicelive touch 2 into Ableton Live via the USB connection. As shown in the photo, Ableton is picking up the device as a Midi input, but when I hit the record button, no audio is recorded.  I'm a total noob to Ableton and recording and fooling with this and trying to research the issue is really throwing off my creative process and bumming me out.


    Can I record using this USB connection directly into my PC? or do I need to invest in an interface to be able to get my vocals into Ableton? Thanks in advance!

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    • ricothecreative
      PedroRodrigues Hi ricothecreative, thank you for your post, regarding the Voicelive Touch 2 the unit can sync to MIDI Clock received at either its USB or physical MIDI inputs. This allows you to make new loops and play them back in time with a computer audio sequencer (DAW), a drum machine or an arranger keyboard.
      Note that MIDI Clock is not MIDI Time Code (MTC), which Voicelive Touch 2 does not support.
      – Connect Voicelive Touch 2 to your DAW or MIDI Clock source via USB or physical MIDI cable.
      – When using the physical MIDI In on Touch 2, set the MIDI CTRL setting in the MIDI page of the Setup menu to MIDI. Otherwise, leave it set to Merge.
      – Ensure that your clock source is set to transmit MIDI Clock to Voicelive Touch 2.
      – Set MIDI Tempo in the Setup Menu Metronome page to Slave.
      – Set Met: Off in the Loop Tools menu to On or Shh.
      – Initiate playback on your clock source.
      – Record and play back loops as you would using the Metronome.
      Your Record and Play button presses will be quantized to the closest beat.
      Note that Voicelive Touch 2 syncs to beats only, not bars. Thank you
      • Jan 19
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    I am busy for hours to call from Visa to Paypal to wirte 7 emaoisl to become my serials.

    I never had have so a bad contact with a company as this.........

    Send me the serials fast becuse i had 400 euro........

    Its Insane

    And yes i check junk mail and yes i make 5 tickets to support.

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    • hollemandutch
      Nigel67 Hi hollemandutch. I am sorry for the inconvenience that you are experiencing. I have just checked your tickets that you submitted and I can see that a colleague sent you a reply to ticket CAS-506623-B0P4L9 on the 2nd November. Have you received this -mail? Please can you check your spam and junk again please. Let me know if you haven't received it.
      • December 3, 2021
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    Hello, I just bought a Sentry Noise Gate and want to download the Toneprint Editor to access the personal preferences of this software to configure my Sentry pedal. This was the reason for me for buying this pedal. But I cannot find a link anywhere. I installed the Toneprint APP, but this is not what I am looking for. Is there a link for downloading this software? Thank you in advance.

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    Hello everybody!

    I bought this umc22 and i can't make it work. I've downloaded asio4all on the berhringer's website and i've installed it but i still can't find my Umc22 as an audio entry in Ableton.

    Thanks for you help and Merry Christamas! :)


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    • Cyril2Mars
      lippues Hello everybody

      I have the same type of problem as Cyril2Mars with my new UM2, Windows 11 21H2 (Version 10.0.22000.376), Waveform 11.5.18 and asio4all 2_15_Beta3.
      • Jan 8
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    not recieve traction license number

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    • rajeev008
      rajeev008 please reply
      • December 20, 2021
      • tracktion case number
        Nigel67 Hi rajeev008. Apologies for this, but I have found your cases and will reply with the Traktion number shortly.
        • December 20, 2021
      • tracktion case number
        Nigel67 E-mail sent. If you do not see it in your inbox, please also check your spam / junk e-mail. Many thanks
        • December 20, 2021
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    Trying to get the software that comes with the UM2 and I haven't even checked on my Q802USB that I just bought yet.

    Anyway I registered the UM2 a week ago and have yet get to get some sort of acknowledgement or a link to the software.

    I then opened a separate ticket to check on the product registration, which at least I got an automated response from, but no customer support answer yet either. Both tickets are sitting in "new" status.

    Do you have humans work at your company that take care of the customers? It's ridiculuos that I have to wait over a week for software that was supposed to come with the product.

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    Greetings!    Are there any issues with X AIR edit or M edit and Mac OS Monterey?  I would like to know before I update the OS, please. 

    Thank you for your valuable time and efforts! 

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    I've got an M32-R that I use in my studio and have always used the board to dial in monitor mixes.  I'm planning to take it on the road and am trying to get M32-Q or MX-Q working on my Android - need the band to do the same.  All I can download from Google Play is v1.1.  Anybody know where I can download the most current version?

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