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    I just got a Clarity M Stereo and was looking for some guidence. I have an Apollo 8/Dangerous D-Box Setup with an additional Apollo16 for synth inputs. I was wondering what would be the best way to setup the Clarity M to be able to see whats going on when I sum through the D-Box? I'm not sure it's possible but thought I'd ask.


    Thanks in advance!

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    • ADV

      Hi ADV, thank you for your post, I would suggest to feed the signal to your Clarity M via S/PDIF, please confirm if your unit offers S/PDIF out. If this is not possible you can also set up your Clarity M via AES. To connect your unit to an AES/EBU-based device, a BNC-to-XLR adapter will be necessary, we recommend the Neutrik NA2FBNC adapter for this purpose, the BNC-to-XLR adapter is included with your unit, I hope this helps. Thank you

      • Mar 18
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    How can I connect my clarity M stereo to Motu M4? This interface doesn't have spdif, only line outs (RCA).

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    • vpn19
      PedroRodrigues Hi vpn, the Clarity M Stereo does not offer an analogue input so you would not be able to connect your Motu M4 directly to the Clarity M . The unit offers AES3 and S/PDIF inputs as well as it can operated via Plug-in mode on your DAW. I would suggest to check a few S/PDIF converters that any help you on this set up and output form your monitor out on your M4 and inputting on the Clarity M via S/PDIF. I hope this helps. Thank you
      • November 17, 2021
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    I moved from Spain to US and brought two pieces of gear with me, X Touch One and a Clarity M Stereo, which worked perfectly in Spain. Since in the US plugs are different, I bought power supplies for each one according to the input V and mA that indicates each device. None of them turn on, I went to an electronic shop and they told me that it could be polarity issue, so they try with another compatble plug (correct V mA) and polarity, but it did not work.


    Is there any way I can make my gear work in the US? Is it posible they got damage because of polarity?


    Thank you.

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    • kmxmusic
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi kmxmusix, I can see you have also submitted a technical support ticket regarding this matter. Please note a response has just been sent on this ticket, if you are unable to see the response in your main inbox please check your spam/junk folders.
      • August 22, 2021
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    Hey guys the library button on my clarity m is not working i just bought it 7 months ago and I don't understand 

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    • lazarusmusiq
      Dale_M Sorry to hear this, please go to the support tab above and select Technical for us to assist you.
      • August 2, 2021
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