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    I don't have get activation code till yet.

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    Win10, a good PC with 3.2 Ghz, 16 GO RAM, SSD. 

    I'm a new user of this kind of process. The latest drivers installation seems to be right in device manager , no ! or ?.

    Restart system after install.

    Configuring Cakewalk, all is there, UMC is displayed in "audio devices", selected ASIO in the right place, Cakewalk recognises plugin (TH3 is the default plgin), selected a bass guitar plug in in audio track, validate input in audio track, all the way fine, with a priori good explanations from a friend.

    My bass and my jack wire are fine to normally work (checked in my amp)

    And desesperatly no signal in input.

    Tried with ASIO4ALL, no signal too.

    Changed for input 2, no signal too.

    Changed ASIO for WDM or what else, no more signal.

    However, when inserting mp3 in audio track, it sounds fine when playing it.

    What's the trouble with trying to record my bass? 

    Thx a lot to help me.




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    • Dsdli
      NicJonesMT Thanks for Posting David.
      Could you please submit a Tech support ticket (Click Support at the top of the page and then scroll down).
      We will need to get some more information from you on how you have the system and your UMC setup and configured to be able to assist you.
      • Apr 28
    • Dsdli

      Ok , thx a lot.

      • Apr 28
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    Can I multi track record into a DAW with the XR16?

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    • WilliamMauldin
      RexBeckett Hi William, no the XR16 does not support multitrack USB recording. You would need an XR18 or X32 for this.

      The XR16 (and XR12/MR12) can record stereo wav files directly to a USB stick.
      • Apr 15
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    Hey guys,


    I'm having a major issue with my XAir18. Whenever I connect it to my computer, I only get the option to Stereo record instead of Multitrack. I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong, but I can't even get the computer to recognize anymore I/O let alone my DAW. Does anyone know a solution for this? I have projects coming up that I've scheduled because I was told that the unit can multitrack record, and I need to figure it out. I can provide my scene files / screenshots if needed.

    Thanks for any help.


    Computer / Programs:


    Macbook Pro 2019 running Big Sur 11.1

    Cubase 9.5

    XAir18 Connected direct via USB

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    • AlexMorrison
      Paul_Vannatto Make sure that the USB Interface setting (in X-Air Edit for PC, Mac, etc. not the iPad app) in Setup, Audio/Midi screen is set to 18/18 (not 2/2)
      • Mar 5
    • AlexMorrison
      AlexMorrison Paul, thanks again for your help. I got everything working. I did have a question though, how do I set up my XR18 so I can hear playback from what I recorded in my daw?
      • Mar 9
    • AlexMorrison
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Alex, the best way to set up DAW playback is to change the Line In channel source to USB 1/2.
      • Mar 10
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    Hi there,


    when i will record under Logic ( newest ) my RD-8 starts a little bit out of can we solve that?

    All other synths are working perfectly because my PRO-1 makes some midi problems via USB too.

    all have the newest firmware. my setup is as followed: RD-8, Neutron, Pro-1, Crave and the TD-3 via a Xenyx XQ2222 via audio interface ( with some random noises .... ) and my nearly newest mac with the latest OS so far...also Catalina.

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    Hello Everyone,

    we are desperately looking for 1 pc of AES/EBU card (903010351) . We've  been told it is EOL but perhaps you can still find one somewhere in the world...

    Kindly look into this urgently as it is for a very important project that has to be completed in a few days

    Thank you in advance for your prompt feedback



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    • importprase
      DavidKnighton Hello importprase,
      For availability, you will need to submit a spare parts order. Click the SUPPORT link at the top of the page, then scroll down and click the SPARE PARTS tile to begin your inquiry.
      • Mar 2
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    Guys i use 2 mic one c2 and the dynamic xm8500  do you know if there will be any damage in xm8500 if i use it with the phantom power on of the audio interface? 


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    • mrsgks2000
      WilliamR Hello, You will not damage your xm8500 if the phantom power is turned on on your audio interface. The dynamic mic only uses two pins for the audio, the third pin on the XLR cable is used to deliver phantom power to a condenser mic, on a dynamic mic like the XM8500 the third pin cannot receive any voltage so there is no need to worry.
      • Feb 12
      • Mic
        mrsgks2000 Thank for your help! I appreciate it
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        • Feb 12
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    Please I would like to know if the Desktop konnekt 6 works with the new mac mini m1, if it works which is the firewire usb adapter is the best ?


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    • MaenRajab
      Nigel67 Hi MaenRajab. I am sorry, but the Konnekt 6 has not been supported for many years so unfortunately we are not able to give you an answer for your question. It is unlikely that it will work with the new Mac mini and M1, however if you do succeed in making it work, please let me know so that I can make a knowledge based article for it for other users. many thanks
      • Feb 7
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    Anyone have input between these 3 Monitors?  These will be used for my Home Studio setup.

    • Behringer Truth B1031A 8 inch Powered Studio Monitor
    • Behringer Truth B2031A 8.75 inch Powered Studio Monitor
    • Behringer Nekkst K8 8 inch Powered Studio Monitor
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    • SillyDrums
      GaryHiggins I believe Nekkst is the "newest" which could mean it's better, using newer tech..., kind of like KRK monitors. B2031A more like Mackie I think. I would suspect none of them are bad, I might go 2031A, my 2 cents.
      • Feb 4
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    I have some problem to record Midi track using midas m32. Does anyone in here know how to configure record midi track using midi port in midas m32?

    Thanks for answer my question

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    • JoelJoel
      DaveMorrison If you are trying to send a signal from an external MIDI device (ie. keyboard) into the M32's MIDI DIN jacks and then have that signal be forwarded to your DAW, I have bad news. It won't work because there is no MIDI passthrough. The XR18/MR18's will. The M32/X32's will not.
      • Jan 8
    • JoelJoel
      JoelJoel Thank you dor ur info sir....
      • Jan 8
    • JoelJoel
      Maroliboe is it possible with the DN32-live card?? ( instead of using the DN32-USB card ) ??
      • Jan 28
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