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    Hello I buy a upgrade license for my VSS3 ( TDM to Native) and i receive your confirmation (see the mail below). but i redem the license number on the vrong Ilok Acount , so i aks Ilok to transfert the license on my Axcess Ilok Acount, now you have to confirm the transfert ( see the mail below)
    So please can you make this.
    Thank you very much 
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    • RemyBeuchat
      PedroRodrigues Hi RemyBeuchat, thank you for your post, as I mentioned above please send me via PM you ILOK USERNAME so I can look in to this matter. Thank you
      • Nov 14
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    Please OK my VSS3 License to my new Ilok acount, i pay it allready for this

    Thank you

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    • RemyBeuchat
      PedroRodrigues Hi RemyBeuchat, thank you for your post, please send me via PM you ILOK USERNAME so I can look in to this matter. Thank you
      • Nov 14
      • Software license
        RemyBeuchat Hello Pedro, my License is allready Transfered Thanky you. Question? I 've got an DVR2 Vintage Reverb TDM, Is it possible to upgrade on Native ? Thank you for all
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        • Nov 15
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    Hi there, I bought the SYSTEM 6000 NATIVE SERIES for $699 in March 2021 and since then there has never been an update. 
    When the SYSTEM 6000 NATIVE SERIES was released, the Apple M1 Native already existed
    Now there is M2 and the SYSTEM 6000 NATIVE SERIES is still V1.0! And please don't do a cheap Rosetta Solution, because then we don't need an M1, or from 2023 an M2 Apple Computer (Macbook Pro). Rosetta = Same speed as Intel but more unstable.
    I personally know a few Plugin-in and DAW Developers, it should not take years to update to Apple Silicon M1 / M2 Native.
    TC is Behringer now, that’s why a lot of us bought the bundle. Please don't go the TC route and let it die again.
    I had a Powercore, and all the TC TDM for Pro tools. Everything dead! ?
    Have a good day
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    • Acardipane
      PedroRodrigues Hi Acardipane, thank you for your post, I can confirm that the SYSTEM 6000 NATIVE SERIES was released prior to the release of the Apple M2. When it comes to the release of a compatible version with both M1 and M2 version, it is important to be aware that we could only release any compatible version after M1 and/or M2 release and we require access from Apple to be granted so we can release the respective versions. While this process is under way is taking a bit more time we would like to, but let me assure you that we are working as fast as possible to release compatible version for both M1 and M2 version. For now we cannot provide you with a time window for this but I confirm that is on the way. Thank you
      • Oct 12
    • Acardipane
      nlsrecordingstudio Dear Pedro, this is a complete lie ... System 6000 Native was released (press release) on march 15 2021. Apple M1 was released on November 2020 - with a developers kit available in June 2020... I can understand that is takes time... but SSL, Waves Steinberg, Eventide, Slate, McDSP and 2000 more companies have native software and plugins. You need to fix this.
      • Oct 31
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    Hey, everyone.

    Is down?

    Also the 'Play' button is greyed out in the Finalizer Desktop App.

    Thanks in advance,


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    • raylallana
      raylallana Just checked again...
      • Sep 23
    • raylallana
      raylallana 12PM PST
      • Sep 23
    • raylallana
      raylallana 1:40 PM PST
      • Sep 23
    • raylallana
      PedroRodrigues Hi raylallana, thank you for your post, I believe the server in under maintenance, regarding the issue you have described about the the 'Play' button is greyed, please send me your ILOK USERNAME via DM so I can check if everything is operating correctly. I hope this helps Thank you
      • Sep 24
    • raylallana
      • Oct 15
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    I posted before but in the wrong thread, sorry about that.


    I'm be paid, please transfer it?

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    TC Electronic
    Triber Moderator

    ...and preserved his brother’s legacy

    It takes a diverse collection of skills to innovate and create the tools for which TC Electronic is famed. So, it’s only a matter of time before you come across a team member whose talents go far beyond the workplace. And nowhere is that more apparent than in TC Electronic’s Christian G. Frandsen.

    Christian has been our Product Development Engineer and Specialist for 25 years and helps develop our professional studio equipment. But being an engineer, for Christian, doesn’t stop at TC Electronic. You could even say that it runs in the family.

    The Start of a Life-Long Adventure
    Back in 1981, a 10-year-old Christian would listen to cassette tapes of a band called TV-2, a Danish pop rock group that was only just starting at that time. His older brother Anders was a Front-of-House engineer for the band and recorded an early performance of theirs in Holbaek all those years ago. This had a huge impact on Christian as it was not just the music of what would become one of the biggest bands in Denmark that resonated with him, but his brother was also part of something big. Something Christian felt was very special. This engendered a passion for sound and music that would shape Christian’s life and lead to a career in TC Electronic which persists to this day.

    Tragedy and a Renewed Purpose
    Sadly, Anders would pass away suddenly in 2008 leaving behind fond memories and some tapes of early TV-2 recordings, among others which Christian would inherit. Though rough and mixed for live sound, he had in his hands the purest sources of inspiration that set him down the path to where he is now. It deserved a lot more than to just sit in a shelf gathering dust.

    In 2016, as he was remastering his own band’s recordings, Christian decided to dust off those old TV-2 tapes from Anders and remix the recordings now with the power of modern technology that just wasn’t available back in the 80s. With a few test optimizations in hand, Christian got in touch with TV-2 who then agreed to try to remaster the concert.

    With the band’s blessing, the desire to honor his brother’s legacy and to share the recordings with other eager fans, Christian started on an adventure that would last up to five and a half years.

    Renewing a Legacy with Modern Technology
    Restoring the recordings wouldn’t be an easy task though. The mixes were recorded directly from the Front-of-House console and were mixed for live audiences not for listening at home. Distortion from the aging cassette tape plus those from the original equipment themselves had to be cleaned up along with several other anomalies that presented themselves.

    Some of the original vocals were cut out of the original recordings as they were too distorted and unintelligible. This was done with the help of a company based in Los Angeles that specialized in extracting vocals from recordings. New vocals were recorded and gently mixed in, matching the same energy and feel of the original.

    During the remastering process, Christian used several different effects, compressors and metering solutions from TC Electronic

    • The 12-band Midas powered EQ PEQ 3000 was used for all EQ tasks in mix and mastering and fixing the identified issues with the original cassette tape like rather severe stereo, left/right and mid/side spectral imbalances
    • The very flexible MD4 HD multiband compressor was used for mastering, overall dynamics control while the five bands give high spectral resolution and transparency to the delicate compression
    • The high-end true stereo reverb VSS4 HD adds club-like early reflections and stereo width help that are lacking in the original PA console output mix, which was recorded with close mic-ing and reverb tail effects only
    • The BRICKWALL HD master true-peak limiter gives an exceptional view and control of peaks and track loudness to align the project with modern streaming standards
    • The Midas powered DYN 3000 channel compressor was used in the mastering process adding just a tiny punch and was also used on the new vocal recordings where the dynamics and texture were profiled and reproduced
    • The classic delay TC2290 was used for effects on the dubbed sources like parts of the lead vocal. In the original mix there are multiple delay elements and these were profiled and reproduced.
    • The vintage reverb DVR250 was used for important 80s reverb sound on the dubbed sources like parts of the lead vocal in order for them to mix perfectly with the original concert.
    • Throughout the project the Clarity M meter was a great companion for stand-alone (off screen) metering. It adds continuous views on spectral content, center-location, loudness and phase and by using USB/plugin connection to the unit either master out, busses or channels can easily be monitored.
    Further, TC Electronic System 6000, Clarity X, Studio Konnekt 48 was used as well
    Some of the other amazing tools that were used in this project were from: Steinberg, Audionamix, iZotope, Voxengo, Waves, Klevgrand, SSL, RTW, Dynaudio and DPA Microphones.
    The remastered 1981 Holbaek recordings were released in January 2022, 40 years after they were initially committed to tape, and have been made available in many different streaming platforms, cassette tape and vinyl, which received great reviews and even reached no. 1 on the Danish vinyl chart; with TV-2’s early formative performances, and Anders and Christian’s hard work available for everyone to hear.

    “A circle is drawn,” says Christian “and it’s both a huge pleasure and a great challenge to help this concert on its way. I am very grateful that TV-2 has been so obliging and patient in the long process.”

    TV-2's website: TV-2 Website
    The album is available here The Holbaek Recordings 81
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    My konnekt 8 blinks blue and it not recognised by the tc near application , I have changed my firewire and downloaded all the necessary drivers by still to no avail. Am using Windows 10

    Please I need help 

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    • dennistamakloe68
      PedroRodrigues Hi dennistamakloe68, thank you for your post, please ponder that the Konnekt 8 was discontinued some time ago and we have stopped releasing any resources. To allow the Konnekt 8 full operability it must be implement exclusively on legacy operational systems. I would suggest to use a previous OS to Windows 10. Thank you
      • Sep 1
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    Dear All,

    Wonder if anyone can help.

    TC Near (3.61) is not recognising my Studio Konnekt 48 on Mojave (10.14.6), running on a Mac Mini i7 3.2Ghz

    i'm connecting the SK48 into the Mac Mini Thunderboilt 3 port, using an Apple FW to TB2 adapter and an Apple TB2 to TB3 adapter.

    The Mac OS is recognising the SK48 as connected to the TB3 port, however the TC Near Control Panel is showing:

    "No device found ... looking for devices..."

    i downloaded what i believe is the latest driver from here:

    TCAudioInterfaceSoftware 3.6.1f34

    There don't appear to be any issues with the SK48 itself, still working on Mavericks via FW/TB2 

    Any ideas on how i can resolve this would be greatly apreciated


    Best regards,


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    • Valas
      PedroRodrigues Hi Valas please consider that the unit is a legacy unit and we have stopped releasing any updated form this unit for some time now, therefor will only work on legacy, the unit must be connected directly to a USB 2.0 port and the use of any adaptors will create issues when interfacing with the drivers. Thank you
      • March 9, 2021
      • TC Near Not Recognising Studio Konnekt 48 on Mojave (10.14.6)
        Valas Thanks Pedro, but the SK48 is FireWire not USB. Unfortunately I cannot connect the SK48 to the Mac Mini without an adapter. Are you saying connecting FireWire to TB3 via an Apple adapter will be causing the issue?
        • July 17, 2021
    • Valas
      JohnMartin1970 Hi there Pedro - yes indeed I do have the same problem - works with FireWire 400 only and everything is running via this interface. Why should a perfectly working device be thrown away, just because the software is not updated to 64bit. This is just so disappointing from TC e.
      • Aug 24
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    After a computer crash I can no longer log in to from FINALIZER and use the comparison tool.
    I can log in to the webpage and use it and the password was saved in the webbrowser somehow (still I wonder what the password was because I have not change it)

    Where do I find the proper way to get a new password som I easy can log in FROM Finalizer directly.

    To ask for support on the musictribe web pages is difficult, I really dont know where I should go, its confusing.

    Peter Stedt

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    • PeterStedt
      NicJonesMT Hi PeterStedt.
      Sorry to hear you are having issues.
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket if you are still experiencing issues. Thank you.
      • Aug 18
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    Hi guys! Help! I accidentally took the wrong bundle that I needed. What should I do? I took TC Studio Elite Collection, upgrade from Icon Series Legacy Native Bundle and System 6000 Native Bundle ($ 249) - and I needed TC Studio Elite Collection, upgrade from System 6000 Native Bundle (399 $) -I only noticed when I started betting on Ilok. I need your help!

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