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    j'ai malencontreusement effacé mes licence sur mon I Lock virtuel

    et j'aurais besoin de nouveau license/authorization activation/redemption code 


    comment me les procuré  Merci 

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    • Dominic21

      Salut Dominic21

      Merci pour votre message, veuillez envoyer par message privé votre NOM D'UTILISATEUR ILOK et l'e-mail qui confirme l'achat de votre licence.


      • Mar 4
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    je ne trouve pas le numero de licence pour activer le plug ins, le revendeur m'indique de me servir du numero de serie mais il ne correspond pas au format demander par ILOCK! command puis-je faire pour le trouver?


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    • toustou
      NicJonesMT Hi Toustou.
      If you have purchased the DT version of the DVR250 then you do not need a license to activate it. Simply connect the DT Controller to your computer and it will authorise the license.
      You also get a 60 day travel period where you can use the Plugin for 60 days without needing to connect the Desktop Controller.
      More detail on this can be found on page 9 of the user manual.

      Salut Toustou.
      Si vous avez acheté la version DT du DVR250, vous n'avez pas besoin de licence pour l'activer. Connectez simplement le contrôleur DT à votre ordinateur et il autorisera la licence.
      Vous bénéficiez également d'une période de voyage de 60 jours pendant laquelle vous pouvez utiliser le plug-in pendant 60 jours sans avoir à connecter le contrôleur de bureau.
      Vous trouverez plus de détails à ce sujet à la page 9 du manuel d'utilisation.
      • Mar 3
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    Je ne suis pas cabale de connecte mon module DVR250 avec l'application sur mon ordinateur

    et je ne trouve pas le code d'activation 

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    • Dominic21
      PedroRodrigues Bonjour Dominic21, merci pour votre message, le code que vous mentionnez doit être fourni par le partenaire qui vous a vendu l'appareil.
      Veuillez d'abord confirmer que le code n'était pas à l'intérieur du colis.
      Si ce n'est pas le cas, veuillez contacter votre revendeur pour demander le code de votre appareil.
      Si ce n'est pas possible, veuillez m'envoyer un message privé avec votre facture et je ferai de mon mieux pour vous aider à résoudre le problème. Merci
      • Mar 1
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    As it shows in the attached picture, I'm not sure what the problem is. Can anybody help me please?




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    When Logic is executed in Rosetta mode, Lm2n is opened, but the screen is not displayed normally.
    Pro Tools won't open it at all.

    Below is my equipment list.

    Pro Tools and Logic are up to date.
    Pro Tools 21.12
    Logic 107.2

    Macbook specs are attached.

    Does the software work normally on the new Apple MacBook M1pro?
    Is it different for each Daw?

    If not, is there an update plan?

    When using TC Electronic Clarity M Stereo, is it possible to connect via usb and use it in plug-in mode with the M1pro?

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    • dawn8787
      PedroRodrigues Hi dawn8787, thank you for you post, considering your first question about the Lm2n running on the MacBook Pro with M1chip, if you are running Rosetta 2 you should not have any issues but you must confirm that you are running version 1.1.4 ILOK version on you MacBook Pro, please follow the link below to access this version:
      Please also confirm if your Lm2n ILOK licence is active and register to your MacBook Pro M1.
      Effectively it is possible to connect the Clarity M Stereo via USB and use it in plug-in mode with the M1pro considering that you have the Clarity M in plug-in mode and you have installed the latest version of the Clarity M in plug-in that you can download by following the link below: Thank you
      • Feb 10
      • Lm2n is not working normally.
        chrisarias Hi Pedro-

        I just purchased a Mac Studio with Monterey installed. I'm trying to get LM2N to work in Pro Tools. Is there a way to accomplish this?
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        • May 10
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    Hi I bought 3 licences of VSS3. I have no recived iy yet. Ples can U send mr those asap and invoice as well.

    for comunication pleas contact me on lukas

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    • Beep2458
      Dale_M Sorry this weas missing, can you go to the Support tab above and send us the request on a technical ticket please?
      • Jan 18
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    Good day to all! I bought a set of pedals in TC-electronic two months ago and the problem with their compatibility with Mac Os Monterey or maybe another problem has not been solved yet, but the rest of the software is installed and working, and 5 pedals - BOOSTER+ DISTORTION NATIVE, DUAL EQUALIZER NATIVE,STEREO CHORUS+ FLANGER NATIVE,SUSTAIN+ EQUALIZER NATIVE,TC XII PHASER NATIVE - DO NOT connect to Logic Pro X - despite the confirmed licenses! Perhaps the problems with these pedals are also because they have not been updated since 2017, this is the main PROBLEM, because of which paid plug-ins cannot be used. Can someone tell me a way out of the situation?

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    • Guram
      PedroRodrigues Hi Guram, we have been exchanging messages about this matter for some time and as suggested previously please attempt the configuration of the software on a older OSX version otherwise it will not work. Thank you
      • Jan 13
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    Hello, I want to buy a licence of Finalizer tc, but Albania is not in the country list. What to do?

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    • klodianqafoku

      Hi klodianqafoku, I apologize for the inconvenience here. I have reached out to our web team and requested Albania be added to the country list, if you are happy to wait I will notify you once this has been done.

      Alternatively, if you wish to proceed with the purchase before your country is added the address information is for the invoice only. With this in mind, you could use an alternative country for the time being, and once purchased please open a technical support case requesting for the details to be amended.

      • Jan 5
      • Buying licence finalizer tc
        Guram Hello! Can you tell me- what to do in a situation when I bought 5 native pedal plug-ins in ts-electronics -and none of them is connected to the logic pro x and does not work? What measures should be taken to ensure that the purchased plugins eventually start working?
        • Jan 6
    • klodianqafoku
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    Dear Support

    Can you give me a hands up where you are in migrating the VST3 / AU plugins to run natively on Apple Silicon. I'm not intressted in rosetta2 (that works for now). But as upcoming DAWs are running natively on M1(x) those plugins are needed.


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    Friends! Thanks to Christian G Frandsen, My Question was resolved within 30 minutes! I have never seen such a support as in TC Electronics - !!!) Sensitive, Human, and just Native !!! In the Direct and Figurative Sense of This Word !!! I would like to Congratulate Christian and All Merry Christmas !!! Like All the same It's good that a Person like Christian works in TC Electronics!!! Bravo !!! Thank you !!! Thank you very much !!! It's just fantastic !!!

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