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    We’re rolling out some new Community updates for everyone with even more coming soon!

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      cjeffers235 I need help with routing on a Midas Pro 1. Currently the House mix and the Streaming mix are the same mix. I'd like to separate them, but the routing is a little confusing.
      • September 17, 2020
    • Music Tribe
      BetoMauricio Necesito ayuda
      • October 11, 2020
  • rovi-mortell
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    • rovi-mortell

      I guessed right on the last post Smiley Happy

      • November 26, 2019
    • rovi-mortell

      Could not afford the original when I was a kid...

      Now I can afford this better version, of the classic I always wanted.

      Thanks Uli!

      • December 1, 2019
    • rovi-mortell

      It would be cool, if you could split the oscilators between the keyboard, and sequencer, so you could solo over a sequenced bassline. And/or split the keyboard...left hand=arpegiator, right hand solo.

      • December 1, 2019
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    Music Tribe

    Thomann and Music Tribe to Enter Super Partner Relationship

    Hans Thomann, CEO of Thomann GmbH and Music Tribe’s CEO, Uli Behringer today announced the entering of a strategic relationship. The focus of this Super Partner relationship is to deliver an obsessive Customer Experience with unique collaborative opportunities to realize co-innovation of new products, co-marketing related to learning and education as well as a unique supply chain integration to ensure all products are always in stock and readily available.

    Hans Thomann commented: “The Super Partner relationship between Thomann GmbH and Music Tribe is unprecedented in the industry. However, it is a continuation of decades of close and trusted relations between our two companies. What unites us is that we are both owner-led companies that focus on our customers, characterized by flat hierarchies resulting in the ability to make decisions quickly and flexibly to the customers’ benefit.

Music Tribe with its retail brands Behringer, TC Electronic, TC Helicon and Bugera, etc. has become our no.1 selling brand while also offering one of the highest product quality levels. It is also rooted in a close personal relationship between two visionaries in the industry. Music Tribe's famous speed and flexibility in developing new products and optimizing existing ones meshes perfectly with Thomann's renowned spirit of innovation in customer service and dedication to getting their customers the best deal possible in terms of both support and prices.

    Thomann supports customers in their buying decisions with a 400-strong team of sales agents who can draw on detailed product expertise and state-of-the-art training to advise them in 24 languages and are available through all current means of communication. A staff of 300 exclusively provides after-sales services from instrument and equipment repairs and maintenance to supply of spare parts, with a dedicated separate call center offering rapid and straightforward assistance in twelve languages.

    The newly launched Super Partner relationship will build on the excellent two-way communication between Thomann and Music Tribe. In the past, both companies have frequently cooperated in determining production quantities and flow of supplies. Now, they will enter into co-development of new products and optimization of existing ones. Thomann is known for putting the customer first and will do everything to enable Music Tribe to react even more immediately to customers' desire for new and optimized products, while Thomann will achieve greater availability of Music Tribe's portfolio at significantly reduced prices for the customer.

    The most vital goal for us as an MI retailer is to preserve and enhance musicians' enjoyment by advocating for them and providing them with the best possible service and an unparalleled customer experience, and to constantly improve our efforts in doing so. In this endeavor, Music Tribe is an ideal partner, since we share the vision to always get the best deal to our customers; we can and will build on this vision. We strongly believe in the quality of Music Tribe's portfolio, and we are overjoyed to now enter into a new-level partnership with Music Tribe to meet the constantly growing demand in a forever evolving market. Working closely together to coordinate the production and availability process promises benefits in greater availability, efficient costs structures and more attractive prices.

    With this Super Partner relationship agreed, we look forward with a great sense of optimism to the future: a shared future in which we will be even better able to satisfy the demands and fulfil the wishes of our international customers.”

    Music Tribe’s CEO Uli Behringer commented: “Hans and I have a personal relationship for more than three decades. We are both extremely passionate to take this great relationship to an unheard-of level, in order to serve our Retail Customers. For decades, Thomann has been leading the industry through unsurpassed Customer Experience, which perfectly matches Music Tribes’ Customer Obsession Vision. This strategic relationship will now open the door for a deep integration and collaboration – all for the benefit of the Customer we all love to serve.

    How will the Customers benefit from this new Super Partnership?

    1. Product Availability.
    Music Tribe is one of the very few companies in the industry that manufactures nearly all its products in-house ( This allows us to ship all our products from our China and Malaysia factories directly to Thomann’s warehouses, saving huge time and cost resources. Our Customers will enjoy much faster access to new products, all at reduced pricing. 

    2. Innovative Solutions.
    Thomann’s tremendous product and market knowledge will enable huge opportunities around co-innovation for new products. With Music Tribe’s 8 global Innovation Centers and 400+ world-class engineers, we will be able to turn around product ideas in record time. We’ll soon be rolling out a Customer Co-Innovation application that will allow our Customers to directly participate in the definition and design of new solutions, products and features. 

    3. Product Marketing.
    Both Thomann and Music Tribe will collaborate in the creation of digital learning and education content in order to help Customers to maximize the usage of Music Tribe’s products. In the coming year we will be launching our Music Tribe Academy, an interactive Learning Management System, where our Customers and Partners can co-create courses and other content. 

    4. Customer Service. With the setup of this new strategic relationship, Thomann will now directly be supporting and servicing all Music Tribe products through its own Call Center and inhouse Service Facility. Music Tribe will serve Thomann with global support services as well as spare parts supply directly from our factories, hence drastically improving the product turnaround time.

    Music Tribe’s Retail products do enjoy an industry-leading 3-year warranty upon registration at Music Tribe’s Community (”

    Music Tribe’s COO David Hunter added: “We are truly excited about this wonderful relationship with Thomann, while now taking it to a complete new level. We’re currently reinventing our whole organization by means of extreme digital transformation and automation of all repetitive processes. Our objective is to become a highly strategic and insight driven organization, and we’re currently investing over US$ 50m in fully automating our current China operation. Last year we acquired 50 acres of land in Malaysia where we’re planning our second fully automated manufacturing plant.

    We’re very proud to have entered into strategic relationships with Microsoft and Siemens around a state-of-the-art 4.0 factory ( in line with our relentless execution on our Customer and Digital Obsession Vision.

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  • Paulo1

    With so many shops currently closed or offering a socially distanced service, we wanted to take the time to celebrate some of the amazing showrooms around the world where you can and will be to able hear Tannoy loudspeakers once some form of normality returns.

    Celebrating our amazing retail partners from around the world.

    Please enjoy MF Analog Highend - Mikel Fraune - Steinfurt

    There really is no substitute for Tannoy. Trusted by music creatives around the world, installed in the world's best venues and locations, perfect for listening at home.

    Tannoy - The Voice Of The Artist

    #tannoy #hifi #proaudio #music #audiophile #audio #studiomonitors #loudspeakers #dj #hometheater   #tannoyspeakers  #tannoygold #tannoy1926 #installedsound (0032 30779.jpg

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  • 2020-02-11
  • Paulo1

    Here is some more user system inspiration, how beautiful does this home system look? Thanks to rarerecords613 for sharing with us.

    We love sharing studio, home and installation images with you. #Tannoy if you would like to join in.

    Tannoy - The Voice Of The Artist

    Image Credit: rarerecords613

    #tannoy #hifi #proaudio #music #audiophile #audio #studiomonitors #loudspeakers #dj #hometheater #masteringengineer #musicproducer #soundengineer #recordingstudio #speakers #musicstudio #tannoyspeakers #listeningbar #tannoygold #tannoy1926 #installedsound #tannoygold8

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  • Tannoy
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    Tannoy LIVE Webinar: How to Configure the Beam Engine Software for  Tannoy QFLEX Columns (Part 2)Tannoy LIVE Webinar: How to Configure the Beam Engine Software for Tannoy QFLEX Columns (Part 2)

    In this webinar, we’ll be talking about how we can configure the Beam Engine software and Load Parameters into QFLEX Columns; as well as an overview of the Tannoy Beam Engine GUI and Controls.
    Click any of the links below to register for the webinar that fits your schedule:
    Include any questions you may have with your registration so we can answer them live in the webinar. 
    See you soon!
    #Tannoy #LIVEWebinar #BeamEngine #LoadParameters #QFLEXColumns
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    Music Tribe

    2600 GRAY MEANIE 

    Learn more:

    A limited edition, ultra-affordable and even more feature-packed homage to the iconic ARP 2600 synthesizer. Features a mechanical spring reverb, hand-picked components, uni-color LEDs on each fader plus a super slick paint job that’ll make your setup pop!

    List Price: $699

    #Behringer #2600 #GRAYMEANIE #Synthesizer #SpecialEdition #SemiModular #Analog #Synth #RackMount

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    Music Tribe


    Learn More:

    Provides all the tools you need to become a master beat-maker, including: 10 drum voices; a 64-step sequencer; wave designer and dual-mode filter- for a full-fledged drum machine that'll shake the house! Whether you're new to drum programming or a seasoned pro looking to upgrade your setup, the RD-9 has everything you need to step up to the big leagues.

    List Price: $349

    #Behringer #RHYTHMDESIGNER #RD9 #DrumMachines

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  • ChaseMcKnight
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    Dear all,

    We're very pleased to announce the release of firmware G3.4 for PRO1, PRO2, PRO2C, and PRO X consoles!

    Version G3.4 (25 May 2016)

    This document constitutes a formal release of PRO1/2/2C/X software for public usage.


    Neutron NB expansion card
    - 10 x additional AES50 SMAC ports
    - Fully configurable ports work as an expansion of the existing standard 8 AES50 ports on the Neutron and three FoH AES50 ports on the PRO X surface
    - 2 x CM-1 expansion ports
    - ASRC allows for separate external clock sync of module (card dependent)
    - Or module and it’s network can clock from Neutron
    - Allows for the configuring of the following CM-1 modules
    - Audinate Dante 64

    New Effects
    - Automixer
    - TC Electronic M350 Reverb

    Auto Config
    - Option in Config dialogue pop up (Diagnostics page only)
    - Automatically configures all connected IO units
    - Non-destructive update, will leave pre-configures slots and patching unchanged
    - Additional option to un-configure all current units (and patching)

    PRO Xb Support

    Mono master link to Stereo Masters (PRO1)

    - Surface: Resolved and issues where surface could occasionally freeze for 5-10 sec when unfolding user mode POP/VCA groups with Overlay Stereo Pairs
    - DL231: Fixed and stabilised output configuration from B side
    - DL231: Now able to configure outgoing MIDI via AES50
    - DL231: Resolved diagnostics errors when PRO1 or 2 connected to B side of DL231 with PRO 369X connected to A side
    - Diagnostics: Correction to 5V -10% tolerance
    - Automation: Direct outs recalled correctly with store/recall scopes
    - Automation: +48 V no longer causing clicks on occasion when used with store/recall scopes
    - Talk/Osc: audio only routed to left channel of two linked channels
    - MIDI: Improvements to existing MIDI functionality
    - Effects: De-esser bypass button realigned
    - DL451: redundant swap back to X (primary) from Y (redundant) resolved
    - D-Sub: Fixed issue with gain control for D-Sub on DL351 and DL451
    - Automation: Solos no longer clear on scene change
    - Naming Sheet: Fixed issue where selecting Input 1-16 from drop down menu would call AuxS 1-16 instead
    - Shutdown system: monitor log now separated from boot log.
    - Shutdown system: Improved shutdown sequence will result in surface going green in under a minute.
    - Effects: Metering no longer seen for unpatched channels in effects
    - GUI: Contributions to AuxS now correctly displayed following input mode change
    - GEQ: Linked stereo GEQ can now be flattened from surface in GEQ mode
    - IO Config: Resolved issue where PRO1 could start up in state where IO unit ID number could not be selected


    Update procedure for PRO X console From G3.2.x to G3.4 with new Neutron NB expansion module attached.

    NB module is recognised. This will mean that on the initial update from G3.2.6 or earlier the following steps will be required for a one off update.

    1. Download the “.tar” update file for your console
    2. Copy the file into “DL1upgrades”, “DL2upgrades” or “DL3upgrades” for PRO1, PRO 2/2C or PRO X respectively
    3. Run the Updater for G3.4 via USB as normal
    4. Update full PRO X system from G3.2.x to G3.4
    5. Power cycle system twice (as per-normal)
    6. Run G3.4 updater via USB again
    7. Update IO Card to G3.4
    8. Power cycle system twice

    From this point The Neutron NB expansion module (a.k.a “IO Card”) should be recognised by both the PRO X system and the PRO X updater app (USB updater).

    Once the system has reached this point the whole system, including the Neutron NB expansion module, can be updated in the regular way with only one pass of the updater application.

    Update procedure for PRO1 and PRO2/2C consoles as well as PRO X system WITHOUT Neutron NB installed From G3.2.x to G3.4

    Regular update procedure using USB stick

    1. Download the “.tar” update file for your console
    2. Copy the file into “DL1upgrades”, “DL2upgrades” or “DL3upgrades” for PRO1, PRO2/2C or Pro X respectively
    3. Run the Updater for G3.4 via USB as normal
    4. Update full PRO X system from G3.2.x to G3.4
    5. Power cycle system twice (as per-normal)
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