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  • Macadamia
    Contributor - Level 2

    So I connected my keyboard outputs to Aux input 3 and 4 and I can link those. When I play I am not getting any signal input. In Routing > Aux ins I have Local 1-4 selected. Not sure what I am missing

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    • Macadamia

      Hi Kiri @Macadamia,

      Welcome to the forum. The Routing, Aux In Remap needs to be set to Aux Ins, not Local 1-4 (which are the first 4 XLR inputs).

      • July 4, 2019
  • KennyCroes
    Contributor - Level 2
    All of the retailers I've contacted are sold out of the tower section covers for the IP1000. We bought three systems and desperately need them. Does anyone know of a retailer that has some in stock? If not, are there alternative covers and or bags that will work? Thanks.
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    • KennyCroes
      ChaseMcKnight Hi Kenny,

      Most, if not all, retailers are sold out currently, however stock should be replenished soon. Your best bet is to place an order with an authorized dealer and you'll receive it as soon as they're in.
      • September 1, 2016
  • ChristopherMaug
    Contributor - Level 2
    Good Day guys,

    My church got a brand new X32 console with the S32 digital snake. I set it up like I usually do with X32s and I check the aux inputs and realized that it isnt accepting any audio through it and I am getting this noise here: and I don't understand what is going on. I now have the local X32 1 and 2 inputs routed to the Aux input, but this isnt ideal. It isnt a routing issue and it came with 2.12 version firmware I believe, I updated it to the latest.

    Any ideas as to what this could be? or how to fix it?
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    • ChristopherMaug
      RossCosta Can you upload your scene so we can take a look at it?
      • February 2, 2017
    • ChristopherMaug
      Roblof Is it one or all of your aux inputs? Does your aux outputs work? Does the talkback mic input work?
      • February 2, 2017
    • ChristopherMaug
      ChristopherMaug Good Day, thanks for the replies,

      the scene file is here:

      It is all of the aux inputs. When I turn on the board and nothing is plugged into the inputs, they all are receiving signal. the first green LED is lit up constantly. I also realize that 3&4 would be spiking here and there, but as you could hear in the link before, it sounds like digital garbage.

      • February 3, 2017
    • ChristopherMaug
      ChristopherMaug I have to check the outputs and I will check the external TB mic tomorrow.
      • February 3, 2017
    • ChristopherMaug

      Hi @lwright1982 ,


      A few things I would suggest offhand

      * Check the syncronization - X32 must be set to Internal

      * Connect AES50 cable to A port of the S32. It doesn't get the word clock from its B port

      * Attach your scene file anyways (even if you are certain there is no routing issue). More eyes are always a help.


      • March 17, 2019
  • Joshjpalmer
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hi there! This would be a question for the analog people! I'm having power supply issues with my analog Midas XL200 ( circa 2000) . One of the XL2900 power supply units went into protect mode and the +18V and -18V lights on the second unit thats in protect didn't light up any more, the console also wouldn't pass audio and all the mutes lit up.

    Does any one have experience with these power supplies? I understand the heritages used them as well. And Does any one have a schematic for these units?? XL2900.

    Thank you so much for your help!

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  • BobSmith682176
    Contributor - Level 2
    Hey folks can anyone suggest a preset that's close to the vocodor sound in the middle and end of Mr Blue Sky
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  • DouglasLohman
    Contributor - Level 2

    I am installing an X32 Rack into a church that will be accessed via a Tablet. I wish to limit the tech's ability to access certain parts of mixer, i.e. routing, settings. I would like to only give them access to the main fader page and EQ on channels.

    Is there a way to do this? I know you can limit a tablet to an aux mix.


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  • FreHalewyck
    Contributor - Level 1

    How can i get my x touch compact to work with Pro Tools???



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  • davethebass
    Contributor - Level 1
    Hi Guys & Gals
    Have just taken delivery of a Ditto X2 and am just trying it out. I am using it with headphones rather than directly to an amp. I am finding that sound will only appear once the recording process has started. . .ie there is no audible sound before I press the record/loop button. Is this because I am using headphones? I presume that the pedal should be able to sit in a string of pedals and allow sound when not switched to record, or am I missing something?
    I have tried with a mains power supply and battery and it is the same in both cases.
    Can anyone help?
    Many thanks in anticipation
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  • theminer
    Contributor - Level 1


    I’d like to start recording songs with acoustic and electric instruments. While it will mostly be me playing and recording, my friend from another state will occasionally collaborate, sending files of his acoustic recordings.

    What simple and straight forward recording program/gear would you recommend I use to independently record and layer these pieces to create a song? musiquedepotmusiquedepot

    If it helps, I’m willing to spend $500-$1k. This is just a hobby, but also something I love doing.

    Thanks in advance

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    • theminer

      Hi @theminer ,


      Welcome to the community.  Does your budget include a computer or do you already have one?   I'd recommend you start out with an audio interface such as the Uphoria UMC404HD for about $150 retail but you can get one for less if you shop around.  For recording, playback, editing, mixing, etc. you'll need a capable digital audio workstation (DAW).  One that's popular around here is Reaper.  It has a 60 day Free trial and is only $60 for personal/small business use.  You're going to need an instrument mik and for that I'd suggest a Shure SM57.  If you're also going to do vocal recording either add a Shure SM58 or go with an SM58 instead of the SM57.  Each are around $100.


      The last piece depends on whether you want to mik a real guitar amp/cabinet with an SM57/58 or if you want to use a guitar amp/cabinet emulator and effects rack.  I'm not a guitar player but I have a couple of freiends who use NI Guitar Rig 5 Pro.  You can download a free version of the player only as well as a free amp + cabinet and effects to test out before committing to the pro version which is $199. 


      EDIT:  I forgot one thing. You're also going to need either headphones or studio monitors to monitor your recording and playback.   I'd recommend headphones unless you have a dedicated space where you can setup a pair of studio monitors.  Just be aware that mixing and mastering in headphones can be tricky since you don't get the same stereo affect in headphones that you get with monitors.  To start out you can go with the Behringer HPS3000 which are really inexpensive at $20.  Personally, I like the Sennheiser  HD280 Pro for around $100. 


      Hope this helps, 


      • September 21, 2019
  • utterlyguitarde
    Contributor - Level 2
    Hey everybody,
    Scott here. I'm going to work on a new series of 80's PRS files, and I'd like to know what tunes you guys would like for me to work on.
    Post your requests here, or email me at: [email protected]
    Rock on,
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    • utterlyguitarde
      damcka Hi Scott.

      Thanks for this! Don't know where you find time!

      Personally I'd like to hear some advice for clean tones from the 80's.

      Def leppard, the police, pink floyd.

      The one that stuck in my head my head was hysteria by def leppard though.
      • April 5, 2013
    • utterlyguitarde
      utterlyguitarde Noted.

      Def Leppard, Police and Floyd are definitely on the list!

      • April 5, 2013
    • utterlyguitarde
      Bread Hi Scott

      Music to my ears ...

      Here are a few that I can think of that are a bit more quirky but do have great guitar tones and can be reused for many other songs too.

      Don Henley Boys of Summer

      Generic funk patch for tracks such as Madonna etc

      Acoustic simulation for Wanted Dead or Alive

      Love shack

      Whitesnake - Is This Love (John Sykes clean and lead)

      Talkbox simulator for living on a prayer

      Can't wait to hear them

      Thanks a lot
      • April 5, 2013
    • utterlyguitarde
      Frankieboy Hi Scott,

      I would like to get the intro from wherever I may roam from Metallica.


      • April 6, 2013
    • utterlyguitarde
      Tino47 His Scott,

      I would like to have a set of delays used by Hank Marvin of the Shadows.

      This would be very helpfuk for those like me (over 60's) that still remember that sound.


      • April 7, 2013
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