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  • chrisdrane
    Contributor - Level 2
    Hey All! I've been using the gsys for a couple years now and I have recently started playing with an acoustic group as well. We are experimenting with some different sounds and ideas. I am using the G-Natural and on about half the songs I am playing electric and about half of those are with overdrive and/or distortion. In my electric rig I have the Nova Drive controlled by the gsys...I am wondering if I can use the G-Natural in the same way? Right now I am just running the ND in the fx chain like a normal pedal. What I am hoping is that the gnat can control the presets tru midi. Anyone know if that'll work? The only reason I haven't just plugged in and tried is because I'm afraid that I might mess something up with the midi channels or something that would mess up my other rig...IF that gnat can do this, can I make the ND run on the same midi channel so all I'm doing is swapping out the pedal between rigs?

    A side topic but has anyone used electric with acoustic simulator AND od/dist? I can't seem to get a good sound and I wonder if it's just not going to work that way. There's no bass or drums in this group so I'm trying to get a big full acoustic sound but using electric so we can play lead and stuff...if that makes sense! lol

    Thanks for the input and info...I really appreciate it!
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    • chrisdrane
      chrisdrane What I have figured out so far is that I can use the gnat with the ND but now I have a new issue. After I set everything up I tried to change the MIDI mapping to assign the ND presets to the few gnat presets that I am using OD/ seems that the default mapping cannot be changed like it can in the Nova System. For example, the factory mapping looks like 1--》F0-1, 2-》F0-2, etc. (with 1--》F0-1, 2-》F0-2, etc. with "1" and "2" being the Nova Drive preset in this case). Like most I'm sure, I don't use the factory presets I tried to change the mapping to something similar to ... 1--> U1-1, 2--> U1-2, 3--> U1-3, etc. etc. but it's not working. I'm trying to keep it short but what I am describing above works perfectly on the Nova System. Anyone have any ideas?
      • December 27, 2014
  • Reynirs93
    Contributor - Level 2
    Im thinking about getting the G-system and use it with my Mesa Mark V but I haven't got a clear answer for what kind of cables to use to connect it. I want to be able to get these settups:



    So is this possible and what kind of cables do I need?
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    • Reynirs93
      bucketbot I assume you are talking about switching using the Relays?

      You can use the G system Relays if you use 2 of TRS to 2 x TS Insert cables & connect both switch jacks to the 4 TS switching jacks on the back of the amp.

      I used to have a Mk V & in the end I found the best way forward here is to invest in an RJM mini amp Gizmo & Mark V Custom cable so that you can perform all switching function via Midi from the G.

      I have posted quite a lot of info on this subject:
      • January 27, 2013
  • APG247
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    How do i find the flange and vibe toneprints for The Dreamscape? 

    There are only chorus sounds in the toneprint folder for it. 

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    • APG247

      there are currently indeed not many Flanger and Vibrato Toneprints available for the Dreamscape.

      You can use the SCF Flanger Template as an editable starting point for your own Flanger toneprints:

      dreamscape flanger template.PNG

      Or simply change the Fx type on any of the other templates- Depth and Speed values translate well , so it is quite easy roll your own Vibrato and Flanger FX using the editor . You can choose between 3 different Flanger and 2 Vibrato types.

      dreamscape Fx type.png

      Best regards,


      • July 15, 2019
  • BillMac
    Contributor - Level 2
    I used to be able to connect without issue but not in the last few days. I did load what may be a questionable ASIO "update" ver4.38, I tried a couple versions and tried to go back to V 2.23 without successfully being able to connect . I tried V 3.34 with no luck,

    I expect there may be some operator error where I didn't reboot at the right time. But I wonder about a couple items; I got a new 10 foot cable , I have other Behringer ASIO drivers loaded (for a UMC202HD) and wonder if I have conflicts. The new cable works with the UMC, I have yet to try a shorter cable because I'm too lazy to move the XR18 closer but I was wondering where to start rebuilding...
    EDIT to add later comments into one post

    There is a driver available when I start REAPER for X18 ASIO Driver but when I select it no channels are available and I get a message that says "There was an error opening the audio hardware - Error initializing ASIO Driver

    I also read somewhere about the XR18 having to be connected when installing the driver. My XR18 is hardwired to my router, do I need a direct connection?

    How do I delete old drivers? It appears that it's done automagically when installing new ones but I would rather start fresh.

    UPDATE If I change the USB interface to 2/2 I see two channels in REAPER but not 18

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    • BillMac
      BillMac I switched back to a shorter USB Cable and resolved the problem - I still have to try and record multiple tracks but at least I see 18 tracks with the ASIO driver


      It works AND NOW it works with the longer cable. Sometimes this machine can be "challenging"
      • August 19, 2018
  • rovi-mortell
    Community Manager

    Ever wondered how we train our Tribers to get the most out of all our tools?

    Let Gio from the Digital Application Training Team tell you all about it.


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  • IlianApostolov
    Contributor - Level 2
    Hi, simple question - i use 204hd on my home computer wich is always running 24/7. Since 204hd doesn't have on/off switch should i unplug in from the usb when not in use or just leave it on ?
    If i unplug it every night i am afraid the usb port can wear out. But if it's always running maybe the same is valid for the electronics inside ?
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  • meysam
    Contributor - Level 1

    The main difference between playing a guitar with a finger and a peak is in performing the techniques. To play with the courier, fingers are used only to hold the courier while playing with the finger directly engages your fingers. In finger play, four fingers are actually used for playing.

    Given that fingers create more instruments for your playing, some techniques are only applicable with the fingers and are very hard on the spikes. For example, songs that combine chord melodies can be played with multiple fingers simultaneously, but in some cases they are even impossible to pick up. These pieces are mostly performed on classical guitar playing and require multiple strings to be played simultaneously using the fingers. So classical guitar style is played with only one finger. Many flamenco style songs that are taught in flamenco guitar training also have different fingerprint techniques, such as some of the techniques performed with the thumb or using a few fingers.


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  • JayeFayed
    Contributor - Level 2

    Creative I have a Creative Labs SoundBlaster X-7 (newest external soundcard ) hooked in to my computer that I am running into a Denon receiver 5802 so I can use my M&K speaker system. How can I run my Voice live 3 extreme into the soundcard? It has rca jacks in and out on the back of the X-7. The only thing I am seeing on the output of the VL3 is guitar (which I don't use) and the XLR's. Can I run XLR to rca cable (if they make one at all) to the soundcard.? Is there something I am missing or overseeing.

    I know the VL3 can play through the computer via USB but the reason I want to run it through the sound card is because the soundcard has crystal voice sound and surround and equalizer and a lot more things than the voice live 3.

    Thank you


    [email protected]

    Everett, WA
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  • JSabina
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hello I have 2 service tickets open via the Portal and no one has responded since. Can some please improve this process it is absolutely painful.

    Ticket 0107741 opened 10/3

    Ticket 0107737 opened 10/3

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  • cableman
    Contributor - Level 2

    Or My switch 6 sticks such that harmony moment “on” carries over to the next preset whihout me clicking the switch.  This is a consistent problem that happens with all the presets in my set list and occurs whether or not I assign a different switch number.   Any ideas?

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    • cableman

      Hey @cableman,
      What is your Switch-6 connected to?

      • October 16, 2019
    • cableman


      I’m connected to the Play Acoustic.   My firmware version is 1.3.00 B48




      • October 16, 2019
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