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  • WarrenKeller
    Contributor - Level 1
    Hi gang, Can anyone tell me what the tiny white square that reads 'NP' (?) means? It will flash in the bottom-right corner of the main LCD display. Thanks!
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    • WarrenKeller
      JoePrice Hi Warren, "NP" stands for Natural Play, and it lights up every time, the unit receives Key info i.e. chords and single notes determining the Key.

      Kind Regards Mr J Price, hope this helps.
      • November 27, 2018
    • WarrenKeller
      WarrenKeller Thank YOU Joe!!
      • November 28, 2018
  • AlexLane
    Community Manager
  • greenman
    Contributor - Level 1
    Last month I got a new Studio Konnekt 48, and love it. My monitors are connected to the Channel 1/2 main XLR outputs. Nothing weird about the signal routing there; I went with the default.

    It all worked as it should at first, but as of the last couple weeks, when I first turn the unit on, it's only passing the main audio out through the left channel, with nothing coming from the right. Even though it's just been turned on, f I turn it off for a few moments, then back on again, both the left and right channels are there.

    The sound is stable then. There are no dropouts. This does not affect the headphones output; that's fine on the first startup. It's apparently just the Channel 1/2 main outs.

    I've ruled out any problem with the audio cable connections. Nor does it seem to have anything to do with the computer. This also happens when the Mac Pro is shut down and I start the Konnekt 48 in standalone mode, so it appears to be a purely internal glitch.

    When the Mac is on, and I check the TC Near software's Mixer and Setup control panels, it shows the right-channel audio in the various meter displays. It's just not being heard until I do the second startup.

    Any idea why it started doing this, and how best to rectify it?
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    • greenman
      hagen I am sorry about the issue you reported.

      Please get in contact with TC support. As your investigations already show it looks like an hardware issue with your unit.
      • September 18, 2013
  • irishtradmusic
    Contributor - Level 2


    I have made some cool loops on VL3 that I would like to use in Garageband. How would I go about it.


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    • irishtradmusic

      The VL3 doesn't have a way (yet) to bring audio out over USB, so you have to get audio into your iPad however you've done it in the past. My setup uses an Alesis io dock. For example:

      VL3 (headphone out) ==> Alesis io Dock (audio input 1 + 2 if loops are stereo) ==> Garageband (new audio track)
      • September 13, 2014
    • irishtradmusic
      Thanks Andrew.

      I hope they eventually make this happen over USB.


      • September 14, 2014
  • JerryGlenn
    Contributor - Level 1
    Our group just purchased a PMP 6000 to replace our PMP 5000 and when we connected the external compressor on channel 1 we get no sound from the mic on that channel. We connected the stereo Y phono jack to the channel 1 insert jack and then the mono sides to the compressor's in and out jacks. Tried the compressor side jacks both ways and no sound in either connection. This is the way it worked in the 5000 but couldn't get anything with the PMP 6000. I'm sure it's something we're overlooking as far as controls but would appreciate any assistance.
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    • JerryGlenn
      FlorianGerstenl Is this only at channel 1? What happens if you hold the two tips of the mono plugs together?
      • November 6, 2014
    • JerryGlenn
      TimPadrick Make your you did not accidentally plug into the line jack. It happens.
      • November 9, 2014
  • AndreasPaleolog
    Contributor - Level 1

    I recently bought a T1. And in the store I tried it with a Shure SM57, and it sounded great. When I got home I tried using it with my Sennheizer e935, but I didn't think it did a great job. Is there a way to tune the T1 into working better with the e935? It has a very different response curve than the SM57.

    I noticed there's an option for uploading SysEx in the VoiceSupport app.. but can't find anything to upload..

    Thankful for any tip.
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  • Stuarts494
    Contributor - Level 1

    I'm having some problems with connecting my Correct XT to the Harmony G XT everything seemed to be working OK but lately there is a terrible distortion to the sound from the Microphone. I have a Helicon 75 microphone and the same is happening when I link a Shure microphone. I gather that I have to turn off the Tone on the harmonyG XT unit and use the tone on the Correct XT I have set the Correct XT first in the chain. Can you help?
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    • Stuarts494
      Hi Stuarts494,

      I'd guess that you're not gain staging the two units correctly. Set the gain on the Correct XT so that it's showing green/yellow LED as much as possible when you sing. You'll then likely need to almost completely reduce the input knob on the Harmony G-XT so you don't overload the input. You need to adjust it so that you also get green/yellow LED's when you sing. Tone should only be on for one device so it doesn't double up. Doesn't really matter which one you use.


      • April 21, 2015
    • Stuarts494
      I may have the same problem but not sure. I have the harmony G XT. I have it hooked to a Yamaha sound system. I have all the knobs on the XT set standard. Then I run it into the sound system using the mic cord. Its been working great I think. Last night when I hit the button for harmony, I lost all sound. All the lights were on but no powered sound. Mic was dead and guitar was dead. Any ideas. I have to play again to night and really don't want this to happen again.
      • May 3, 2015
    • Stuarts494
      Thanks Craig, I set the gain on the Correct XT to midway and the Gain on the harmony G XT to virtually nil, I then made sure the tone was turned off on the Harmony and it all worked great. I had no feedback at all.

      Joseph I have not had that problem of the Harmony going dead.
      • May 4, 2015
    • Stuarts494
      I have bought the Corrrect Xt and the harmony G XT. What is the proper way to link these? Which goes first & & where & which one does the mic and guitar go? Thanks
      • November 16, 2015
    • Stuarts494
      Just got a new Voicetone g xt. Dry/solo signal good. No pitch correction; none needed. But the harmonies arrive very distorted. Running through 24 channel Mackie board/mixer. Levels set seemingly appropriately on both units. Running electric guitar as chord indicator, and singing over. Vocalist using countryman headset. .Same issue with SM58.What can we do to clean up harmonies? Gain approach already tried.
      • May 14, 2016
  • Gerangiro
    Contributor - Level 1
    What is a preset?!
    According to the original presets, a preset can be an Overdrive OR a Distortion OR Both... hmm(?)
    So... can I in reality have 36 presets?
    What happens if I have a preset with both the OD and Dist and change to a preset with only OD? Does the values for the Dist from the previous preset still remain (but unengaged of course)? Or is the Dist-values the same as when I saved the preset with the OD?
    Can I have 18 presets with only OD? If yes - is the values for the Dist the same as when I saved the preset OR is it a generic preset?
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    • Gerangiro
      chrisdrane I see what you are thinking here but I think the idea of the presets on the ND are causing the brain to wonder!!! The ND, referring to the preset function anyway, was designed to be used with the G-System, or some other MIDI capable device, so that even with it being an analog pedal, we could still get 18 different "sounds" without touching it. To your question though, because the presets are really just saved parameters, how you last left the values of either the OD/DS side is how they are. So if you wanted 18 presets with only OD on, the DS side would have the same "values" in all 18 presets. So to the point that the presets were designed how I mention above, you can only have 18 "presets" not 36...but you can 36 "effects" if you want to label it that way. You could do what you mention though depending on your setup...if the ND was on the floor, you could set up 18 presets with only the OD on, but still setup the routing and DS side, then kick on the DS side as you like. My ND is in my rack so I just use the 18 presets for the various G-Sys patches and call it a day! Hope that helps...
      • December 30, 2014
  • peterguitar
    Contributor - Level 1

    HI, I use cubase 10.5 Artist and would like the sample rate to default to 44.1 but it is fixed at 48. I can alter it in cubase but I have to do this each time I set up a project. I am colaborating with others and it becomes messy to fix the sample rate when you have been sent audio files with a different sample rate. Help would be appreciated. thanks

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  • refinery
    Contributor - Level 2
    well i got my hands on a copy of 10.9 developer preview 2...
    and power core still works! (mostly) running 4.4.1 f51
    currently running 10.9 DP2 on a 2010 17 macbook pro with logic 9 and a power core compact.

    anybody got anything they want me to test? currently I've only got logic 9.18 on this machine to work with.
    i can tell you this much, these six fail AU validation currently:
    virus power core
    virus multi-out
    tap factory
    powercore 01

    other than that, everything seems to be working fine. great news for poco users on mac!
    now the real trick will be installing it on my Hackintosh and seeing if the PCI card still works....
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