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  • Sarindeep
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    hi I just need my amp serviced I've really enjoyed the product and wanna fix it.

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  • Songcatcher
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    I just bought my dream equipment at the ripe old age of 63 years.  Two QSC 12.2, One QSC 10.2,  Behringer Digital Mixer with IPad app, Shure ULXD Receiver, KSM8 Transmitter. I have enough to work with for now but will be adding and new power condenser, SKB rack in addition to the one I have, accessories to attach my antennas on the front of my receiver in the rack, and a maxed out 16 in Mac Book Pro custom with 2 Terabye SSD.  Ok so I figured out how to connect things to my mixer but now I need to know how to connect my computer to the mixer.  I'm thinking it would go in the USB but how do I fined a cable long enough to reach?  I use my living room and formal dining room for my equipment.  I am only doing this for me to sing at home and I haven't purchased any karaoke songs yet because I keep getting so many opinions about it.  I really like Sound Choice but, That's not happening.  Also once I connect the laptop, do I send my effects in the Behringer app to my mic channel on the mixer?  Also, If I were to purchase Antares Auto Correct or one of their software programs, can I use the effects in live singing or just recording?  It's a huge learning curve for me.  Thanks!

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    • Songcatcher


      Hello, not sure exactly how you plan to use everything but I would guess you will need to connect the usb from your mixer (you didn't say what model so I'm guessing X32) to your mac so that the software (or DAW) you use can access your mixer sound card. I use a 15 foot, type A>type B without issue. You can use a powered hub and get longer distances if needed. That will take care of the audio part back and forth. The mixer control itself will need a lan cable either to a router for wireless or directly to the Mac and one of the programs like X32-Edit. There are 2 parts here. the audio section and the physical mixer operation-for routing and fader movement etc. 

      • March 26, 2020
  • fransvanaken
    Contributor - Level 1

    My FCA1616 is not accesable anymore since today....has anybody any idea if this is repairable? And if yes, what is the source of it?

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  • lx66
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    Hi, I'm new to this site. I'm looking for Tannoy MX2 driver. Could anybody help? Thank you in advance.

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    • lx66

      Dear @lx66 ,

      I hope all is well.

      If you have not yet done so I would recommend submitting a part request through the support tab, once submitted a member of the spares team will be able to advise further regarding stock levels and pricing.

      There is a video tutorial in the support section showing you how it all works, however, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

      Christopher Edwards

      Customer Solutions Lifestyle Specialist 

      • May 25, 2020
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    Hi, recently I´ve tried to connect my MS40 monitors to a Smart TV via the optical line and the problem is that it only sounds the right speaker, sounds very well but only de right. The left one it seems to vibrate a little but it doesn´t make any sound. The TV output is set in PCM mode.

    I don´t have any problems with the rca connectios. They sounds really good.

    Thank you very much and sorry for my poor english.

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    Contributor - Level 1

    What is the RMS per channel in 8ohms load? Thank you!

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    Contributor - Level 1

    Hallo, kann mir jemand sagen wie ich ein Behringer ECM8000 Messmikronfon Kondensator an einem Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra-Curve Pro Mastering-Prozessor anwenden kann?

    Email :[email protected] 

    Grüße Ralf 

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  • LilianaRoberson
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    I have two behringer nx 6000 they went into protection mode I hit the reset button but its still in protection what do I need to do.


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    • LilianaRoberson
      KyleJohnson Hi Liliana, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Unfortunately it sounds like the amplifiers will need to be repaired. Please contact us by clicking on the Support button at the top of the page. After clicking support, scroll down and select the Service option to submit a ticket.
      • October 22, 2020
  • TubeGod
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    I'm interested in using Lake Processing LM-44 for my home audio stereo setup that required one crossover point at 200hz (high pass @12db and low pass @24db)

    I have few questions.

    First, does the LM-44 have built in volume control for attenuation?? Since the LM-44 has 2 pairs of analogue XLR outputs, can I assign one single AES digital input connected to the Music Server and set the crossover at 200hz with one pair of analogue output for above 200hz and the other for under 200hz??



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