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    Hi all. I am new here and am in no way a musician. I am rather a music and movie enthusiast. I purchased a Behringer FBQ1000 at the begining of 2020. I have hust unpacked it this week and was thinking of using it as a parametric equaliser to equalize the subwoofer in my home theater that I drive with the EP2500 in bridge mode. I have read all I can, the user manual and a few other white papers, watched a few videos on YouTube although the one I was intersted in was in a language I could not understand, Polish I think. For the life of me, I can't get any frequencies to stick. Here is what I have tried so far: Factory reset- Filter Mode=PA Filter select= I have tried #4 & #5. Filter select 1, choose a frequency Ex: 25Hz Bandwidt and gain and then hit store once. The display flashes for the chosen filter select (4 or 5). When it stops, I go to filter 2, and repeat the same operation for the 6 filter bands I need. But when I shut off and turn on again, it shows the chosen channel in the display (4 or 5) but all the red leds are flashing like no filters have been applied. Then it seems to be counting and some of the leds turn solid red all the way to the last filter. This takes around 30 minutes to complete I am using REW software to figure out the filters I need. What am I doing wrong?

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  • DaleM
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    Just purchased  a Behringer EP2000.  I would like to power two(2) 10" subwoofer externally from the sub pre out: what needed between the home reciever and the EP2000 to match the impedence?

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    Hi !

    I'd want to control my XR18 with both X-Touch and X-Touch Extender connected together on the router (with RJ45 cable) or connected themselves by USB. Is it possible ? Of course, without using a computer !!! I'd just like to use 17 faders in place of 9 !

    Thanks a lot for your ideas ... !

    And sorry for my poor english !

    Best regards,

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    • jppinbdx

      HI @jppinbdx , 


      Welcome to the community.  Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to use the XT Extender to control an XAir mixer.  A firmware update to add XCTL protocol support would be needed. I "heard" it was in the plans, but have never heard an ETA. 



      • February 3, 2020
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    I need information to contact a local repair person to look at my electric piano. Middle C key is louder, sound is not correct.

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    • Baljindergill1


      Hello Baljinder, welcome to the community.


      Is your piano a Behringer product? If so, I suggest that you raise a Care ticket for Service Repair explaining your problem. This is done by clicking on Support at the top of the page and then clicking the Create a Care Ticket button. This is only possible if you have completed all the required fields in your profile. Also make sure that you fill-in every required field on the Care form.

      • March 6, 2020
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    I loaded XAir to my new MacBook Air M1, apple will not open it. "M18-edit can't be opened because apple cannot check it for malicious software." So I sent a message to contacts in music tribe, and they sent me an FAQ for catalina having this issue. This is not working for me with Big Sur? Any thoughts or ideas? I know many things with this new M1 silicone processor do not work like it did with the intel processor. I am also new to Apple, so as detailed as you could be please. Apple is like learning a new language right now for me. 

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    • Alpha1916
      john0121 Hi Ryan, think it was me who sent you the article referring to Catalina but the same should apply. If you go into the security settings in system preferences you should be able to allow the program to open. If not could you reply to my email with a screen shot of the security page from system preferences so I can see the settings you have. Thanks
      • Jan 6
  • PookalPookum
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    I have a Crown Amp XLS 1002 that are connected to Polk RTI6 passive speakers. I want to also connect my Sub to the amp. I have a Powered sub. I also have a SMSL SU-8 Dac that is connected via the balanced outputs.

    I done some reading but still dont understand it quite yet. From what I understand and correct me if am wrong.

    From the DAC i need to use a Y XLR cable and connect it to channel 1 input. whatsapp web

    Then I connect the sub channel 2 output via either speakon or binding postsrouterlogin

    Then I connect the passive speakers to channel 2 output(But I would need to bi -wire the speakers in parallel or something like that?)

    Then the Crossover in the AMP directs all the traffic with the pass filters?


    If all is correct. How does it determine left and right for imaging? Or do I lose that when I connect it this way?

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  • BENOYM123
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    Help please. Did anyone know what is the difference between the Subwoofers shown in the picture. booth are Behringer B1200D Active PA Subwoofer. but one has the text "PRO".


    BEHRINGER B1200 D.jpg
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    I wish to develop a home cinema in space of 20 x 30 sq. ft. room size. Apart from professional display, It should have excellent sound system with Dolby effects. Kindly suggest be best configuration of speakers, amplifiers, controls, etc. and their positioning.

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    • avfern

      HI Gopel ( @avfern ), 


      Welcome to the community.  The first thing you need to tell us is what your approximate budget is?  Also it would help to tell us what part of the world you are in as not all products are offered in all countries. Since you are posting here I'll asuume you'd like to focus on Music Tribe products but that's not really their forte.  I believe most of their products are multi-zone type audio distribution products. 


      Hope this helps, 


      • July 25, 2019
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    Can someone help

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    • JonMac
      JonMac Have purchased 2 of these microphones to go with my pmp500 mixer can’t get both microphones going with the usb stick any body got any ideas how I can get both microphones to work with the mixer
      • May 30
    • JonMac
      DavidKnighton Hello JonMac,
      We sell single channel mic systems and dual channel mic systems. You bought the single channel mic systems, however what you should have bought was the dual channel mic system. You can not pair two single channel mics to a single channel dongle because it only operates on 1 channel, and you need two operating channels, one for each mic.
      • Jun 9
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