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  • MichaelJ
    Contributor - Level 2
    Hi Guys, I'm new and sorry if this topic has been posted previously but I need help.

    When using my Expression pedal to control the Wah for example, I have the 'Auto off' set to 1 sec (tried 3 sec also) but after it turns off it intermittently comes back on again without me touching it!?

    Any ideas? This makes the Wah unusable and surely can't be right.

    Thanks in advance

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    • MichaelJ
      elvis This is a pedal issue. If the pedal wiggles, the GS will detect that and turn on the Wah. Try keeping it toe-down or using a spring-loaded pedal.

      Also, if the pedal potentiometer gets dirty or old, it can become intermittent (crackly). The GS will detect that also and turn on the function.

      I make sure to use my expression pedal often to keep it as smooth as possible, and also keep it toe-down. When I don't, it turns on intermittently.
      • December 18, 2014
    • MichaelJ
      veloso_uk Another thing you can try is to calibrate it with a "gap", let's say

      instead of taking it to 90 set it on 85, and for zero go to 5.

      But, as the king Elvis said before, it's a pedal hardware issue, the

      pot is moving. I had the same, a spring can fix it. You may also want

      to check the rubber cushion, they bounce back slowly and move the

      pedal, shortly but enough cents to bring it on.
      • December 20, 2014
    • MichaelJ
      MichaelJ Thanks for the reply guys.

      I don't think it's a pedal issue. I have tried 3 different pedals (a Yamaha, a Bespeco (Italian) and the latest being the Boss FV500H) and it happens the same with all of them.

      Totally stationary and the Wah comes on intermittently and goes off again on the Auto Off I guess.

      I did see somewhere a post about using a 'Y' Cable or something but can't find it again.

      Also with the Calibration I can never get a full range of 0 - 100, it's always some smallish range value like 30 or 40. Moving the Volume pot on the FV500 changes the value also. Weird that TC don't give us a heads up about this.

      It's really frustrating.
      • December 26, 2014
    • MichaelJ
      MichaelJ After trying everything I could think of, changing cables, changing pedals, new firmware update, running the expression from the Volume function on the FV500H with the 'Y' Cable method the Wah on the stupid thing is still coming on by itself.

      So I decided to try it with no pedal connected and guess what...? The Wah engages intermittently even with NO PEDAL connected!!? WTF??

      This is really disappointing as I thought the G System was a really top of the range professional unit.

      Can anyone offer any other ideas?
      • December 27, 2014
    • MichaelJ

      MichaelJ wrote:

      After trying everything I could think of, changing cables, changing pedals, new firmware update, running the expression from the Volume function on the FV500H with the 'Y' Cable method the Wah on the stupid thing is still coming on by itself.

      So I decided to try it with no pedal connected and guess what...? The Wah engages intermittently even with NO PEDAL connected!!? WTF??

      This is really disappointing as I thought the G System was a really top of the range professional unit.

      Can anyone offer any other ideas?

      What is the exact name of the effect you have selected in the Filter block when this is happening?
      • December 28, 2014
  • Vblaschke
    Contributor - Level 1

    Ground buzz thru my amp. Lift switch only works when i hold it in. Should this switch latch into an on position? Any one else have a ground lift problem?

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  • mattsmusic
    Contributor - Level 2
    Hi Guys -

    Anyone else have difficulty getting the G System to power a Proctavia? I'd prefer to not use a wall wart but the Proctavia seems to only power up when the input cable is inserted halfway into it. If I push the cable all the way in, it loses power. I've tried this with 2 different Proctavia's and am experiencing the same problem with both of them.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks, Matt
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    • mattsmusic
      mattsmusic Disregard, I found the answer on Voodoo's website....

      Can I use it with a power supply like the DC Brick?

      No. Like other Octavia pedals that are around, the Proctavia pedal is a positive ground. It can run on a battery, on its own power supply (like the Boss PSA-120), or with the Pedal Power units (because the outputs are isolated). However, it will shut down the whole power supply if it is fed into an output that is not isolated. Most other multi-output power supplies (Dunlop DC Brick, Godlyke, daisy chained Boss) have a common ground which means that the outputs aren’t individually regulated. If you have other negative ground pedals being powered with one of these multi-output power supplies, the Proctavia pedal will not work.
      • December 17, 2011
  • marco2
    Contributor - Level 2

    I bought the Touch 2 in combination with a midi player of the mlive Merish 2, I connected everything with midi cable but the harmonies do not start automatically have to start them I hand ... but the harmonizer function starts automatically When the midi base requires, or you are activated manually?
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    • marco2

      Please excuse me If I am not answering your question exactly, I am attempting to guess your question a bit. ( Language barriers).

      The VLT2 has harmony styles that are designed to work with Midi Note information received via the MIDI port. If you scroll the harmony styles you will see some that have the words NOTE in them. Use these to have the harmonies guided by Midi Note DATA.

      Please make sure that your MIDI settings are configured correctly on both your midi device and the VLT2, make sure you have midi mode set to MIDI, and the Midi Channels match and that you have no MIDI filteringactivated on the VLT2.

      Hope that helps

      • December 10, 2016
    • marco2
      thanks for the reply ... but can that there is a light that illuminates when in use the midi input? at least so that I could get the signal

      You can tell in detail what are the parameters to be set to start automatically with the harmonies based midi (the track is the No. 5)[/pre]
      • December 10, 2016
    • marco2
      You can tell in detail what are the parameters to be set to start automatically with the harmonies based midi (the track is the No. 5)
      • December 10, 2016
  • dreammaster
    Contributor - Level 2
    I can't use the encoders to CLEAR SYSTEM as the buttons won't change the parameters. Can the system be cleared using Vyzor ? I am able to access, modify and update the patch parameters using the Vyzor software, but the encoder buttons still aren't working. Is it possible that some setting is locked, preventing the encoders from functioning properly
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  • idrumalot
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hi - I have a TC Helicon Live Acoustic and I love it.  Everything works great but, I can't get the vocal delay to stay "ON" when I assign it to stay on, unless I use the "HIT" button.  Any tips?  All the other vocal effects work fine and stay on when assigned to "ON".  

    Any help would be awesome.   Thanks.


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    • idrumalot

      Hi @idrumalot ,

      One thing worth trying is setting delay to "on" and then immediately saving the preset before pressing hit. Sometimes if you haven't saved the new settings the hit will revert to it's previous settings. 

      • March 16, 2020
  • SandyAlan
    Contributor - Level 2
    I currently do small club gigs using my vintage Gretsch and Fender Vibrolux Reverb tube amp. I want to incorporate MP3 backing tracks and reviews say the B115MP3 is a fantastic way to go. My choices are to continue the use of the guitar amp
    and use the B115MP3 solely for the backing tracks. or to use the B115 for both guitar and backing tracks. I know that I'd be giving up the great sound from my amp if I use the B115 for both, but I was wondering just how much I'd be sacrificing
    by doing so. I don't use any guitar effects so my thought is to plug directly into the B115. Any suggestions or comments?
    Sure would be nice not to have to lug the tube amp around, but then again I need to maintain a decent sound for both the guitar and MP3. Thanks. Sandy
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    • SandyAlan
      SeanFairchild Dear Sandy,

      Guitar amps are notoriously not full-range, where as PA speakers are the opposite. Many electric guitarists tend not to like their tone through horns/tweeters, whereas many acoustic players do, so it's really a matter of taste. The B115 will reproduce frequencies above and below what you are used to hearing from your amp. Try it and see what you think!
      • February 23, 2015
    • SandyAlan
      Roblof There are DI-boxes with built-in speaker/cab sim. Behringer has one that is decent (G100?) but it has a slight hiss if you listen carefully.

      There are other devices that will give you an amp tone from a full range speaker.
      • February 23, 2015
    • SandyAlan
      SandyAlan I'm sold on the B115MP3 for MP3 so will be ordering one. Will experiment with the guitar. Thanks again for your feedback.
      • February 24, 2015
  • BenPearce
    Contributor - Level 2

    I'm trying to record a loop into my VoiceLive3, the source of the loop is a DAW, I'm connecting to the DAW via USB. I want to record the loop through Guitar channel but after a couple hours of struggling the input still seems to be going through the Vocal channel (i.e. the vocal effects are effecting it and not the guitar effects). I am working the in the following configuration.

    USB Mode is set to "DAW Insert"

    Looper Input is set to "Guitar"

    DAW output device is set to "VoiceLive3"
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    • BenPearce
      ChrisTidestrom a good question, Ben.

      And unfortunately, I don't have the answer for you, I think. it's Christmas, so I wouldn't expect any replies from the TCH guys until after.

      Does the looper even work in a DAW setting?

      The only thing that may help a little, is this video by Craig:

      Also, this older forum thread may help...I didn't read through all of it, so if not, I apologize.

      • December 24, 2016
    • BenPearce
      Hey Ben,

      I was able to get my DAW to send audio through the VL3 guitar channel and loop it using these settings:

      USB Mode = DAW Insert
      Input Type
      locks to USB: Voice L / Instr R
      Midi Source = USB

      One difference in our setups might be our DAW settings. The track in my DAW (I'm using Reaper) sending to the guitar channel in VL3 is sending to hardware output 2. Sending to output 1 will go to the vocal channel, so I think that's where your problem might be.
      • January 20, 2017
  • irishtradmusic
    Contributor - Level 2
    Hi. I need advice. I want to use the AUX in jack input to receive a monitor mix from front of house. What type of Y XLR cables do I need. Male or female connections , to stereo mini jack.

    Thank you

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    • irishtradmusic
      ChrisTidestrom Hi Bren.

      Most likely, you will need XLR female to 1/8" mini stereo plug.
      • March 20, 2017
    • irishtradmusic
      MarkFarrell More specifically for XLR to 1/8", the cable needs to take the mono balanced XLR and unbalance it to a mono signal on the 1/8" stereo(TRS) plug. I think this is what irishtradmusic is wanting to do.

      I'm thinking this cable would do the job...

      which is wired like the image below....

      If something longer than 15ft is needed, might be able to use a 'normal' XLR to XLR cable with cable above to make final connection.

      Not sure what the levels would like from the board and if they could be tweaked for an acceptable AUX in level. Might need an attenuator on the XLR side connections to drop the level.XVM-100F_diagram1.jpg
      • March 21, 2017
    • irishtradmusic
      irishtradmusic Thank you both.

      @ Mark, Im using the unit with a Pre Sonus desk which takes 1/4 inch jack connections to the monitor section. So would I need mini 3.5mm TRS to ???? mono or Stereo j1/4 inch jack.

      Last night I used the, Y trs to stereo XLR , using only one side, which gave me a mono mix to aux in on Play acoustic. So I had a mix of the band, plus my Vocal and Guitar from Play Acc. There is a button to adjust the guitar volume in MIX mode, but nothing to adjust the volume of the Vocal from play Acc. Any ideas on that

      Thank you for your detailed answers

      • March 25, 2017
  • mamboAsi
    Contributor - Level 2

    Hi Craig

    I'd like to thank you and the entire voicelive team for such a ground breaking product and amazing support.

    The voicelive 3 has been the perfect marriage for me. I've been gigging with it for only 7 weeks. I play a Variax JTV69 ( Firmware 1.71, 0.12 strings) and my acoustic sounds became simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I can go from a beautiful bright ( Not Harsh) steel guitar which is perfectly for strumming to a full body wody Bossa nova nylon emulation. All that with ONE instrument.

    This is possible thanks to the open customizable eq settings on BOdyrezz.

    After using my pod HD religiously for the past 2 years I am happily selling it now.

    Sorry I do not mean to bash the other company here. However I felt the need to post this as I believe this product could help some shortcomings on the variax jtv and be an asset to serious gigging musician.

    I also found the quality of the amps ,drives, wha , vibrato for the electric just on another level compared side by in my opinion. Really worth giving it a try folks.

    Thanks again

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    • mamboAsi
      Hi mamboAsi,

      That's awesome to hear!

      No worries about your POD comments. We encourage any chat about any gear, good or bad. It's silly to pretend other cool stuff isn't made by people besides TC haha.


      • April 14, 2015
    • mamboAsi
      Hi mamboAsi

      That sounds great,I too have variax jtv and voicelive 3 and am getting some stunning acoustic sounds using the bodyrez settings and some pumping compression. Please tell me more about the 'Bossa nylon emulation'.

      is this a new sound on the variax or is it a tone you have developed through the VL3 ?

      Thanks, Niloc

      • April 14, 2015
    • mamboAsi
      Wow, this is great to hear! Congratz on your VL3 + JTV679 marriage.

      I've got a JTV69 on my list of things to get, as I've discussed here elsewhere. One of my concerns was the growing number of "foot gear", because I was thinking I'd probably get a POD500x to use with the JTV. But with a VL3, Zoom B3, an FCB1010, a dual DI box, assorted foot pedals and footswitches, and possibly a Beatbuddy, it's getting too much. Ideally I was hoping to just use the VL3 for guitar needs, and your post is highly encouraging. Keep us posted with your progress!
      • April 14, 2015
    • mamboAsi
      Great to read the comments above. I got a VL3X for Christmas and was wondering if I could pair it with my JTV 69S. Just bought a XPS footswitch also and that works a treat using the the VL3X guitar / headphone cable from the footswitch's 1/4" output to VL3X and a TRS cable from the JTV to the XPS footswitch. The footswith also has a XLR outputbut but not sure if that's needed if the VL3X is used. Only got the sound going through Peavey KB1 (20 watt) amp as I sing also. I've got guitar amps but obviously they are not suitable.Still new to this type of gear so uncertain as to what amp / monitor / PA system is best for my set up.

      Would welcome any hints / advice from you Variax users as to other settings / sounds and gear.


      • February 2, 2017
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