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    the TC v100 quick start guide says:

    The footswitch is customizable, and any switch can be easily set to control any available function (see Getting Started for more details)

    Where is "getting started"?



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    I use it with a pretty fast computer: i7 6 core, 16 Gigs of RAM. Using it with the Ableton Live 10.

    It was working pretty steadily until recently, when it started disconnecting a few times a day. And restarting a program is not enough, I have to reboot the computer in order to make the sound cart connect again.

    The lights on the card stay On all the time, but I have to reboot the computer in order for it to get reconnected.

    Please advice.

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    • kesha1
      RexBeckett Hello Vlad, the first things to try are a different USB cable, a different USB port on the PC and, if possible, another computer. When it has disconnected, does it reconnect if you unplug and replug the USB cable?
      • November 28, 2020
    • kesha1
      kesha1 Yes, it reconnects with this cable without a problem. I suspect now that it might have been a conflict with a new DAW I installed (DP), so, I reinstalled the driver and so far it's working well.
      • November 28, 2020
  • MarkW_Wallace
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    Is Vocalive 3 able to work/connect with Vocal Support 2 yet since the server update?
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  • PoloHunter
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    My voicelive extreme strangely started going crazy. As in all the presets started to change up and down on its own. Can someone help me with this isse

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    Hello Everone, 


    I'm looking for a small mic looper that has midi clock. In my band we're currently using the Ditto X4 as a vocal looper, because we're synching it to an Mpc. But since the Ditto X4 is made for instruments, we're struggeling with very low output and a lot of buzz noises. 

    Sadly the mic looper doesn't have midi, but does anyone know if it's possible to build in midi clock yourself? 


    Looking forward to ideas!

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    Hi, I have my VL3X on my pedal board which I power with a Cioks DC7

    I was recently changing things on the board and realised that the Cioks DC7 was providing 12v 500mA to the VL3X and not the 1000mA that the VL3X supposedly needs. I am looking to create a new second pedal board and need another power supply. The Cioks is a bit pricely and I'm wondering can anyone confirm if the VL3X works with anyother power supplys on their own boards and is 500mA enough?

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    How is it possible my Play Acoustic vocal AND guitar are mixed together on the VOCAL output? Is there a setting I need to undo?
    I have seperate inputs to both vocal and guitar - plus seperate outputs for both to my PA. Yet when I shut off the guitar I still clearly hear it in the vocal channel.
    I'm trying to add a new Fender Smolder pedal to my pedalboard and finding, though tat pedal works fine straight into an amp or my PA, it is NOT working fine (half strength) when put before the Play Acoustic or after it!
    I'm about to give up and pull my guiter entirely from my Play Acoustic and just use it for vocals.

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    • Mikey333
      upstatehunter58 I noticed the same thing. I use a looper before the unit , as the looper function on the play acoustic is chinsey....but run stereo, it's a mix out of the pedal. I've thought the same thing. Just use the acoustic for vocals...but want the auto harmony from my guitar...without changing keys all the time. It's a decent pedal....definitely not the best. Digitech has much better harmonies and effects on guitar.
      • Feb 22
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    Good evening, 
    I've tried to make an auto swell effect with my Sentry with the TonePrint editor: the problem is that the knobs don't always go to the extremes values mapped for each knob, either if I set min and max values or let them be the extremes allowed by the editor.
    Also, these values aren't always the same between the 3 bands mapped (low, mid, high) and the "all'" value (not mapped). If the three bands mapped and the "all" value are not the same they influence each other. I've either tried mapping all the three bands (low, mid, high) and the "all" only for all three knobs but nothing changes; in the second case the behaviour of the values is even worse. How can I make them the same all the time? Otherwise is there a way to disable one or the others when not used?
    Finally, if I save the changes and/or exit and re-enter in the edit modality, the behaviour of the knobs and values changes every time on its own.
    I could have missed something but I think all of this is a bug.
    PS: is it possible to make the attack time longer than the 100ms currenity allowed? For the auto swell trick would be useful even
    200 or 500ms.
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    I own two Voicelive 3 Extremes.

    Is there a way to copy all presets, sequence data, and backing tracks from one unit, and batch import them into a 2nd unit, without having to export performances (backing tarcks, presets, sequence data) from each individual preset on 1 device and import them to the 2nd device? This is a huge hassle. I have over 100 presets.

    Voice support 2 doesnt work because it doesnt copy backing tracks, etc. 

    Thank you.

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    On TC Helicon voicelive 2 I cannot get any volume from guitar from V-loop on playback. Coming out of a line 6 helix with plenty of output signal directly out of helix to "guitar in" on helicon then out of helicon (guitar thru) directly to powered speaker. When I record a guitar part and playback I can barely hear the playback. Vocal recording on the V-loop is fine (equal volume from PA to playback). The demo shown on youtube for Vloop shows no indication of this being an issue nor does the manual give much detail on V-loop. I'm trying to save DSP on the helix.

    Question #1 Can anyone PLEASE tell me what I am doing wrong here? 

    Question #2 Can I mute the guitar when using V-loop and only have the vocal playback BUT still have the helicon recognize the key on "guitar in" so I can continue to set the key the helicon will see for harmonies etc. 


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