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    Is there a way of setting up CCs for each track (other than Volume) on the faders of Behringer XTouch? That's on Cubase 11 Pro on Windows 10.

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    • BenedictJH
      Crisupp Set up a generic remote, and see if the learn feature works for that control then manually add the cc there??
      • May 23, 2021
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    Hi Guys & Girls,

    I have had my TD3 for over a year now & i have it running in Logic & Ableton but how do you record Cutoff resonance envolope etc.

    When i create a pattern the only way i have found to record what i am doing live is to create a seperate audio track, is this the only way to do so, i see lots of videos on you you tube & everyone is jamming & i cannot find anyone actually recording to a DAW.



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    Hi, I just bought a deepmind 12, and I have already Cubase elements 10.5 

    for both I am super fresh still :(

    My question is, how I can use the deepmind sound into DAW-Cubase, to start record from the internal sound of deepmind

    direct to Cubase, please help a tips. :)

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    • Abusaif
      miswest1 If your going to record it in as samples and not have the sounds triggered by cubase midi into to your new synth, then some of the track in Cubase need to be audio channels rather than midi channels. Both ways require you hit the record button to achieve it. Not that I'm an expert of course. Its only a beginners tip I'm offering you.
      • March 2, 2021
    • Abusaif
      Abusaif Dear Miswest, thank you so much for sharing your assistance, I will do and search for what you said, to figure out how to start record the melodies in DAW. :)
      • March 3, 2021
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    tried the midi ins and outs, and the trs cable in clocks, but just can't get them to synch.  Im new at MIDI and know it's something I'm doing wrong but can't get anywhere.  Knowledgeable Behringer users help!  What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for any help you may provide.


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    • hiddenagenda
      DavidKnighton Hello hiddenagenda,
      You may need to open the Synth Tribe tool on a computer and interface with the devices to check the sync settings if applicable.
      • July 12, 2021
    • hiddenagenda
      hiddenagenda disregard-found info elsewhere
      • July 14, 2021
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    Master your Behringer 2600 for just USD 9.99! From April 19 to 25, you can get’s entire library of courses on the Behringer 2600 covering synthesis, music theory, mixing, mastering and much more.

    Click on this link to get the course now:


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    • Behringer
      gary528 hi i am using uca222 and mini disc player to get music on to my pc but it will only play in mono through both channels is it me or is there a setting i have not found
      • April 19, 2021
    • Behringer
      Nigel67 Hi Gary, if you right click on the small speaker icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and select Sounds. In the new page that opens, select the Recording tab. Highlight the USB Audio Codec device (you have installed the ASIO driver?) and select properties, In the new page select the Advanced tab. The Default Format is probably set to 1 channel. Make this 2 Channel and whichever quality option you require. Click on apply and this should have fixed your issue.
      • April 19, 2021
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    My display on my deepmind 12 is fading.

    Is anybody else having this problem?

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    • EchoKraft
      RobbyWingfield HI EchoKraft, this sounds like it could be a hardware fault. Please open a support ticket with a video of the issue so we can determine if your Deepmind needs repair.
      • September 18, 2021
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    I recently purchased a used K2 synth module and found out too late that VCO 2 circuit is blown, producing only a very slow click. When the VCO 2 pitch range knob is rotated, the oscillator produces pitched tone only in the positions between the detents. All detented positions produce only a click. The pitch vernier does not function. 

    I cannot find any local technicians in Los Angeles to repair this synth; they unanimously complain that Behringer will not sell them parts. What am I to do to repair my synth? 

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    • JOBeasty
      Nigel67 Hi JOBeasty. You can purchase parts directly from us. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spare Parts tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then get back to you with pricing and availability. We can also repair your K2 at a local repair centre to you. If you go to the support page, please click on the Service tab instead of the spares tab. Many thanks
      • May 19, 2021
    • JOBeasty
      Makovich Hello,
      I had the same problem. Thanks for the valuable advice!
      • May 21, 2021
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    Hi, I m about to buy a deepmind12, à read on many review that some control are not on the front panel and need to go in menu screen that s OK, I was thinking if behringer is working to build an midi, USB extension with fader and/or knob for the screen controls and maybe had oscillators and audio input....? Thank u


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    • Davexiez33
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Davexiez33, Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any information on potential future products until there official release announcement.

      I will, however, pass this on as a feature request to our Dev team.
      • August 29, 2021
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    I can't find it anywhere on here. I've been trying to find a way to automate any sort of parameter in my DAW to my Odyessey. the manual says "Please see the ODYSSEY section on our website for more details of the SysEx commands" but I've been looking for 2 hours and I can't find it. can someone help me out?

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    Hello community! Is there anyone who could urgently help? My mean is really urgent. The unit presents the blue screen and that's it.  There is a link here in the community but it's broken and does not open a page. The actual Firmaware is 1.0.02 B61

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