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    Can anyone please tell me if i sync the td-3 to usb does the gate out still trigger, thanks alot yer

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    • Crisupp
      JoeRivers96 Hi Crisupp, I believe we discussed this over a case - but just to confirm, yes the gate out will still function when synced externally
      • March 10, 2021
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    I just got the crave and the manual is less than helpful. I have it hooked up to my arturia keystep pro, I have sound coming thru the head phones and the keyboard on the keystep is triggering the notes as it should. My issue comes in when i try to record somehting it just plays the default new pattern sound that just repeats the first note until you add more into the pattern. Thought this had to do with the midi settings so i went to download the synth tool and its reading that the download is broken so i cant access the app. Any help would be greatly appreciated as i am at a complete loss here.

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    Recently got a pro1 and all works fine with the exception that if I am using with an external sequencer and passing the clock signal from said sequencer through the pro 1 to my zoom rt123 drum machine the drum machine will try to start and display the first beat but will not get any further. 
    if I use a cable splitting the signal from the out of my sequencer and take one output to the pro1 and the other to the drum machine everything works as expected. 
    so I know some signal is passing through the pro1 but it's not rubbing the drum machine as it's supposed to. 
    any ideas greatly appreciated

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    Hey folks! 

    ive made a bunch of presets that I'd love to export and share with friends but really scratching my head about how to do it. I think I managed to export a bank of sounds using MIDIOX but I don't want the entire bank ~ just 40 or so from the bank. Anyone know how to do this? 



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    Salut a tous, j'ai perdu des presets de mon voicelive 3 que j'ai voulu mettre le firmware a jour. Est-ce que quelqu'un aurait une solution a recuperer les presets qui ont ete supprimes du voicelive 3? 

    Merci d'avance

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    If I want to connect my Flow 8 with PC (Windows 10) I gett the message "No Device Connected".
    What is wrong?
    The same problem is whe I use Notebook.
    I changed USB-Cable already, nothing!
    How I come to "Firmware Update Modus" ?

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    • Petrus1945
      DavidKnighton Hello Petrus,
      Make sure you first install the driver for Windows. Go to FLOW8 product page, click the SOFTWARE tab and download/install the driver.
      • September 7, 2021
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    Question. Ableton is sending clock to a keystep pro. From the KSP Im running midi out to multiple synths, sampler, drums machines. All work perfect except the RD-8. When the RD-8 is set to MIDI the start light lights up but the pattern doesn't play. The one thing I noticed right away was a white light under trigger 1 MIDI.When set to internal the white light disappears and everything works as expected. Sidenote, everything was working perfectly a few days ago. Nothing has moved or changed. Not sure if I'm over-thinking this. Any suggestions would be apprecited.

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    How do you sync an rd6 and a pro 1 for tempo.

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    I have been loving my Neutron but today I turned it on and it would not respond to MIDI controls from my keystep pro. I tried several different midi channels. It will pass a very low pitched sound if I turn the VCA bias up but it seems unable to receive midi. I also tried a basic CV patch (pitch to osc1+2, gate to env 1) and it had slightly better results but still far short of a performable level of control. I attempted the reset process I found online to no avail. Please help! 

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    • Elttut
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Elttut, I can see you have also submitted a technical support ticket for this issue. Upon checking the ticket I can see a response was sent on 08/09/2021 and is awaiting further follow-up.
      If you do not see this response in your main inbox could you please check your spam/junk folder as we have seen our responses route to these locations on occasion if you are unable to find it please let me know and I will have it resent.
      • September 10, 2021
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    Hello there!

    I have been scouring forums and YouTube comment sections for the last few months in pursuit to an answer to the following question regarding the MS101.

    "Does anyone know if there's a way to quantize the triggering of another saved sequence whilst playing a previous one? That is, whilst you're playing one sequence, are you able to then choose another one that will play after the final step of the previous pattern has finished, instead of immediately when you trigger the pattern? The above description is how the TD-3 works and I wonder if there is a mode to do the same thing on the MS-101. This is with the intention of choosing between different patterns during live performance"

    So far it looks as if this "change-pattern-after-last-note"-mode is not something that is available, and instead you must accurately trigger the next pattern in time (or hit reset at the appropriate time if you make a mistake). There is something inherently exciting about this janky work around that I like, but it would be amazing to have the option.

    I wondered if anyone in the community has figured it out? I am also hoping if there is way to pass on this desire to Behringer, in the hope that they might make the option available through a firmware update in the future.

    Would love to hear your thoughts fellow synth lovers!

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