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  • 2020-06-12
    I heard there was a new firmware for the Mimiq, so today, I decided to go through my pedals and make sure everything was up to date. I have successfully updated the Mimiq and my SpectraComp, but when I attempted to follow the instructions to update the firmware in my Polytune 2, the pedal stopped working entirely. I can't get it to power on anymore, no matter what I do. I followed the instructions on the YouTube video. I plugged in the input jack, then plugged in the power, and the tuner booted up. I then held down the display button and plugged in the USB cable. Nothing seemed to happen, so I tried it again, and now the pedal doesn't seem to power up at all. Is there anything i can do to recover it? Update: SOLVED As it turns out, what happened here is that the pedal I was sold in not, in fact, a Polytune 2, it is a Polytune Classic, which someone sold to me as a Polytune 2 and shipped to me in a Polytune 2 box. The pedal wasn't dead, it was stuck in "boot mode", and by downloading the Polytune Classic, I was able to successfully update the firmware (which was actually already at the current version), and the pedal rebooted into its normal mode and is functioning properly. It took me a little while before I spotted the fact that the logo on the Polytune 2 is actually different to the logo on the Polytune Classic. I was a little worried when I bought this pedal, as it doesn't say "Polytune 2" on the front, but at the time I bought, I noted that the Polytune 2 doesn't actually say "Polytune 2" on it, it only says "Polytune". However, the logo on the Classic is left-aligned, and the logo on the Polytune 2 is centered, and that is the only apparent difference in appearance. I did not notice this when I first purchased this pedal, which I believe was over two years ago.
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  • 2020-06-13
    Hi I can’t get TonePrint to work through my wireless guitar system. It works fine though a cable. I suspect I know the answer but is there a fix?
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    • Drbob666
      Tc Mike You can use USB transfer via app instead. In order for beaming to work you either need a magnetic speaker on the TP beaming device directly into your guitar pickup or you use a cbale froom the output into the input of the toneprint pedal
      • Jun 13
      • TonePrint through Shure GLXD16?
        Drbob666 Thanks for the reply. I thought as much! ????
        • Jun 13
  • 2020-07-02
    Klark Teknik DM DESIGNER 3.1 and DM KONTROL 3.1 are now available for download, via the downloads section on the DM8000 product page. DM KONTROL offers PC based customised control page creation and operation of a DM8000 DSP across an ethernet network, when deployed with the new DM801 serial to ethernet bridge. ข่าวฟุตบอล
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  • 2020-07-03
    Hi, I know that the TC Konnekt 24D is discontinued, so I won't bother support with a lot of questions. But I'm a long time customer of TC Electronics and my trusted TC Konnekt 24D has worked great since 2006 on my win 7 64 bit pro system. Yesterday I installed Win10 Pro (64 bit) on my PC and the 2.4.1 drivers (which I had on an old hard drive). That worked fine. After a while I found the "newest" drivers from 2016 which are called tcaudiointerfacesoftware-x64-361.msi - and installed them 5 minutes ago. But now I get a warning message which I haven't seen before. It says: "Driver version does not match the control panel". How do I solve this issue? Yes, I had to uninstall the 2.4.1. drivers before I installed the tcaudiointerfacesoftware-x64-361.msi - and I turned off the TC Konnekt 24 interface before I uninstalled the drivers and installed the latest ones, and restarted my PC, and then turned on the interface. Can someone help me out here? I love my TC Konnekt 24D and it would be great to have it working on win10 ;-) Thanks in advance. Cheers!
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    • dagovitsj
      dagovitsj Hi, I just uninstalled the drivers and installed it one more time, now it's working as it should, no more warning message. Great!
      • 12 hours ago
  • Is there any way to limit the access of a particular tablet to parts of the x32 mixer. I would like only allow the tablet access to the main faders and indivual channel EQ. It's used in a church for mostly speaking with no aux sends or monitors. I've looked all over for this kind of thread, to no avail. Or, can someone point me to the thread if this has been asked/answered previously.

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    • Douglas Douglas Lohman
      Rex Beckett


      Hi Douglas, the only way I can think of to do this is to run Mixing Station XM32 Pro on the tablet and create a custom layout with only the allowed controls. It would be hard to make it foolproof but it would guard against accidental changes to other parameters.

      • August 29, 2019
    • Douglas Douglas Lohman
      Sebastien Gagnon

      If you had a budget you could use a control processor and touch panel, such as an Extron or Crestron based system, to design your own and control certain aspects of the mixer. I'm not sure how broad the x32's API is but its certainly a possible option.

      • September 24, 2019
  • 2019-11-16

    Got my Crave a few hours ago and i´m experiencing ghost trigs on rest steps.

    Means even if you do a pattern with only rest steps, you get tiny trigs which trigger the envelope. 

    Makes the sequencer useless for programming the simplest patterns. 


    On top the Mix (Noise / External Audio) is bleeding into the signal path. Both, external audio an noise will be in the signal path slightly, even when turned of. 


    I´m on 1.0.6 and somehow i think this could be solved though firmware ... 


    I´ve done a ticket to get a proper answer for this trig issue. 



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    • Andrew Mcloud
      Eduard Schneider

      I'm in the exact same situation!

      Ghost triggers under 1.06 on the rest steps. I have two Craves, both have the same issue.

      Please help!

      • November 16, 2019
    • Andrew Mcloud
      Dietmar Belloff

      Hi there,

      I reported that as bug already, although I returned my Crave yesterday.


      You should do that too, since lowering decay time decreases the effect as Eduard said in the facebook group.

      • November 18, 2019
    • Andrew Mcloud
      Andrew Mcloud




      • November 19, 2019
  • 2019-11-19


    I am looking for a specification sheet of this device as well as the pricing and where to buy.

    Thank you

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    • Warren Smith
      Paul Vannatto

      @wasmith5 wrote:


      I am looking for a specification sheet of this device as well as the pricing and where to buy.

      That's a great reference mic. It is available at most online music or audio stores such as here. I did see the spec sheet online not too long ago. If I come across it again, I'll add the link.


      • November 19, 2019
  • 2020-02-11

    Can I use backing tracks as 'steps" for a preset, so Song1 preset will have 2 backing tracks, Step1 will have the verse backing track, and Step2 will have the chorus backing track? Then I can just flip between verse and chorus backing tracks by using the Step switch?

    Is there a (better) different way to achive this?

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  • 2020-03-14

    Hi, I have a problem stopped working Display on M-ONE XL. Illuminates but does not show anything can it be fixed somehow? Or the only chance is to buy a new one ??? Thank you for info Pavel

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    • Pavel Hanslik
      Rex Beckett


      Hellp Pavel, welcome to the community.


      I suggest that you raise a Care ticket for Service Repair explaining your problem. This is done by clicking on Support at the top of the page and then clicking the Create a Care Ticket button. This is only possible if you have completed all the required fields in your profile. Make sure that you fill-in every required field on the Care form.

      • Mar 14
  • 2020-03-16
    CAT Keys

    Okay so someone school me to when I can get CAT ?

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