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    A little bit more on how to take two patterns and merge them together to form one, I see a few videos but they do not touch on this.

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    • ralphiedee
      PedroRodrigues Hi ralphiedee, If you want to edit any patterns stored on the Behringer TD-3 using the Behringer Synth Tool app, select the Pattern group, Pattern section, and Pattern where the pattern is stored, then click Recall.
      There are two components to a pattern: the rhythm and changing the pitch’s attributes (accent, transposition, etc.). You can create up to 250 user patterns, but only 16 can be used at a time: 8 on Pattern Section A and 8 on Pattern Section B.
      To enter the pattern rhythm
      Use the Mode knob and select Write.
      Press the pattern group (A or B) and select the pattern number (1-8) you want your pattern to reside.
      Hold function + press step to select the number of steps you want the pattern to be (i.e., hold the function button, then press the step button four times to create a four-step pattern).
      You can have up to 16 steps per pattern.
      Press Pitch to enter pitch mode.
      Use the silver and black keys to enter the pitch.
      Press the time mode button, then use the transpose up to enter 16th notes, and transpose down to enter triplets to enter the rhythm.
      It will automatically exit time mode once the amount of steps has been reached (i.e., after entering the fourth step, you will automatically exit time mode)
      All rhythms are based on 16th notes.
      Edit pattern pitches

      If you need to change a pitch in your pattern, you will need to go into pitch mode and go through each step manually.

      Press PITCH MODE to return to the start of the pattern.
      Press WRITE/NEXT to play the notes one at a time.
      Press BACK to go back to the last note played.
      Enter the new note.
      Hold either TRANSPOSE button and then press the note.
      Press WRITE/NEXT until all notes have been played.
      Press FUNCTION to exit.
      Change the pitch attributes

      Press the Pitch mode button.,
      Press the press Write/Next to go through the steps.
      Press and hold the Write/Next button, and press the silver Transpose, Accent, and Slide to apply the parameter to the selected step.
      Once you’re finished, turn the Mode knob to Pattern Play.
      Pattern tips

      Press Start/stop and Clear at the same time to create a random pattern.
      While a pattern is playing, press the Clear button to turn on the metronome. Once the metronome begins playing, you can just tap your rhythm in.

      Create tracks using patterns
      Once you’ve created your patterns, you can then assign them to tracks. There are a total of seven tracks you can create.
      Use the Track Pattern group knob to select the track your pattern(s) will be played. There are seven tracks to choose from.
      Turn the mode wheel up to Track Write, then press Bar Reset.
      Press start and select the first pattern you want in your track.
      Press the next pattern you want on your track, then press Write/Next.
      Once you’re finished creating your track, press Clear, Write/Next, then Start/Stop.
      Turn the Mode knob to Track Play to hear the arrangement.
      I hope this helps
      • December 10, 2020
    • ralphiedee
      ralphiedee Yes this helps but the last piece to the puzzle for me would be to know if I could play a pattern off my keyboard, record the midi notes in Ableton then be able to copy those notes into the 303 using the sync tool so I could then add the accents or slides and transposing if any. Now al I can do is to put both screens up and copy by eye. ???
      • December 10, 2020
      • Behringer 303 sync tool 2.4.0 questions
        PedroRodrigues Hi ralphiedee please be aware that you will be able to play a pattern off your keyboard and record the midi notes in Ableton, but you need to implement that on the Abelton side. Regarding the ability to copy those notes into the 303 using the sync tool that will not be possible. Thank you
        • December 11, 2020
    • ralphiedee
      ralphiedee I figured that thx
      • December 11, 2020
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    Good day.
    As a loyal customer and a proud behringer-user I am TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED in one of your products performance ,2 months ago I bought the U-Phoria UMC22 audio interface and without any harm done to it on this side ..its already deteriorating in quality and producing a huge amount of white noise?
    I NEED URGENT HELP on this issue because I can't help but feel like I wasted my money on this one

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    • SiiiBa6
      Dale_M Hi there sorry you are having problem so early on, can I ask you to send a support ticket in to us from the tab above and send us your proof of purchase invoice so we can advise on the warranty for you please?
      • Mar 11
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    EUROSTAND Series 

    The Behringer EUROSTAND Series Mic Stand Mounts, Music, Guitar and Bass, Loudspeaker and Keyboard Stands are designed to serve our Musician and Recording and Broadcast Customers.

    From: $2

    #Behringer #MC2000 #MU1000 #SM2001 #GB3002E #GB3002A #SM5002 #SM5001 #EUROSTANDSeries #MicrophoneClamps #OrchestraSheetMusicStands #MonitorStands #InstrumentStands

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    Çok değerli behringer ekibi

    Yaklaşık 1 yıl önce temizliğini yapmak için açtığım Behringer x32 mikserimin  efekti gelmiyor

    Türkiyedeki yetkili servise gönderdim parça yok temin edemiyoruz dediler

    Distribütörünüz Asf şirketine götürdüm parçayı bulamıyoruz dediler öteki Distribütörünüz Özdoğan müzikten istedim kimden aldıysan ona soracaksın dedi

    Almanyada musicstore ye sordum bulamıyoruz dedi

    Bax-shop a sordum Elimizde böyle bir parça yok dedi

    Sizi aradım ingiltere avrupa birliğinden çıktı avrupadan bakın diye mail attınız

    Attığınız maildeki listeden Sonovente firmasına mail attım biz behringer parçası satmıyoruz dedi

    Bunu size son kez soruyorum

    Ben parçayı nereden bulucam ?

    Siz de yardımcı olmazsanız kim yardımcı olacak ?

    Eğer güncel bir behringer ürününün parçasını bulamazsam benzin döküp yakarım ve video kayıtlarını tüm sosyal medyada paylaşırım

    İnanın çok üzüldüm

    distribütörleriniz insanları başından atmak için herşeyi yapıyorlar

    Çözüm üreteceklerine bir maile 5 kelime yazıp bitiriyorlar.

    Bu yazıyı kendimi daha iyi anlata bilmek için türkçe yazıyorum

    Hep ben translate ettim

    Şimdi translate etme sırası sizde

    İyi bir müşterinizi kaybetmek istemezseniz acil cevap bekliyorum


    Fikret Kaya

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    • fikretkaya
      DavidKnighton Hello Fikret Kaya,
      Sorry to hear about your experience. I am not 100% but that board looks to be the channel edit PCB, the one with all the encoders. This should be an easy part to provide, so I'm confused as to why no one has been able to provide it for you. Do you happen to have an existing parts case with us? If so, can you provide a case number or email address I can look up? I can see about getting your problem prioritized so that you can get the mixer fixed. Again, sorry for the experience.
      • Jun 16
    • fikretkaya
      fikretkaya Thank you for your answer. I would appreciate it if you could provide stock and price information.. It was a process that I really couldn't . my email [email protected]
      • Jun 17
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    Hello, after working with it for 3 months with no problems, suddenly my pc does not initialise the flow8 audio driver. I tried uninstall it and re-instal it (vers 5.0) but with no results. The mixer is working perfectly with line-in or bluetooth connections. i tried install it to another laptop but even there no audio device (flow8) was detected. Please any recomendations would be helpfull. Τhe Flow8 has the latest firmware (i also tried factory reset) and i am running win10 home 64 (i3-7100).

    Thanks in advance 

    George Livanios

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    • GeorgeLivanios
      NicJonesMT Hi GeorgeLivanios. Could you please submit a technical support ticket (Click Support above) and a member of the team will be able to advise you further.
      Can you please answer the following questions when you submit the ticket (Answer it in the Description Field)

      • How do you have the Flow connected to your computer? We always recommend connecting directly to your computer rather than an external hub, and also recommend removing any non essential USB devices. Ensure that any USB powersave settings are disabled.
      • Have you connected the device to an alternative USB port? Please try to connect to a 2.0 port directly on your computers Motherboard.
      • Do you have access to an alternative USB cable that the device can be tested with?
      • Are you connected to USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports? Please use USB 2.0 ports where possible, there is no advantage to using a USB 2.0 device in a USB 3.0 port and USB 3.0 ports can vary quite a lot, which gives differing levels of performance and stability.
      • Can you please detail any other devices that are being used in conjunction? This includes your PC (Include the full build specs) and any other USB devices. We need to know your full setup and how everything is connected.
      • Can you confirm the Windows Version and Build you are using (Found in "About your PC")?
      • Can you confirm the Firmware and Driver version you are using?
      • Does the Flow8 appear in your Windows Device manager?
      • What software are you using the device with?
      • Do you have a similar device that you can compare the behaviours of? For example another USB audio interface.
      • Can you please provide me with a detailed description of how the device is behaving and any other trouble shooting steps that you have undertaken?
      • Is the Issue Intermittent or constant? If it is intermittent is there a specific setting that needs to be used to cause the issue?
      • Have you recently updated your computers BIOS or Operating system?
      • Jul 3
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    For many years I have been running Behringer UMC404 audio interface's main output directly connected to two active monitors Tannoy REVEAL 502 via XLR, on my DAW rig. All EQ needs were handled using my DAW up to now, but I recently decided to buy a FBQ6200HD in an effort to (1) perform EQ on main output regardless DAW, and (2) to even better handle room acoustics via frequency analysing. No mixer in this setup, audio sources are 1 Mic, 1 El.Guitar, 1 RC505 looper with its own mic, and DAW output (vst etc controlled by 2 keyboards).

    My question is, is it ok to connect my FBQ6200HD to my rig between the UMC404 and the REVEAL 502's via XLR? Experimenting with this setup I seem to have to set UMC404 MAIN OUT to 100% as well as FBQ input controls at 80+% in order to get adequate results. But, if I bypass EQ (either turning it off, or via IN/OUT button on each channel) no sound comes out the monitors, which is not how the FBQ6200HD is supposed to behave.

    Please advise.

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    Hi, I just bought a X18.. I'm blown away with all the effects available.. and somewhat overwhelmed by the ability to have most anything available without a piece of hardware in a rack!! 

    So I have two questions for the professionals out there: 

    1. what's the absolute best, must use vocal effect for rich vocals? I know the basics, some kind of reverb and maybe a delay and possibly a light chorus.  What's the best ones to use on the X18 and what settings? 

    2.  Is there a way to send the vocal effects to the P-16??  Or assign the effects to one channel and use that channel like an effects loop..  

    I also bought several of the P-16M's which after digging into the mixer software I could have probably gotten away with using the sub-buses for monitor and get total control.. but of course that would require each band member to have a tablet and be connected and know how to use the bus sends..  so I think the P-16M is still the best solution for us.  

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    • DanO1963
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Dan, here is a compilation of presets someone put together a few years ago

      My favorite vocal effects are the
      /EFX Presets/Plate Reverb/Vocal Plate 2.efx
      /EFX Presets/Vintage Reverb/36-BBM Female Vox.efx

      Recently Kevin Maxwell tweaked these 2 fx and are in those folders (with the KM prefix)

      You can send the FX returns to the P16 by simply assigning the desired FX returns (stereo, which will require 2 P16 channels for each FX returns) to the Ultranet channels of your choice.
      • Aug 21
      • Best vocal effects - must haves
        KevinMaxwell I am not seeing the Vintage under the EFX Presets.
        • Aug 22
    • DanO1963
      Paul_Vannatto Google's zip extractor seems to have an issue - stops at Stereo Flanger. If you click on the download button (top right corner), the downloaded file has all of the folders.
      • Aug 22
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    I have a condenser mic (AKG p220) set up in the front of the room and the X32 Compact sound console is 50 ft away in the back of the room. The room is empty except for me and my helper friend. When we talk loudly in the back of the room the mixer shows -60 db on the channel strip, so it is registering some noise, as we expect. But the spectrum view shows all sorts of stuff going on, much of it above 0db up to +10 or +20db. So we don't know which one to trust or if they maybe not showing the same thing?

    Mixer Screen

    Channel Strip


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    • DanielThompson
      Paul_Vannatto The difference is due to the fact that you have the autogain set on the RTA.
      • Nov 5
      • X32 gain settings
        DanielThompson Are you saying the RTA will raise ambient noise to a nominal level for display purposes only?
        • Nov 5
    • DanielThompson
      DanielThompson Are you saying the RTA will raise ambient noise to a nominal level for display purposes only?
      • Nov 5
    • DanielThompson
      Paul_Vannatto Yes, if the autogain is set on (on the console - Meters, RTA screen - 4th encoder, on X32-Edit - Utility, RTA). If the autogain is off, you can set the RTA gain (from 0 - 60 db)
      • Nov 5
    • DanielThompson
      DanielThompson Then the scale to the left of the graph REALLY ought to display the level it's detecting. Showing a level of +10 or +20 db for what is actually ambient noise or perhaps even the noise floor of the system... well you know where I'm going with this.
      • Nov 5
    • DanielThompson
      Paul_Vannatto The RTA is designed to show frequency response, not gain levels. That is what the channel strip meters are designed for.
      • Nov 6
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    I received a Behringer mdx4600 in the post, Unfortunately the left hand side ear (bracket) was totally bent in transportation and looks aweful, does anyone have a spare left hand ear to sell. I originally raised a ticket with behringer but not heard anything. Thanks

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    • Kengo0151
      Nigel67 Hi, I am sorry that we haven't come back to you with pricing and availability for the rack ear. Can you advise the case number you were given please and I will investigate further. Many thanks
      • Wed at 10:15 PM
      • Behringer mdx4600 ears
        Nigel67 I have found your case number CAS-503574-J5Q2C7 and have sent a message to the spares team that you haven't received a reply yet.
        • Wed at 10:31 PM
    • Kengo0151

      Thanks Nigel for your assistance

      • Wed at 10:38 PM
  • yosoychema
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    Hi all. I have an x32 compact and rack and I want to use the rack for live.
    The idea is to process the voices by sending the effect (from 13-16 buses) to the two voices and control the amount of effect on the return via midi pedal.
    I have already configured all this. The question I have is, if I want to send to the FOH technician's table the three voices processed by my X32 rack (monitor table), are they sent in mono or stereo? At the time of taking them out I suppose I have to do it using 3 or 6 buses (depending on whether it is mono or stereo) But I already use 8 buses for the 4 in ears and buses 13-16 are occupied by the evolution of the effects.
    However in my S32 I have 16 outputs, of which the 13-16 are free but in the console they are occupied by the sending of effects.
    If I use physical output 13 and 14 for a voice how do I control this if buses 13 and 14 on the console are occupied by the sending effect?
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    • yosoychema


      Hi Chema, welcome to the forum.


      If you can explain more about what you want to do, we may be able to suggest a solution. Are you using the X32 Compact for FOH and the X32 Rack for monitors? How are the two consoles and the S32 connected? It would also help if you saved your scene files and attached them to your post (See Choose File button below). 

      • July 29, 2019
    • yosoychema

      No, i´m using the compact in the studio (with a S32) and then we load the sesion in the x32 rack one for live(also with the S32). We have a split for every channel to give the FOH the original signal except the vocies that we process  with fx in eh x32 rack. So it´s better to give this post fader voices in stereo to the FOH? For that i need to use 4 xlr outs. So as i can see i can use the 16´s xlr outs for ie monitoring and voices post fx output, but in the mixer from the 13 to 16 faders are for the fx sends, so i can not controll the 13 to 16 xlr outs in the mixer. How can i controll these 13 to 16 xlr outs of the S32 in the mixer? I hope these is clear to you, if not ask me.

      Thanks for help.

      • July 29, 2019
    • yosoychema

      @yosoychema wrote:

      No, i´m using the compact in the studio (with a S32) and then we load the sesion in the x32 rack one for live(also with the S32). 

      If you are expecting to use the same wet/dry FX mix that you use in the studio for a live event, you will be very disappointed. Mixing for a live event (whether indoor or outdoor) is very different than mixing in a studio or for IEMs. I would suggest that you save the FX presets for each of the FX you have developed in the studio and load those into the FOH console. Then have the FOH engineers blend those FX with the dry signals for the event. I guarantee that it will be different, but more correct for the environment than the mix you have at MON console.


      • July 29, 2019
    • yosoychema

      The idea is give to the FOH man the voices signal alreday wet with fx and eq procesed but, he can change some paremeters in the sound check with our ipad in the X32 rac monitor mix if he have some issues with the eviroment differences. We have to do this in the cases when the FOH mixer is not a X32 or Cat5 compatible. We have to do it like this cause both singers we have a midi pedal controll over the X32 rack, and we up and down the FX retrurns faders (one reverb and one delay each) depends on the moment of the song. We are doing a dream pop and ambient music with the voices also. We can not give to the FOH tecnical (if it not ours) the fx control mix cause this.

      We did sominthing this in the past with a  fx voices pedals giving already wet signal to the Foh and it works. I know is not ideal but not always have our tecnical man with a X32. What do you think? Better to give it to the FOH the wet signal in mono or in stereo from the S32 out?

      • July 29, 2019
    • yosoychema

      @yosoychema wrote:

      We did sominthing this in the past with a  fx voices pedals giving already wet signal to the Foh and it works. I know is not ideal but not always have our tecnical man with a X32. What do you think? Better to give it to the FOH the wet signal in mono or in stereo from the S32 out?

      Reverbs and delays usually get a mono dry signal (eg. bus 13-16 to feed FX 1-4) and produce a stereo wet signal, and this wet signal does not sound the same in mono (try it).


      I have done sound for a few performers that had an FX unit on their vocal and provided me the resulting blended signal. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't - and its frustrating to the FOH engineer when it doesn't and he has no control to fix it.


      Since you are changing the FX constantly within the songs (as you described) using a midi footpedal, in order to emulate the FX unit you used before, I would suggest you setup a stereo linked mixbus pair (eg buses 9/10) and feed both the vocal dry signals as well as the wet FX returns to it, just like you would for an IEM mix. Then assign that mixbus pair to an output (eg. on the Routing, Out 1-16), which would be then assigned to the AES50 feed to FOH. Then give the FOH engineer a tablet with Mixing Station so he can fine tune that mix for the environment. 


      • July 29, 2019
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