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    We are trying to connect an x32 producer using 8 XLR ins.

    1) We want to feed those 8 ins to the USB out, where they can be unity gain, or they can go through their own DCA if that's possible.

    2) We also want to send those same 8 XLR ins to the LR master out, which seems to be the out-of-the-box configuration.

    3) And finally, we want that same master mix sent to an AUX out, although we'd settle for yet another XLR out.

    It's not really clear how the default out-of-the-box configuration works. I understand the local ins are mapped to the input sliders, it's not clear how they get from there to the LR out, and how that makes it to the XLR 7&8 out. I keep thinking if I could understand that much I could probably make this work?

    Anyway, please tell me this configuration is possible. I can make each individual configuration work, but not all at the same time.

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    • DanielThompson
      KyleJohnson Hi there, Kyle here with Music Tribe.

      1. It should be set this way by default, but in order to do this just open the ROUTING>CARD menu and assign LOCAL 1-8 to the first column. This will be tapped right off the preamps, bypassing any other processing. If you want to use a DCA then you will need to assign the channels out, rather than just the inputs. To do that, open the ROUTING>CARD menu and assign P16 1-8 in the first column. Then open the ROUTING>P16 menu, there you should see that Channels 1-8 are already assigned to P16 outputs 1-8, you will just need to adjust the TAP point to suit your needs. If you want Fader/DCA control, choose POST FADER.

      2. That is the default setting

      3. Open the ROUTING>AUX page and you can assign any Bus including the Main LR to any of the AUX Outputs. Just highlight the desired AUX in the first column, then use the 4th column to select your signal.
      • October 13, 2021
      • X32 Help
        DanielThompson You explained it very well. And for the Aux routing I'll feed it from Main LR. But is there a way change that into mono before sending to one AUX out? Whoever set up this PA system provided LR in, but it's a mono system fed by Left side. Right side is terminated inside the cabinet. Or I could keep the legacy alive.
        • October 13, 2021
    • DanielThompson
      Paul_Vannatto If you want a mono feed of the stereo Main LR, send the Main LR (on its sends screen) to a single matrix, then assign that matrix to the Routing, Aux Out output.
      • October 13, 2021
      • X32 Help
        DanielThompson Brilliant!!! Huge Thanks!
        • October 14, 2021
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    I've just got a  new Galaxy A7 tab, running android 11.


    When I open the app and then try to open the channel strip it closes the app down. I see that on Google Play the app was last updated in 2017. Anyone else have this problem and is there a solution?

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    I want to add distortion to my live vocals.

    I want to Split my Signal coming from 1 mic. One Signal should habe no FX, the other one, i want to Send to a 2nd behringer channel and make it Clip/distorted. I could either Send IT through a preamp and drive it very hard. Then mix both signals. 

    Like the guy here


    Or i there a buikt in fx in the x edit softwate that does the same?

    How should i do the routing etc...?

    Can this be done with the xair18?


    Thank you so much 

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    Hello all, 

    i am trying so hard to find a large replacement knob for the main dial on my old BTR2000. I've tried messaging on here and haven't gotten anything back. Any information would be appreciated; thanks!

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    • thachiefkeif
      WilliamR Hello, please click on the Support link above and create a parts ticket and someone will contact you directly as soon as possible.
      • Jan 12
      • Knob for BTR2000
        thachiefkeif William, thank you for your response. I have been waiting around a year now to have some sort of correspondence with this… I have now set two different tickets and the first one was ‘resolved’ even though I didn’t end up ever being contacted about how to get said knob. I guess the dude figured out what item number it was but that’s as far as it ever got. How will I be contacted about my ticket, and when can I expect this? I am literally just trying to get a piece of tiny plastic so I can sell this thing.
        • Jan 13
      • Knob for BTR2000
        thachiefkeif Hey still haven’t heard back and my ticket hasn’t been answered. Just checking in…
        • Feb 4
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    Hi all,

    as you may already know, UMC202HD and many others "old" audio interfaces don't work with Windows 11.

    Are there any kind of beta drivers or something like that? I found here someone posting beta drivers for 404hd, I tried them but they don't work. So how can I make it work on a W11 pc?


    Thanks everyone :)



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    • NicoCencini
      Dale_M Can you share any links or chats where Behringer users are having issues with WIN 11 please?
      • Mar 5
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    As I'm used to see post fader meters in the mix view ( Cubase / Logic etc ) , it would be nice to have this in X-Air too .
    If I want to see pre-fader meters, I would expect these to see in the "gains" view, 
    but in the channel view I'd like to have the possibilty to see the actual level AFTER the fader to judge everything's in balance.
    Dows this make sense to you too ?
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    On my X32 deck I recently found I needed to turn on "DCA Groups" in the mute section of the global settings. Never had cause for this to be on before, but now that I need it I find out that the channel mute buttons assigned to the DCA blink when the DCA is muted. This is INCREDIBLY annoying and distracting. I can tune it out, but most of our operators are inexperienced and simply can't get past the distraction. 

    For a future firmware revision ask, can we have the option of setting the blink rate, the intensity, or both for DCA Mute channels? In my case, I would set the channel mute button light to be half intensity when muted via the DCA mute. This would still make the DCA Mute stand out from a normal mute, but in a muted (pardon the pun) way. A slow blink rate would work too, but I'd rather set the intensity.


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    Compre una mixer Behringer Flow 8 pero en casa no tengo internet en mi computadora. Como le hago para ponerla a funcionar?


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    • oliverantomg
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. In order to control the Flow 8 you can use your mobile device (smartphone or tablet running Android or iOS). The FLOW 8 apps are available on both downloads stores. You will, however, need to update the FLOW 8 to be compatible with the latest app versions, the update requires a Mac or PC. You must download the updater software from the FLOW 8 webpage and connect the FLOW 8 via USB to your computer to process the update. I'd recommend trying to find a place where you can connect your computer to the internet and perform the update.
      • Jul 5
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    We are using a PMP 6000 Power Amp/Mixer with 2 8ohm Speakers. We want to discard these speakers and run powered speakers from the line out.

    Is it possible to run the PMP 6000 with out speakers attached to the power amp outputs.



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    • Zenonite
      WilliamR Yes, you can run powered speakers from the line out of your PMP6000 without the mains hook up.
      • Jul 28
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    I bought an x32 compact a few months back, lcd screen was damaged during a gig, I had it replaced but I can't find the cover replacement, the part with the meeters 

    the part number and description per the service manual:


    Where can I buy it? 





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