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    Hi, I need correct CODE from UMC 202, is in short, is a XMOS, photo is attached. 

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    Hi guys...  I have the Behringer RX1602 line mixer and wondering if it can be used to mix parellel guitar pedal chains and output to a final stacked delay/reverb pedal chain?  I know that it is intended for line level with TRS cables...but the -10 Dbu input setting, impedence, and manual saying that it will accept TS mono has me thinking that it might work...  Wanted to ask before potentially frying all my pedals... Lol...  If it won't work, can someone suggest an instrument level mixer (6+ channels) that would work in my parellel pefal setup?  Any help would be greatly appreciated...  Thanks...  :)

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    • StevieJ
      PedroRodrigues Hi StevieJ Please consider that in theory it may work, never the less as you mentioned you must deal with impedance mismatch between signals by using a D.I , if you do I think it may work. Thank you
      • Mar 26
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    Hi - 

    I have been using logic pro for years. For musical input I use a MK-425C keyboard which has worked perfectly. Recently I bought a x-touch and since adding that when I press a key on the keyboard strange behaviour occurs, such as it triggers a different layout, rather than playing the notes. 

    Can anyone help explain this problem and possibly help me fix it?

    Thanks in advance,


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    • EmotiveSigns
      NicJonesMT Hi Charles. Ideally it would be easier to help if I could see how you have both devices setup and configured in Logic.
      Could you please submit a tech support ticket (Click support above) and provide some screen shots of your setup?
      • Mar 30
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    I'm a big fan of the Wing-Q app, I like that it is super obvious and easy to use. My only issue, is I am about to try and explain to some older folk how to use the app, and on a normal phone, the channel names are tiny! I'm not sure anyone will be able to read it... 

    What I was wondering, is whether it would be possible to have the channel name text size, and fader lengths increased, as far as they can reasonably go (possibly as an optional thing) to make it easier to read which channel is which, and to accurately adjust the faders. I realise that partly it is a tradeoff for having 12 channels per layer, but I took a screen grab on my phone, and highlighted some ideas where some space could potentially be saved to maximise the available area for the channel names. Any increases in text size would be much appreciated! 



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    • StephenEvans
      Dale_M Thanks for your comment I will pass your remarks over to the design team for consideration.
      • May 1
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    I have an x32 compact with the X-UF card, that I have had for quite some time. WhenI first got it, I was told that the 3.09 firmware would not recognize the card. So,,, have been using it with 3.08 firmware, for these past couple years and have been ok with that. Now My studio is becoming more sophisticated, in terms of my skills and needs for recording. HOWEVER, i have a significant investment in FW gear...and more importantly I really like the way it works and sounds... (Liquid saffire 56, 3 saffire pro 40's, and have more of the same on my Macbook Pro remote recording rig..) running on two different computers depending on the project. To get equivalent usb stuff would run me well into 4 figures. Not feasible in these times for me.

    So,,, my question is, (and realize this is probably and exercise in futility), but do the any of the 4.xx firmware updates restore my card's functionality? I would REALLY like to have the routing flexibility than is built into the 4 series firmware.....


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    • saxholder
      Paul_Vannatto The X-UF card has not been supported for some time. So if firmware 3.09 does not work with it, there is a good chance that the latest firmware (4.06) will also not work. Is there a specific reason why you cannot replace the X-UF card for an X-USB or better yet the X-Live card?
      • May 16
    • saxholder

      • May 16
      • X-UF card compatibility
        saxholder The amount for money I would have to spend to get interfaces as good as my firewire junk is just not feasible just to get better routing options..... And in fact there is really no usb inface that i'm aware for anything near what i paid for my liquid 56d that has the mic preamp emulation of my liquid 56........ as well as adat and 6 other focusrite pre's...
        • May 16
      • X-UF card compatibility
        GaryHiggins I would try them, even 1 at a time from V4.0 to see if any work, I would (almost) bet one would. I would also then contact support for clarification, it could be a bug. Although the firewire card is quite old and without recent support as Paul said, there still are users like yourself that have them. I sort of doubt they INTENDED to leave you out in the dark. Seems like doing so would require a "we no longer support our firewire card" in the small print somewhere-perhaps they did. Anyway they still show 4.0-4.06 versions so you can try them. (oddly enough 4.06 is the last one on page 3 of firmware list for the X32 and all the rest are listed newest to oldest...)
        • May 17
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    Hi, could someone tell me where to find the correct usb audio drivers for the Behringer X2222USB MIXER. Thanks for your help.

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    • keraj2
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi keraj2, if you are using a PC the X2222USB utilizes the ASIO4ALL Driver, this can be downloaded directly from the ASIO website below:

      If you are on MAC the device is USB class compliant and will utilize the MACs core audio system.
      • Aug 7
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    For the USB interface, what is the best way to connect to the the mixer if computer is more than 30 feet away? I'm using a usb extender over cat 5 & 6 ethernet adapter but it's not cutting it. We don't get a solid signal if any at all. 

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    • jangzer
      Paul_Vannatto Anything USB cable longer than 10' (3m) need the signal to be boosted. Most ethernet adapters only use the ethernet cable wire as an extension and does not boost the signal in any way. What you need is a booster/repeater device (which typically are quite costly.
      • Tue at 12:41 PM
  • djwilly
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    Hi, I just bought this synth. I hooked up to the Midi out of my Yamaha MX88 synth/keyboard. I cannot get this thing to play what I am playing. The best I can do is I can hear some sequences (which I didn't setup). I cannot use it as a monophonic synth. Also, the gate LED is always on. My Yamaha keyboard works wonderfully on the Behringer Model-D synth. Is there any picture of baseline settings so I can use this as a normal synth. I am knowledgeable with analog synths, but I can't get this one to cooperate. Perhaps one of my settings is not right? I can't seem to get Begringer support. I'm at the point where I may just return it and buy something different. Thanks, Billy

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    • djwilly

      re the midi are you using the midi in port on the front top right of the Pro 1? - I use mine with a Arturia Keystep and everyhting works as it should. Initially though I connected to the midi port on the back and nothing happened hence using the front midi in.

      • January 3, 2020
    • djwilly

      I am having the same issue.

      plus the USB doesnt work

      • January 13, 2020
    • djwilly

      Can't get the Pro-1 to connect via midi either. Using the Midi in on the front and a keystep with no luck. Any instructions would be greatly appreciated. Don't want to have to return it.

      • February 23, 2020
  • carloscotton
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    Hello, my name is Carlo and this is my first post here.

    At the beginning of our live show the system did not responded properly (slow but was still running) and midi was responding improperly (I have a button that start the click but once pressed the click suddenly stopped... crazy) no sound from output. I solved the problem only powering off the mixer. Restarting my Mac running Mojave didn't solve the problem itself and the panic midi command too. I had to unplug the mixer.

     I use XR18 (latest firmware) as audio interface connected to Mac Book Pro running mainstage (system is not overloaded). So 3 USB midi controllers + MacBook are connected via Hub USB to the mixer. In-hear monitor, air mic and stage piano are also connected in the audio channels. Everything is racked along with the router to wifi connection.
    When at home everything is ok of course. And we tried many times all together in studio. No problem. During the latest live I had this problem and was really bad. I was lucky because the first time happened before starting the show. We had to wait to restart everything ... panic ... but we did it.
    But the last time happened at the beginning and the  band started without me. I couldn't have power off the mixer avoiding the big  "Pooook". There is not a reset button. So I had to wait for the mixer man to close the live mixer channels. Stop the show... with 500 people dancing ... oh guys ... My colleagues where really disappointed and now our band is broken. I use Mainstage since 2014 and changed (before xr18 bought in 2018) many audio interface without having this problem. XR18 seemed to me the perfect setup. No more mixer and sound card with many cables around. The Mixer is racked with all the other gear. I thought this was the best solution and I was really happy because it worked ... since now.

    I really appreciate if someone having the same issue could tell me what the hell of problem is this.
    People not using daw or mainstage please don't write me to  change my setup using hardware. I'm not interested. 




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    • carloscotton

      Carlo,  I don't know if my recent unpleasant experience is related to yours but I'll share it.  

      I was running a friend's XR-14 for a church service for a Christmas eve service.  The place was packed.  We had only been using the mixer for a few weeks. 

      I was in the house with a touch screen capable Windows 10 PC.  He had a new android tablet on stage to help with monitors, etc.  

      They were playing some Christmas carols before the service when we lost wireless connections to the mixer from both the PC and Android.  We were still using the internal access point, without any security : (   Security has since been enabled. 

      Just prior to the loss of control I had muted the main because the director was giving verbal instructions to the group. so after loss of control we had no sound going through the mixer!

      Also around the time of the loss of control I had attempted to connect my Android phone to the mixer.  I was going to walk the room with it.   However instead of starting the Behringer control app, I accidentally started up a third party control app on my phone.  It never connected to the mixer because I had not yet purchased the app.  So I doubt that could have been the problem. 

      Rebooting the XR and control devices did not resolve the problem! 

      I was able to regain control by connecting an ethernet crossover cable--that I retreived from my car-- from the PC to the XR.   Even then we still did not have access to the mixer via Wifi.   

      I don't know what he did to resolve the problem after the event. I think he did a factory reset and reloaded his scenes.  He confirmed that he had the latest firmware.   The X Air app on the Android could not have been very old.   The X Air app on my PC could have been some months older since I purchased my XR some months earlier. 

      My plan is to always have an old PC or Mac laptop and Ethernet crossover cable available so in a pinch I can control the XR via the cable.   I have my XR set to provide an IP network address to devices connected to the Ethernet port.  If/when I setup an external wireless access point/router,  I'll make sure both units are providing IP addresses with the same network address and not providing the same blocks of client/host addresses. 


      • January 27, 2020
    • carloscotton

      Hi Joe,

      Your problem is different. My XR18 is connected via ethernet to an external router providing IP adresses to hosts. With this configuration I didn't have any problem connecting via OSX or OS & Android using app Xair and Monitor.  The wireless connection of the XR  is not stable as the external router. Try this configuration. Hope this will help. @joegtech 


      • January 27, 2020
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