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    Hi guys I am a marriage celebrant and love my battery run speaker, however it is not hold it's charge after 21/2 years so I would like to have battery replaced. Where can I have this done in Nsw asap

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    • Helen29
      Nigel67 Hi Helen29. Please contact our partner for Australia and they will be able to help you. This is


      UNIT 1, 1-11 Sydenham road


      Australia 46100

      (+)61 2 9698 4444

      [email protected]
      • February 7, 2021
      • Eurosport MOA200BT
        MondiMarku Hi can heave turbosound products inmycoumtry..TIRANA ALBANIA
        • February 13, 2021
      • Eurosport MOA200BT
        Nigel67 Hi, apologies for the late reply. The distributor for Albania is below. they are based in Germany. The contact is Misha Vucenovic
        Music Exports Gmbh
        Lindwurmstrasse 211
        Germany +49 897 461 2390 [email protected]
        • February 15, 2021
    • Helen29
      Helen29 Thank you very much
      • February 8, 2021
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    I saw that module part not activated now.

    When this optional board provided, WING's audio network ( MODULE in ROUTE page ) activated

    simultaniously using WING LIVE ( SD REC ).

    WHEN CAN I MEET this option board ? ^^

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    • pilgrims1
      GaryHiggins I will be a while, the W-Dante card has not yet been delivered and it will be after that. If I were a guesser ,and I am...I would say it's at least a year away. Hope not but that's my guess. I think you will see an option to buy the Wing itself with it pre installed FIRST, at a premium of course. This card requires it to be installed by a service center NOT user installable.
      • February 25, 2021
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    Hi folks,

    Just got my X-Touch and was using Tracktion 7.

    Adding the X-Touch as a control surface (Mackie Control Universal) in Tracktion 7:

    • In / Out markers on F3 & F4 keys - works
    • Touch fader track select - doesn't work


    Waveform 11 (Mackie Control Universal)

    • In / Out markers don't seem to work
    • Touch fader track select - works


    I was thinking of creating a brand new mapping but am having the following problems:

    1. Moving a fader doesn't register as a controller change (I have to touch it with a cloth to stop the 'touch' grabbing the control!)

    2. I can't get the job wheel to function properly. It jogs forward, but goes back home when I jog backwards.

    Anyone else using this same setup would be great to hear from youi!



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    • RichardJones
      RichardJones Have solved one of the original problems, Waveform gets confused when the mouse is over the track and shows another bar line in addition to the one that's positioned by the jog wheel. Solution - move the mouse out of the track area ...
      • March 11, 2021
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    I updated my x32's  firmware to 4.06 and now there are some sync problems between x-32 rack and logic pro x. Simple stereo recording from x-live to Logic via USB won't work anymore because of samplerate dropouts. All works fine with my 2012 MBP, but my iMac 2011 (High Sierra) is having these issues. 

    Got to mention that this setup has been working just fine before.

    Has anyone else had this kind of problems? Are these troubles related to latest firmware update? 

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    • PetriOjanperä
      Nigel67 Hi PetriOjanpera. Is the X-LIVE card running the latest software version? This can be found here If it is, are you using a USB hub? If so, can you try plugging directly into the iMAC and try all the USB ports. Re-check your clocking settings on the Logic software, and then try re-installing the Logic Pro software. If that doesn't work, please try submitting a Technical ticket and we will help you further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then get back to you with further advice.
      • March 28, 2021
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    I am using my 2018 Macbook Pro (Catalina) with Abelton Live Suite 10 for playback of Multitracks over USB, for a live proformance. When using the FCA1616 8 anolgue out's the audio is dropping constantly at least 2-3 times during a song.

    Can anyone help or advise if they have had success with this setup? If you have had success can you share your process.



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      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. Please click on the support tab above and create a tech support case and someone from our tech support department can get this sorted for you.
      • April 12, 2021
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    Hey everyone, 

    I'm pretty new to the x air app and xr18. I'm really happy with the sounds I have been able to capture (mainly drum mixes in my home studio).

    The reason for my post is I am wonderingng how I can migrate the show onto my laptop setup.  Everything was originally setup on the iPad, and I can't seem to figure it out.

    Id be be surprised if I have to redo everything manually. There has to be a way to save and move over.

    Really appreciate any help!


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    • DevinMcMonigle
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Devin, the X-Air does not have shows as a feature, like the X32 does. On the iPad app, shows are just folders on the iPad. Unfortunately, in Apple's "infinite wisdom", they have made it impossible to access these folders, like you can with other OS's. Also the scene files are stored in a binary format that is useless outside of the iPad. What you need to do is to save those scenes to snapshots on the XR18. Then download and run the X-Air Edit app (for Mac, PC, linux or Raspberry Pi). Connect the laptop to the XR18 via a router and ethernet cables (or wifi) and connect the X-Air Edit to the XR18. Once connected, load each snapshot, then Save to your laptop. The resulting scenes will be ASCII formatted which can be used with any other X-Air Edit as well as other 3rd party apps (such as X-Air Scene Parser).
      • May 31, 2021
    • DevinMcMonigle

      @Paul, thanks for the info and quick response! I will give this a try and then report back later. Thanks again!

      • May 31, 2021
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    hello, 1 year ago i bought an audio interface (behring u-phoria umc-202hd), i only used it for headphones all this time. This week I put in a microphone and it started to make a hiss, I changed all the cables and still continued, I tested the interface with the microphone on another computer and the hiss continued. Today I bought a Roland System 1, put it on the audio card using 2 p10 cables, and the hiss continued. Please someone help me?!
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    • Buogo
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Buogo, if you have not yet done so could you please submit a Technical support ticket? This can be done by going to support at the top of this page and scrolling to the relevant tab.
      Doing this will allow us to gather better information on your setup to advise further on the matter.
      • August 20, 2021
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    Five-piece Dad Band looking to bring our sound into one sock, so to speak, to make it clearer and more controllable for both live and practice sessions, and perhaps to record a little....

    We are getting ready to pull the trigger on a mixer...

    In - Mikes 1-4, Keyboards (stereo), Guitar (stereo), bass guitar, guitar, e-drums. I figure that we need at least 9 channels in, two of which seem to need to be stereo (the keyboards and guitar have stereo out - perhaps we can use just one of those two channels and make it 8 channels?)

    Out - Mains 1 and 2 to powered speakers, and monitors 1-4 to an 8-channel amp and four speakers. (We'd like to be able to send a different monitor mix to each of the four monitors, which we could by running the ins to four channels on our monitor amp and using L/R and Main/Monitor to direct a unique mix to each speaker. Plausible?)

    My thinking is that we need a mixer with at least 10 channels in and L-R main channels out, with four aux busses for the four monitor channels we want to take out. (Individual mixes for the four monitors is a nice to have but not a requirement BTW - we could take two monitor channels out with different mixes, for instance.)

    We are looking at the Behringer X AIR XR16 ( but are also thinking that it's a little deeper in capabilities than we could understand or use (being pretty casual users). But it would be nice to be able to dial in the sound from out front.

    Would a simpler, analog mixer, like the Behringer QX2442USB ( be a better bet? Seems like you can get a lot more channels (and I don't yet know what we'd use them for but let's say we got another keyboard or added another mike) for about the same price and not pay for a lot of deep capabilities that we'd not understand and/or never use.

    As always, thanks. I am the guy who knows how to plug everything in without blowing anything up and so am seen as the sound expert in the band, but I am at the edge of my competence here....

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    • DadBand
      Paul_Vannatto You will thank yourself down the road by going digital (trust me). Since going to a digital console in 2012, I'd never want to go back to using an analog console. The learning curve isn't that difficult and there are lots of tutorials (documents and YouTube videos) for both consoles, as well as lots of X-Air users that you can ask questions (here or other forums or groups).

      The choice on which digital console will depend on whether you want to record stereo to a USB stick (XR16) or record multi-track (XR18) for future post mixing.
      • December 29, 2021
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    Kicking myself for not registering within 90 days (or it would still be under the 3yr warranty) but just short of 2 years my SD16 has nothing coming out of the outputs. Power and AES50 light comes on without issue. Inputs all work just fine but no output. I'm sure it's not a config issure as I've tried everything under the sun. The mixer is definitely sending signal as I'm able to see it on the meter and replicate the output to a local bank of 8 outputs on the x32 mixer.

    As the final troubleshooting attempt, I replaced a known working SD16 in a working setup with the one to troubleshoot, and sure enough, none of the 8 outputs on the SD16 were picking up anything. I've cracked the unit open, checked all the connections and did a quick inspection for any blown caps or damage but couldn't see anything. I then put it back together and had the same results. 

    This thing was used for a few months initially with no issue, then sat in my basement as a backup for the better part of a year and a half until I was able to get another X32 to use it with. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    • djfunk14
      Paul_Vannatto Did you check the output bank switch (near the AES50 ports) to make sure it is set to what you want (eg. 1-8)?
      • Jan 15
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    Do you have a repair address or number to get an RMA for a repair? I dont mind paying per repair, I just want my units working again. I have 2 UMC404 units that have the blinky lights bug.. I just put them aisde and buy another.. I have not been able to locate a service location here in the states... that I trust... Its the only reason, I have only purchased "self-service-able" classic constructions that I can repair till I find a true address to send repairs to. I dont even care if it takes 6 months.. Im that type of customer. I love you products by the way. Been trying to say hi to Uli and tell him what a great job hes doing. I use his products in my studio and on our albums. Good stuff. I just repaired a 1202FX from the trash bin.. Now its ready to get back to work! 

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    • SNOKing1
      Nigel67 Hi SNOKing1. Please send in a ticket to our Service Team and they will be able to help you further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Service tab and submit a ticket.
      • Apr 12
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