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    Hi there! I use an audio interface from behringer : U-Phoria UMC 404 HD . the drivers version : 4.59.0.

    Today i faced a problem with the clarity  of my sound

    It started poping and cracking

    This problen occures only when i move my mouse or if change page on my chrome web browzer,

    I have tried many possible solutions found on the internet but nothing fixes it

    I would appreciate a solution to my problem

    Thanks alot


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    Hey there, im making this post because im running into the issue of my td-3 slowly getting more out of sync the longer it plays. it starts out at 1/32 and a half out of sync but it gets up to 1/16 note out of sync. ive been messing around with the settings in ableton but it doesnt fix it. its connected by a USB cable for midi and connected to a scarlett2i4 audio interface to get it to my computer.

    how can i get it to sync properly?

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     Hi My BCF 2000 Powers On then off then on then off again non-stop. Anyone have an idea of what itmay be and how I can repair it quickly? Thank you so much, Stephen Feldman, Palm Springs, Ca.

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    • SteveFeldman
      Nigel67 Hi Stephen. Until we look at the unit, it would be very difficult to identify the issue. It is either the power supply that is failing as soon as you put it under load, or a faulty component pulling down the psu when you turn it on. If you do not have access to a spare psu, I can only suggest clicking on the support tab at the top of the page, scrolling down the new page that opens and submitting a service ticket where one of my colleagues will be able to book your unit in for repair.
      • January 10, 2021
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    Does someone know if electro static charges can break audio interfaces? I had one on mine. I was trying to clean dust with a dust wiper. (UMC404 HD)

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    • donkeyXP
      RexBeckett Hi donkeyXP, electrostatic discharge (ESD) can damage any electronic device. Most products contain protection against ESD but a large enough dischage can still cause damage. Are you now having problems with your UMC404HD?
      • January 24, 2021
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        donkeyXP I tested the mic and it still works. Does the outer case of the Interface not protect the parts inside? And how can I prevent ESD?
        • January 25, 2021
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        RexBeckett The outer case offers a lot of protection but a large ESD to one of the connectors could still cause damage. ESD can be minimized by discharging any static build-up before touching sensitive equipment. The simple way to do this is by touching some grounded metal. In cold conditions the humidity drops and the risk of ESD increases.

        People who work with sensitive electronics often wear grounded wrist-straps to prevent static build-up.
        • January 25, 2021
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    Hello Tribe Community,

    The wing dante card is around the corner, does anyone knows the process to put the brooklyn card into the internal slot without loosing warannty?

    How much does this service screw driver intervention cost?

    Many thanks,


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    • MartinPressmar
      GaryHiggins I don’t know that the warranty is voided officially. It could be if something is hurt in the process and then you try to get that particular thing fixed, but why should that happen at all? The choice is to do it yourself and take the chance or not at all I think.
      • May 16, 2021
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    Hello. I just bought an ADA8200 and I want to connect it to my fca1616 to have more inputs. The problem is that when I connect the fca in ADAT mode, what is connected to it stops being heard. The ADA can't get it to sound even though the FCA driver recognizes it. Can someone explain to me how I have to connect it and what I am doing wrong. Thank you.

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    i have behringer x touch mini, but i can't get xtouch mini editor software for mac os users. where can i get it?

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    I can't install the X32-Edit software on my iMac (OS Big Sur). Following error message pops up "X32-Edit" can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.

    That's what I'm doing here with the question when there will be a solution.

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    • Doedel
      Nigel67 Hi Doedel. This is the Mac application firewall. Please go to the link below and scroll down to 'Allowing specific applications' and follow the instructions to allow the Edit app.
      • September 27, 2021
      • Can't install X32-Edit on a Mac
        Doedel Hi Nigel, thank you very much for your answer. I followed the instructions given in the link and all works fine now!!
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        • September 27, 2021
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    How do I find out when the drivers are released out of beta?

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    • hardyts
      NicJonesMT Hi HardyTS.
      The best thing to do is periodically check the Software section of the Product Page. When the new drivers are released they will be uploaded straight to there.
      • Feb 20
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