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    I brought a behringer 2a controller it came with deckadance2 Voucher but I can't get it to activate can anyone please send me an information thanks

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    • Damage
      Dale_M Hi Damage if you purchased a Behringer hardware unit and received a voucher for Deckadance LE Edition, please follow these steps to redeem your software:

      Download and Install the latest demo:

      Go to the Stanton Deckadance website and click "Demos" tab. Scroll down and download the demo for PC or Mac.

      Stanton Deckadance2 Website

      Enter your Behringer voucher code

      Click the following link and enter your code (you may need to create a Cakewalk account, or use an existing account)

      With Deckadance open click on the toolbar "Preferences" icon (top-left corner)

      Select "Registration" on the left menu.

      Under "Registration Steps":

      Click "For LE Edition" and save the generated CRQ file to your desktop

      Click "Activation Website" ** and upload your CRQ file.

      Activation webpage will quickly send back a response DAT file. Save it to your desktop.

      Click "Import Activation Response" and upload your *.DAT file

      Activation is now complete. LE Edition serial-number should now be visible on the same registration screen.

      ** If you cannot access the Activation Page through Internet Explorer, please ensure your cookie settings:

      Go to menu: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy - > Advanced

      "Override automatic cookie handling" should be Enabled.

      "Third-Party" cookies set to "Accept"

      "Always allow session cookies" is unchecked.
      • January 12, 2021
    • Damage
      newgroove2 Hi, unfortunately, now it is impossibile to create new account: "Create Account - New Cakewalk account creation is currently disabled. How can we do now as new customer???
      • May 13
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    I have a XR18, with the observed complaint of intermittent BT and channels bleeding over into one another. I am attempting to receive a RA to return this product for credit/replacement. Please contact me if further information is required

    Sam Ash music #45


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    • jamiejackson45
      KyleJohnson Hi Jamie, Kyle here with Music Tribe. To request an RMA please click on the Support link at the top of the page, and then select Service Request.
      • February 10, 2021
    • jamiejackson45
      R692258 I have a behringer x32. I was told I could hook up a usb a to usb b cord to a lightning adapter to my apple ipad to record my services on the iPad but run the sound through the mixer. Tried it and it didn't work. Any suggestions on how I can run my sound to the ipad from my Behringer?
      • February 12, 2021
      • RA Request
        KyleJohnson The USB Expansion cards for the X32 are designed for use with PC and Mac operating systems. iOS is not a supported operating system for audio interface purposes.
        • February 14, 2021
      • RA Request
        R692258 Thank you. Would it work if I plugged the usb b to usb a to an adapter that has the plug for my ear phones hole? forgive my ignorance. Something like a
        SmartEra USB Female to 3.5mm Jack Male Audio Converter Adapter (Black)
        • February 16, 2021
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    Hi .... In Behringer X32 there is a special type of booting the mixer that turns all the lights on the mixer on like in the picture. I have seen it done.It's like holding a button(s) while booting. I was wondering can anybody know how it's done.


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    • akmomtaz2
      Dale_M Hi you just need to hold down the top 4 right hand switches and then power the console ON you can then test all LEDs work, after this power OFF and it will boot normally next time you switch on.
      • March 15, 2021
      • Special Boot
        KevinMaxwell Are you referring to the top 4 User Assignable switches? That are labeled 5,6,7,8?
        • March 16, 2021
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    Has anyone had luck setting up Midi using RTP ?

    Im trying to understand what I'm missing, using a simple midi controller to trigger or change the console not for DAW operation

    Thanks for any thoughts

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    Comprei uma interface BEHRINGER UMC 22 baixei um drive da internet ela funcionou, quando baixei um DRIVE ASIO, direto do site, não funciona mais.

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    • Ednaldo
      Nigel67 Hi Ednaldo, please fill a Technical Support ticket and we will be able to help you further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then get back to you with help to resolve your issue.
      • May 16, 2021
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    Hi all,


    can any one point me in the direction of somewhere I can get some new clips for a ppa2000bt just picked up a second hand one and two of the clips that hold the 3 units together immediately broke ?


    any help greatly received 



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    • Danbuddle
      WilliamR Hello, William from Musictribe here. Please click the support link above and open a parts request ticket. Someone will get in touch with you ASAP.
      • June 2, 2021
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    I am finding it difficult to purchase the Flow 8. Do you have a trusted seller in Nigeria?

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    How many people would love, Behringer to make the ARP Quadra Synth. After the amazing job they have done on the, 2600 and the Odyssey. I would definitely buy one. 

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    Looking at buying a couple of these mics to use as a reporter-style microphone.  Does anyone know if they will work with a professional Canon XF-100 camcorder?  Also, will I need balanced XLR cables?

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    • KevinC
      NicJonesMT Hi KevinC.
      You need to connect the XM8500 using an XLR to XLR cable so if you are using XLR to mini jack cables they wont work.
      You would need to look at getting a field recorder aswell to connect the microphones to.
      • Mar 11
    • KevinC

      Thanks for the speedy reply. Yes I will be connecting via XLRs. Just wasn't sure if cabling had to be balanced or not. Was hoping someone would say, "Yes - use it this way all the time".

      • Mar 11
    • KevinC
      Paul_Vannatto Hey KevinC, yes both the Canon XF100 and the XM8500 have balanced XLR jacks. Using standard XLR cables will ensure that the signal from the mic will be a balanced signal.
      • Mar 11
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    I bought a pair of these to mic up some drums, however they dont work when connected to an old Carlsbro amp (balanced cabels etc). The intention was to hook these up to a small line mixer with and then into our yamaha mixer.

    I think the problem is no phantom power from the amp/mixer.

    What can I attach these to to get them to work?

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    • Stuartofappin
      Paul_Vannatto Google "phantom power supply". There are a number of models on the market by various manufactures
      • Mar 31
    • Stuartofappin
      Dale_M As Paul has stated unless your amp can provide auxiliary phantom power/+48v these mics will not work as they are active condenser mics and require a steady voltage unlike standard dynamic microphones.
      • Mar 31
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