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    I stupidly plugged in the wrong adaptor in my TC-Helicon (an identical adaptor carrying 18v lying right next to Helicon adaptor carrying the correct 12v) and predictably the device powered on and immediately shut down. There was no burning, sounds or outward sounds of damage so I am hoping that it can be an easy fix if I take it into a repair shop (replacing a part)? Does anyone have any advice on this? What a stupid split second mistake.

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    • DavidWilliamKay
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Please contact our Service team for further assistance with this issue. Click on Support, and then on Service Request to submit a case.
      • July 20, 2021
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    Hello everyone.
    I'm Italian and I apologize in advance for any translation errors, in which case I hope you understand me anyway.

    I have a question about a technical detail about xr16 / xr12 digital mixers.
    Let's take the xr12 mixer for example. The tech specs say it has 4 programmable Midas preamp inputs.

    And the other 8? I mean, what does Behringer mean by "programmable"?

    What are the differences between XLR and TRS inputs? (apart of course the type of connector)

    Thanks in advance for your answers

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    • FabioBarinotti
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Fabio, mic inputs are typically 1/10 the level of line level and require preamps to boost the signal to line level. On the XR12, there are only 4 mic inputs (XLR) that have preamps integrated with the XLR-F jacks. Programmable means that you can control (program) the gains and phantom settings of those preamps as part of the console's DSP and remotely via software (X-Air Edit, X-Air Mix, Mixing Station, Live Toolbox, etc.).

      The other 1/4" TRS inputs are all line level inputs that do not require preamps. These are typically used for line level signals such as CD players, iPad, keyboards, etc.
      • August 6, 2021
      • Programmable mic preamp inputs?
        FabioBarinotti Thanks for the answer, but something is still not clear to me.
        You wrote "Programmable means that you can control (program) the gains and phantom settings of those preamps as part of the console's DSP and remotely via software (X-Air Edit, X-Air Mix, Mixing Station, Live Toolbox, etc.). "
        This means that the other 1/4" TRS inputs have no gain and phantom to remotly control to?
        If so, do you think it's impossible to use this mixer as a console to premix a drumset?
        The idea would be to use xlr inputs for any condenser microphones such as overheads and TRS inputs for dynamic microphones, using XLR female - stereo jack male adapters for each input...
        • August 6, 2021
    • FabioBarinotti
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Fabio, no the 1/4" TRS jacks do not have any preamps, and thus no gain or phantom. All mics, including condenser and dynamic, require preamps in order to amplify the mic level (typically in millivolts) to line level (typically in volts). If you were using electronic drums, the outputs would be line level which could be plugged into the 1/4" TRS. Otherwise, you would need more mic inputs (XLR) such as the XR16 or XR18.
      • August 6, 2021
      • Programmable mic preamp inputs?
        FabioBarinotti Thank you very much, now it's all clear
        • August 7, 2021
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    When will the DeepMind12 App be updated to work with current iPad version?

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    • Thebenj
      PedroRodrigues Hi Thebenj, thank you for your post, please consider that at this moment we are analyzing this matter and as soon as as possible we will have information on this matter. Thank you
      • August 23, 2021
      • DeepMind12 App update?
        bernyboss Is there any news about the ios app update?
        • October 20, 2021
      • DeepMind12 App update?
        muitobom Any news about the ios app update?
        • Jan 20
    • Thebenj
      bernyboss Is there any news about the ios app update?
      • December 28, 2021
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    I have behringer uphoria UM2. Its second instrumental slot having noise issue while connecting. Plz someone give solution

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    Hi @ all,

    I bought an XR18 mixing console. Unfortunately, I cannot connect to my Macbook Pro via the USB output of the mixer. The mixer is absolutely not recognised by my Macbook.
    The mixer's firmware is updated to version 1.18.

    The operating system of my Mac should be Big Sur (11.6.2).

    Is this a known problem and can anyone possibly help me.

    Thank you in advance.

    Greetings Stefan

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    • Stevenfly
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. First I'd say test a different USB cable and port. Then try another computer. If none of those steps are successful you should contact our Technical Support team. Click on Support and then Technical Support to submit a ticket.
      • Jan 17
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    ok, so where is it? i bought my deepmind because the spec said it would support android apps.

    are you actually going to release an app so i get to edit sounds on tablet? it has been several years now without updates

    and it seems you deleted all the old threads here about people demanding the promised apps for ios and android.

    at least release to us the info needed for us to crowdfund an app or maybe via the chrome midi over web api?

    for gods sake throw us a bone here

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    I've asked about these issues in a support ticket but am raising them here too in case anybody reading has the answers and/or could find the information useful.

    I've recently bought an RD-6, a Crave and a FLOW 8 which I'm using with a Korg Monologue for DAW-less analogue fun.

    I need to update the Firmware for the RD-6 and Crave but can't use the Windows or Mac SynthTribe software - there isn't a Linux version/port of SynthTribe (yet?) and the Windows version doesn't work under WINE.*

    Firmware Update SysEx files

    Uploading the Firmware Update Sysex files to the Crave and RD-6 should be fairly straightforward via MIDI - I did it a few times with various bits of gear back in the '90s. I think I'd also need the SysEx command to tell the devices that a Firmware Update is coming, though that might be taken care of by the Firmware Update code itself. I'm not sure - it's a long time since I've done this sort of thing!

    How can I get hold of them? Firmware Update files can usually be downloaded from manufacturer websites but the only things on the relevant sections of the Behringer site are the Windows/Mac SynthTribe installers and the Quick Start Guides.

    I need a few other bits of SysEx info for the Crave but will ask about that in another thread.

    SynthTribe Android App

    Does anybody know where the SynthTribe Android App is hiding? The iOS version is in the Apple store but I can't find the Android version - the SynthTribe link on Behringer site goes to the Windows installer nstead of the Android app.


    * WINE runs Windows applications on Linux. The only things I really use it for are glorified SysEx editors for music gear. Of those I've tried the editors for the Alesis V61, Roland A-PRO series and AKAI LPD8 work, the Korg Monologue installed and loads but can't find the synth, SynthTribe won't install at all.

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    • PrimevalMudd
      NicJonesMT Hi PrimevalMudd.
      Just to let you know I sent you an email earlier today.
      Please check your Spam/Junk as sometimes our emails can be filtered to here.
      • Feb 20
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    Great little mixer! Love it! I've run it about 3 weeks now and have a couple fairly easy feature requests:

    1) When in any mix except Main, have the mixer switch itself to the Main Mix after 3-5 seconds of inactivity. Maybe have this as a switchable option in settings.

    2) Make the meters wider and/or possibly add a few pixels of black around them. They're VERY hard to see on a tablet, though not bad on a phone.


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    Voice of Customer: “When behringer puts out-of-reach classics into the working man's hands.” - Wayne T.
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  • SethUldall
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    I've purchased an X-Touch and am in the process of researching the possibility of adding an X-Touch Extender for live mixing through an XR18 or M32C and have come accross some reports that it's not actually an extender, per say.  Is the X-Touch Extender REALLY not compatible with an X-Touch and X32core/M32c?  Has this been solved/resolved?

    Seems wild that the "extender" wouldn't be recognized by the X-Touch when connected via USB and automattically configured it as an extension of itself, tabing through the channels 16 at a time instead of 8.

    What's the real deal? Is this an old issue or something still true and current?

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    • SethUldall

      Hi @SethUldall 

      It's still not compatible. I wish I had bought an extra  X-Touch instead of an extender for live use. There are kludges to use an extra intermediate device to "translate" the Extender's output.

      • July 8, 2019
    • SethUldall

      Thank you Dave.  I really appreciate it.  I hope someone outbids my current bid for one on ebay.  I'm blown away that they market it the way they do.  Waaaay misleading.  "Extender", my rear end!  LOL

      I'd much rather see it/them marketed as something without the letter X in it and perhaps numbered.. ie.Touch 1, Touch 2, Touch 3, etc. 

      Very frustrating


      Thanks again Dave.  Much appreciated. :Thumbsup:

      • July 8, 2019
    • SethUldall


      To be fair, the X-Touch and Extenders are Mackie Control clones—Designed to control DAWs (and they do it well). The X-Touch got the XCTL upgrade (for X32 control), the Extender didn't. But the advertisements are misleadleading. Colored scribble strips imply X32 control is possible; MCU and HUI protocols can't have color.

      • July 8, 2019
    • SethUldall

      Dodged a bullet.  Someone outbid me on the Extender.


      • July 12, 2019
    • SethUldall

      Just been caught by the same misleading info.

      Just wasted a day trying to get them both to work with X32/M32/MR18s.

      Doesnt even work as the manual indicates when connected directly to the console on its own in Ethernet mode, although it gives the indication it is trying.

      The Connection guide in both the X Touch and X Touch Extender handbooks indicate that they can be connected together with no mention that this cannot then be subsequently connected to a Console.

      This is beyond misleading.........It is down right inaccurate!

      • July 21, 2019
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