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  • 2020-03-25

    Do any of the Lab Gruppen amplifiers support shut down of the amplifier upon receiving a contact closure?

    Application is to prevent conflict with life safety systems, directly at the amplifier.

    Please also advise if there is a different way to seek this information more effectively.

    Kind Regards

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    • Steven Hood
      Alexander Lane

      Hi and good morning,

      Yes, the following Lab.gruppen amplifiers have this feature.

      E series
      C series / FP series (only with Nomad link NLB 60E)

      • Apr 6
  • 2019-12-13

    Hey, the LAB Control Software for Mac OS Catalina do Not work. When the new Version Come out?

    I need it so soon as possible!

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    • Johann Böhme
      Alexander Lane

      Hi @jboehme 


      Could you confirm which software you are reffering to? Do you mean the device control software used to monitor C and FP series amplifiers?



      • December 15, 2019
    • Johann Böhme
      Johann Böhme

      I mean the LabGruppen Drive Controller for IPD1200 and IPD2400 Amps.

      • December 19, 2019
  • 2020-04-14

    Hello, we have a problem with an IPD2400 and the firmware update. With one of our IPD 2400, the update collapsed in the middle of the erase. now the IPD no longer starts. What can you do? Thanks! Harald

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    • Harald Wilhelm
      Chris Edwards

      Dear Harald,

      Hope you are well.

      Are you able to confirm if the device is still receiving power fine, however, is just stuck in Standby? Or will the device not power to Standby?

      Thanks in advance.

      Christopher Edwards

      Customer Solution Lifestyle Specialist

      • Apr 14
  • 2020-09-16

    Hello, I am not getting any response from the aes inputs on my ipd's? When I try to connect to them with intellidrive  in order to update the firmware it gets stuck on a synchronisation process at 72%. This seems to affect my ability to save and recall presets. I don't want to attempt fm update unless I'm sure I can reload the presets. Please help!!

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    • daniel thomason
      Alexander Lane Hi Daniel,

      Are you running the update through a network switch or direct to the amplifier? Also make sure there are exceptions in your firewall for the software.

      Best to backup all the presets before doing the update too to be sure they are not lost. Try doing this through File -> Backup presets rather than during the update process

      For AES, can you let me know what you are using to drive the inputs? And the settings in the input mixer also?.
      • Sep 16
    • daniel thomason
      daniel thomason fixed! i managed to finally save the presets and update FW, intellidrive being very tempremental though. udated amps now recieve AES! Thanks
      • Sep 16
      • No AES and sync issues in Intellidrive
        Alexander Lane Excellent! The updater has been improved on the newer versions of Software so this issue should now be eliminated

        Let me know if you have any more questions
        • Sep 16
  • 2020-01-31

    is there any other way to get spare parts of the PLM series 
    bequase every time we if send it to repair and they have this Absurd high repair costs
     we can also do it ourselfs   its not that hard   its more hard to find the problem  
    but with 7 plm's in total  we rather want to do it ourselfs 

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    • Leroy Faessen
      Alexander Lane

      Hi Sowatt,

      You can contact our CARE team and ask but I would warn you that performing these repairs yourself will void your warranty. Also, our service centers have specialised repair and testing equipment which is quite essential to perform a quality and most importantly, safe, repair.

      Not trying to downplay your skills as a repair engineer, just a bit of insight into what goes into the process of service.

      Honestly I would very strongly reccomend you send your amps for repair in a certified service center, if you are getting repeat failures then its worth doing some analysis as to the cause also. It may be that you can avoid having to send it in to start with.


      I am more than happy to advise and assist further...


      • Apr 6
  • 2020-09-30

    One of my PLM5K44's is not found in the network. The leds flashes correctly but the amp does'nt appears in my Lake Controler

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    • Dominique MAUREL
      David Knighton Hello Dominique MAUREL,
      Can you connect your computer directly to the 'Primary' port and launch Lake Controller? If you have a newer version of Lake Controller and the amp in question is on an older firmware, then you may need to update it before Lake Controller will see it. Use the 'Lake Update' software with the computer connected directly to the unit. When it asks to choose your model, make sure you select PLM+ and not the original PLM. The Lake Update software is bundled with every version of Lake Controller. Navigate to C:/Drive/Program Files (x86)/Lake, Lake Controller version XXX/Lake Update.
      • Sep 30
    • Dominique MAUREL
      David Knighton
      • Sep 30
    • Dominique MAUREL
      Dominique MAUREL Thank you.I know how to do updates. I have updated all my amplifier with Lake Controller 7.0.0 version and the problem arrives on one amplifier... Sometimes i see it in the network, sometimes I don't see... I've done a factory reset but the problem is the same... sometimes I see, sometimes i don't see it in the network.
      So, now I have downgraded it in Lake 6.8 version and I'll try new... the problem is random
      • Oct 1
    • Dominique MAUREL
      David Knighton Hello Dominique MAUREL,
      Sounds like the amplifier could be having an issue with the network card. I would suggest submitting a service request to have the item evaluated/serviced. Click the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page and follow the SERVICE REQUEST path to create a ticket. Someone should be able to get you started with an RMA.
      • Oct 1
    • Dominique MAUREL
      Dominique MAUREL Hello David. Ok I will do that. Thanks
      • Oct 1
  • 2019-05-20


    A year ago I bought two Lab Gruppen IPD2400.
    After a few uses, now one of them does not turn on.

    When I plug it to AC, it does not go to stand by mode. And does not turn on.
    Fan runs, ethernet socket shows activity lights blinking, and Intellidrive Controller can connect with a valid IP address, but does not synchronize. 

    Seems that DSP is not working.

    Anyone has experienced something similar? Any ideas?

    Very frustrating. After investing money on top class brand amps, it only lasted a year.



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    • CesarBua
      Jochen Wyns


      Same problem here with a new ipd2400 at first start-up.

      No stand-by mode , black display , but fans at full speed. After 1 hr I cut the power en reconnect the power cord. The amp starts normal.


      • Jan 21
  • 2020-10-14


    I am a shop who is selling quite a lot Pdx3000 EU version to local market but many of them has problem with power supply, return ratio is about 1/10 (selling 10, return 1). Please take a look on attached photos (my technician rounds) and advise

    Thanks a lot.

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    • Diem Tran
      John Matthews Hi Diem, in this case you should fill out the service request from via the support button at the top of the page. This way the issue is reported direct to our service team who can investigate and follow process with you to determine the root cause.
      • Oct 14
  • 2019-11-26

    Well this is a busy forum isn't it?  Does anyone know of a way to copy and paste DSP parameters such as EQ and limiters between channels on the IPD control app?  I'm using the Mac and iPad versions and don't see this option.  Is it available perhaps in the Windows version?  

    Is there a better forum for this sort of question?  This one seems fairly low traffic.

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    • RileyCasey
      Alexander Lane

      Hi @RileyCasey,

      My apologies for the late reply here.


      There is not a direct copy and paste feature but if you are trying to achieve matched channels, a stereo pair of speakers for example, then you can link channels and everything programmed on channel one will be copied onto channel 2 (with shared control for both channels).


      There are two link options found on the "Levels" tab, one for input stage and one for output stage. See attached picture.




      IPD Link.PNG
      • December 9, 2019
  • 2020-07-15
    Can you repair this piece or does the customer need to purchase a new device?
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    • Kenneth Coulter
      Alexander Lane hi there, could you please submit this as a support ticket using the portal at the top of the page? Thanks
      • Jul 16
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