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    I have been looking to buy a VoiceLive 3 Extreme for a few months. I have had an order in place with one site (who was predicting 6-8 weeks availability from when I placed the order in early July) and have signed up for availability notifications from 2 others. I have chatted online with all three and though they were giving estimates two months ago, they are now saying that have no predicted dates for availability after saying they thought shipments were imminent. 

    I saw in a previous thread where the TC-Helicon rep recommended talking to the retailers who sell them to get supply information from them.  

    The retailers are telling me they don't have any stock and have no idea when they will be getting more in stock.

    Can you shed any light on the supply situation?



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    • alanmccann
      alanmccann Of course, just as I post this, I get a notification from the retailer that I had ordered with that my order is being shipped to today (after being told this morning that they didn't have any stock and didn't know when stock was coming in). I'm excited !
      • Sep 7
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    Hi, I have two questions:

    1) Is there any difference between the TC Helicon Voicelive Play and the Play Acoustic, besides the Play Acoustic having the guitar input (for key detection and efxs) and guitar effects? So does this mean both versions of the units have "exactly" the same vocal effects?

    2) On either unit, cans Voicelive VoiceSupport2 software be used to pre-program the keys of invidual presets that can be then sent to the VLP units? ...or is the VoiceSupport2 software basically for only backing up, copying, and changing order of presets?

    Thanks for you help in advance!

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    • sanelso2
      JoeRivers96 Hi, thank you for your contact. The vocal fx on these two units are the same - you will see some different presets on the Play Acoustic due to the guitar input.

      Unfortunately internal settings cannot be edited on VoiceSupport 2. This software is purely for preset management and firmware updates.
      • May 8, 2021
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    (I am setting up for podcasting)

    I am in Mic Setup and there is NO MIC SIGNAL showing.

    • I have a Go XLR Mini.
    • Shure SMB7.
    • All plugged into an external hub.
    • All software updated.
    • The app says: "Go XLR Mini Connected via USB".
    • I have the Shure Mic plugged into the Go XLR.
    • I have the USB plugged into the external Hub and have tried it plugged in direct to the Laptop.
    • In Windows I have selected: Chat Mic.
    • The laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad Carbon X1, well up to the job.
    • I am running Windows 11.

    Can someone please help me I am getting a bit desperate.

    Thank you


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    Sometimes when in setup mode, screens develop mind's of there own and randomly switch through options, genre's etc. I literally have to wait until it stops. Has this happened to anyone? Do I need to update software or does this sound like a defective unit?

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    • jefftaylormusic
      Paul_Vannatto Setup mode in what product?
      • Jan 28
      • Random Screen Changing on Helicon Voicelive 3 Extreme
        jefftaylormusic Helicon Voicelive 3 Extreme
        • Jan 29
    • jefftaylormusic
      jefftaylormusic Does anyone have any answers??
      • Jan 29
    • jefftaylormusic
      jefftaylormusic Did you have any success with the firmware update?
      • Jan 31
      • Random Screen Changing on Helicon Voicelive 3 Extreme
        jefftaylormusic No, thanks for asking. I did a firmware reinstall with the same version (apparently I had the most up to date edition). Same problem, still randomly changes screens when in setup mode.
        • Jan 31
      • Random Screen Changing on Helicon Voicelive 3 Extreme
        jefftaylormusic Must be frustrating. Reaching out to the "tribe" with over 270K members should prompt some helpful suggestions. Good luck my friend.
        • Jan 31
      • Random Screen Changing on Helicon Voicelive 3 Extreme
        jefftaylormusic Yes, may just return unit, seems to be great piece of gear with many bugs though.
        • Jan 31
      • Random Screen Changing on Helicon Voicelive 3 Extreme
        jefftaylormusic following...
        • Jan 31
    • jefftaylormusic
      Paul_Vannatto Is this a joke, dialoging with yourself?
      • Jan 31
      • Random Screen Changing on Helicon Voicelive 3 Extreme
        jefftaylormusic No, meant for enlightenment. Tribe seems to be a graveyard. I'm returning unit due to lack of support. Problem solved.
        • Jan 31
    • jefftaylormusic
      Paul_Vannatto Totally understood and I agree that this forum is nothing close to what we had before the major change that happened about 2 years ago. Most of the seasoned users have left in disgust for other forums and groups (unfortunately). Sorry that I can't help you, since my expertise is with the digital consoles (X-Air, X32, Wing, etc.)
      • Jan 31
  • ChrisF
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    Can I use backing tracks as 'steps" for a preset, so Song1 preset will have 2 backing tracks, Step1 will have the verse backing track, and Step2 will have the chorus backing track? Then I can just flip between verse and chorus backing tracks by using the Step switch?

    Is there a (better) different way to achive this?

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  • nmalexandersen
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    Hi ...

    I am searching the web for spesifications on the Audio outputs on a Perform VK, but I come up short ...

    So ...

    Is the outputs balanced or not ?

    At what level does the outputs operate ?

    I guess that the AUX IN is a -10 dB stereo jack .... correct ?


    Regards Nils

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    Is it possible to save different profiles, where the levels persist between the different profiles? As in, say the mic level is moved to 75%, and when I move to a different profile, to keep that number. Ideally, I'd only alter the fader setup/lighting, not any of the other options. 

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    • jffry101
      PedroRodrigues Hi jffry101 Please consider that any profile you create will be able to store all the settings you need,how you require for any particular tasks. You will not be bale to share the MIC level between profiles but you must set up the same MIC level on each profile.
      • September 14, 2021
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    I am at the very beginning stages of setting up this voice box and I cannot adjust the mic control setting. It displays as N/A. According to the manual, there are 4 settings. I was able to adjust settings on the other items but not this one. Thank you. 

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    • lizcomo
      kiskadar69 Before doing so, set SETUP / Input / Mic Type to "MP-75" (or "MP-76" if you have such a microphone).
      • Aug 7
    • lizcomo
      PedroRodrigues Hi lizcomo, thank you for your post, when you press Setup, the VoiceLive Play enters a menu, which is comprised of 6 pages and controls the general functions of the device.
      Amongst those function you have the Mic Type that allows you to select the type of microphone.
      There are 4 settings:
      DYNAMIC MIC– for dynamic mics (like an SM-58 or OM5)
      CONDENSER MIC – for condenser mics (like a Beta 87A)
      MP-75 MIC - for use with our MP-75 microphone, which has an onboard switch to control various functions of your VoiceLive Play, such as the HIT or LOOP functions. *Mic Control defaults to HIT when MP-75 is selected.
      USB – Digital audio can be passed to the VoiceLive Play via the USB port. You can select USB Left or USB Right, allowing you to send vocals from a DAW, in mono, to the unit.
      It is important to take under account that on Input control you must select Mic Control, that sets the action associated with the Mic-Button.
      There are 4 settings:
      HIT – The mic button controls HIT in any patch that has a HIT function assigned.
      HIT + TALK - Pressing the mic button engages the HIT function. Pressing and HOLDING the mic button engages TALK mode, bypassing all effects. Press again to exit TALK mode.
      PRESET UP – Cycles through the presets, moving forward through the menu.
      LOOP – Activates or De-Activates RECORD/PLAY/O-DUB for Looping. For Looping.
      Once you’ve connected your microphone and selected the Mic Type (Dynamic, Condenser, MP-75), use the Mic Gain Knob to set the input level for your microphone.
      As you increase the level, pay close attention to the LED on the top of the VoiceLive Play. You want the input to light Green.
      It’s OK if the LED sometimes lights Yellow, but it should never turn Red. If it does turn Red, reduce the level. Red means the input is overloading.
      • Aug 9
  • BeePee
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    I'm still happily using my original Voicelive Touch for gigs and home recording. I link it up via USB to an iPad to get the benefits of the excellent Loopy app, superior in many respects to the looper in the VLT. A question, if anyone's listening: Loopy gets the signal from the VLT fine and returns it without noticeable latency. However it seems only the main VLT signal is being recorded in Loopy via USB, not extras like harmonies etc. I can get them if I take an analogue signal from the main or headphone VLT outputs into the iPad via an iRig headphone input, but I want to retain the clean USB input. Any idea why only part of the signal (pre processing, without harmonies etc) is coming in via USB? Thanks, BeePee

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  • bearaby
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    Please give me reasons to upgrade to VoiceLive Play (or other?) from a Perform V for hosting karaoke, which by nature has singers requesting many different songs, unknown to me in advance.

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    • bearaby

      Hi @bearaby ,

      The Perform V is nice because it's very fast and easy to edit, but the Voicelive Play has far more options and you can do deeper editing with it. Voicelive Play also allows you to store 500 presets, so if there are several songs you know are common you can recreate the vocal effects from them and store them in the pedal. It really comes down to whether you want flexibility or easy fast editing. Let me know if you have any questions about these pedals, I'm here to help!  

      • February 28, 2020
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