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    Hello I'am looking for the TC helicon Voicelive Rack MIDI System exclusive.

    I cannot find the codes of the Sysex for Voivelive Rack



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  • Soundcatcher
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    So our Voicelive 3 Extreme has an intermittent fault.. Without warning the volume / Bass will drop out of a recorded loop. No settings are changed or cables moved. This happens with saved loops and also newly recorded loops. The live output on vocals and guitar remain at the correct volume and don't lose any of the bass. Recorded vocal loops also appear to be okay.

    I'm fairly good at fault finding and systematically working through issues, but this one currently has me stumped. I'd understand if it was an auto volume clipping compression thing but on a previously working loop it doesn't make much sense? Has anyone had a similar issues and have they fixed it? If anyone from TC Helicon spots this... Is this an issue that you may be able to fix?

    My daughter loves this piece of kit but if we can't make it stable (understand it may be our finger trouble somehow) we may be forced to find an alternative. She's a solo singer guitarist that's known locally for her looping talents.. So the pedal is a kind of essential piece of kit... Currently looking as though it may end up being a very expensive doorstop!

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    I have a VoiceLiveplay and the internal power connection is done. Tried a new power adapter with no success. 

    I started a service request but, I have no idea how to find it or what to do next. Can anyone point me towards how to get this dealt with or what is supposed to happen next?


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    • ChrisPotter1
      RexBeckett Hi Chris, if you submitted a Care ticket for Service Repair you should get a confirmation email. Keep watch on your email spam/junk folder in case it ends-up there. It could be a few days before you get additional emails about the case. You should also be able to see the status of your ticket by clicking on Support at the top of this page then scrolling down and selecting Care Portal.
      • November 27, 2020
    • ChrisPotter1
      ChrisPotter1 Thanks Rex
      • November 29, 2020
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    Hello... is there a way to pan my vocals to the right channel (output to mixer) only so I can monitor the left channel (output to monitor) without hearing my vocals?

    Im using back tracks and hear my vocals in the ear monitor louder than the click track (left channel).




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    • JoseRGonzalez
      PedroRodrigues Hi JoseRGonzalez to be possible to reply in more detail please state what unit what you are referring to. Nevertheless generally on TC HELICON units that will not be possible but please confirm the unit you are referring to so I can provide the options available. Thank you
      • Jan 12
      • Vocal Output Panning (L/R)
        JoseRGonzalez VL3X. Sorry about that. I am using background tracks and need to monitor the left channel with in-ears, but my voice also comes out on the left channel and doesnt let me hear the click track. Thanks!
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        • Jan 12
      • Vocal Output Panning (L/R)
        PedroRodrigues Hi Jose, please be aware that the metronome is always on, even when it's not. It's constantly ticking away in the background, so even when you have the metronome set to Off, it's still going internally to calculate things like delay.
        You can go into the Mix menu and customize the headphone output - it's possible to make this just the metronome output by turning everything else down. You can change the metronome's tempo, but it must be done manually, either by going into the looper's Met menu, or you can button map an effect switch to Tap Tempo and dedicate one of your effect footswitches (either guitar, vocal, or both) to metronome tempo. Either way, when you go to tap in a tempo a window will pop up showing the current tempo, and you can use the preset up and down footswitches to edit the tempo 1 bpm at a time (or just tap it in). All the individual levels are adjustable as well, you have control over a Main Mix, Headphone Mix, Effects Mix, and Loop Mix.
        If I understand your situation, you want to be able to stop the loops and have silence for an indeterminate amount of time, then be able to stomp the loops back on and have the 1 beat of the metronome right when you press the footswitch. Unfortunately, I don't think this will be possible with the inclusion of the metronome through the main outs.
        It is possible to isolate the metronome to the headphone out jack via the Mix menu, so you'd be able to hear it. This would be a substitute for you looking down at the flashing metronome light when singing.
        • Jan 13
      • Vocal Output Panning (L/R)
        JoseRGonzalez Hi Pedro... I dont use the metronome. I create my own backing tracks and import them into the voicelive3 extreme. The backing tracks I make have the music I want people to hear in the right channel. The left channel has a click and some cues to help me during the song. When I play the track in the VL3x, the right channel comes out my PA, and the left channel goes into my ear monitor. The background track works great, but my voice comes out of the VL3x out both channels, so because of my voice coming out of the left channel also, I cant hear well what I have in the track. If I lower the microphone levels, it would lower the volume on both channels so then the vocals would be too low on the mix. What I did last gig was to just connect my microphone directly to the PA so I didnt have to hear myself on the track, thus leaving the VL3x used as a track player.

        One way I tought of fixing this is to recreate all of my backing tracks so that the left channel is higher volume than the right. Thats gona take a long time.
        • Jan 13
  • Crimso23
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    I cannot figure out how to print the preset list in Voice Support 2. There must be a way. It's very **bleep**bersome to scroll through the list every time I'm looking for a preset. I know I can add presets to my favorites to make scrolling easier, but I'd also like to explore other presets (without scrolling). 

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  • decktheHolls
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    Hiii.  Can someone please help direct me what to plug in where to make my Arturia MIDI keyboard work with my VoiceLive 3? I have a Scarlett 18i8 to use as an in-between but am not sure what to plug in where to be able to hear the keyboard sounds in the VoiceLive.  This is currently where my vocals and guitar stuff is done and I want to be able to take the MIDI keyboard sounds from my keyboard (which obviously only come through on the PC) and have them go into the VoiceLive so I can loop that in with my vocals and guitar stuff.  I realize I probably have to somehow use my DAW (Ableton Lite came with the keyboard) to make this work?  But am unsure how to do even that! I am very new to the technical side of all of the musical things... So if someone would be kind enough to dumb it down for me, that would be great!  Currently, the keyboard and VoiceLive are both connected to the PC via USB... And these, as well as the Scarlett, all have MIDI in and out ports {this was the only thing someone had asked in return when I explained my issue before} that I just need to know how to use.

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    • decktheHolls

      If you're monitoring via the VL3, and the PC is generating the sounds via a "softsynth" I would take the "AudioOut" from the Soundcard(Scarlett) into the "Aux In" socket on the VL3. (1/8 inch stereo audio lead)


      Midi keyboard => Scarlett/PC => Audio out to VL3 Aux In  

      But there are multiple ways to do it. That's probably the easiest way to start.

      Maybe add a USB lead to the VL3 from the PC if you need sync,but then it starts to get a bit more head-hurty.

      • January 25, 2020
  • Floh1954
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    which affordable expression pedals work best with the VoiveLive 2?

    That means, that there are no "dead" areas from toe to heel position.

    I learned, that most pedals with a 25 K linear pot in TRS-configuration work fine as an expression

    pedal, but I do not know the correct brands ( the pedal should be durable).

    Thanks in advance, regards,

    Florian Schneider

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    • Floh1954
      JasonB81 Hello Florian - This is the pedal I use for all my TC products - I highly recommend it.
      • August 14, 2020
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    I switched from VLX3 extreme to an acoustic play.  The AUX output used to be on the vocal side of the XLR output.  On this acoustic play I have it set for vocal and guitar and it seems the AUX output is on the guitar side. Anyway to switch that?  I want to keep it Vocal on one channel and guitar on the other. But would like AUX to be on the vocal side 

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    • T3aztec
      PedroRodrigues Hi T3aztec please take in to account that you must use the Output parameter to set how signals are sent over the XLR outputs of Play Acoustic.

      The unit offers several parameters that you can set up on the output stage such as:

      1)-The Vocal/Guitar (DI) setting, with this setting, vocal and Aux signals are sent over one XLR connector, and guitar signals over the other XLR.

      2)- With the Stereo setting, a stereo mix of Vocal, Guitar and Aux signals is sent over both XLR outputs

      3)-With the Mono Setting all effected vocal and guitar sounds are sent via the left XLR output.
      Dry vocals, with Tone and pitch correction, if you have set the Pitch Cor Amt parameter on the Input page to a value other than zero, are sent via the right XLR output.

      The unit also offers on the outputs stage tools such as the Vocal cancelation function and the Lead Mute parameter.
      The first tool that attempts to remove the vocals from a piece of music while the second tool mutes the lead vocal and only output the processed signals.

      1)- With the Off setting/ On setting
      When it’s on “Off set mode” no processing is performed on the Aux input signal.
      When it’s on “On setting mode”, Play Acoustic will attempt to remove lead vocals from a piece of music.
      This will create “Karaoke” style music for you to sing along to, including key information for harmony generation.

      2)- With the Off setting/ On setting
      When the Lead Mute parameter has the “Off setting” activated Lead Vocals are routed to the main mix.
      When the Lead Mute parameter has the “On setting” activated Lead vocals are removed from the main mix.

      I hope this clarifies the options you have available to configure your unit and how you must set it up to reflect your creative intentions.
      For a more in-depth information on how to set up your unit please follow the link below to access the full guide and all the resources available for your PLAY ACOUSTIC.
      • Sep 14
  • Barkus
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    Hello when I press 1 to store on VE it flashes and saves. I go to 2 and save my different settings, but when I go back to 1 it is changed to the stored setting I had on 2. Same if I save again on 1 and go back to 2, it becomes the same stored setting that I had on 1. what gives? Thanks.

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    • Barkus

      Hey @Barkus,
      Just to clarify, you're pressing and holding the preset "1" button to store your changes - not just tapping it, right?  If you just tap the preset button it'll reload the preset as it was before you made changes.  To store changes to a preset, you need to press and hold its respective preset button.  Is that what you're doing and it still isn't saving?

      • August 16, 2019
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    When plugging in my headphones to my GO XLR Mini, i hear a constant static/buzzing noise coming through. I know it's not my headphones because they work just fine with other devices. It's not my microphone because I can still hear it even when I unplug the mic. I've tried moving it's position, moving the other electronics away from it, but nothing is working. I've also tried plugging the device into different USB ports on my computer. The static/buzzing seems to go away whenever I put my hands on the microphone or the GO XLR Mini itself for some reason. Please get back to me when you can.

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    • cre5cendo
      Mazards Sounds like you might need a Ground Loop Isolater. They are like $12 on amazon and you should plug that in either the headset or microphone line in/out to cancel it out. If I am thinking of what you are talking about.
      • December 29, 2020
    • cre5cendo
      AndreasPeters I have the same issue but not constant. It is some sort of buzzing zirping ( Brzzzt -- tdt tdt tdt) which seems to occur in some irregular periodic time. It is even heard when the mic is unplugged. Any ideas?
      • Mar 6
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