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    Low volume on guitar playback but have plenty of input signal please help 

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    • Scotty1969
      PedroRodrigues Hi Scotty1969,Please consider that on the GUITAR Tab allows you to control the guitar mix level and the style and mix settings for the Reverb and μMod effects.
      This is the same Guitar mix control as the one that is activated when you access the main Mix screen.
      You can adjust the level of the guitar in VoiceLive 2’s overall mix in either menu.
      The range of this control is -30 dB to +24 dB in order to adapt to a wide range of guitar output levels.
      Please note that this does not affect guitar level when a jack is connected to the GUITAR THRU connector and the guitar signal is passed on to an external amplifier.
      • Feb 12
    • Scotty1969
      Scotty1969 Thx Pedro I sincerely appreciate it. Without getting too detailed I gave it a second thought about having my guitar coming through the PA from same speakers that are primarily for vocals. I’m in a guitar duo with drums/bass on backing tracks. Yes we do mic up guitar speakers to come through PA BUT I run stereo and the setup is I run a speaker on both sides of us with a powercab just off to my right so that’s the primary speaker I hear regarding guitar. Two outside powered speakers are an additional left side in conjunction with the powercab and then a right side powered speaker (stereo). I utilize a guitar synthesizer so running both my helix and synth in stereo is a huge difference. PA mains are just out front of my right and left powered speakers. I believe it makes better sense to loop guitar through the helix instead of the helicon BECAUSE the powercab is going to give me the best looped replicated sound coming from the helix and that’s what is mic”d up to the PA mains.
      • Feb 13
    • Scotty1969
      Scotty1969 Pedro can you tell me if I can use one XLR output and one 1/4” output? Or do I have to run either XLR pairs or 1/4 “ pairs (right and left)?
      • Feb 16
    • Scotty1969
      PedroRodrigues Hi Scotty, please The typical setup for monitoring the output of VoiceLive
      2 is to connect two 1/4” cables to a stereo channel in a
      PA mixer. VoiceLive 2 can be set to output in mono if
      preferred in the I/O tab of the SETUP menu.
      If you are using a snake to connect to an offstage mixer,
      then the XLR outputs can be connected without the
      need for DI boxes. The output of the XLR jacks is the
      same as the 1/4” jacks: line level (maximum +16 dBu).
      Both the XLR and TRS output jacks can be used at the
      same time when required. Correct you can have a mono signal outputting via XLR and the other signal outputting via 1/4” jack.
      • Feb 17
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    The side buttons are not responding. How can I reset the machine? 

    Any help?

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    • Kfir
      PedroRodrigues Hi Please consider that to restoring the factory settings of TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch , you must power up the unit. Then hold the LEFT BOTTOM and LEFT TOP Matrix buttons while the display shows text until the display shows the initialization message. The Factory Reset procedure is complete. If this does not resolve this matter please try to update the firmware for your unit via VOICESUPPORT.
      • Mar 2
      • Help.. :(  Voice-over touch
        Kfir Hi, thank you for your response, the whole buttons on the right side of the machine is not working or light up.
        • Mar 2
    • Kfir
      Kfir Can I get someone to send it to get fix or someone to look at my Voicelive?
      • Mar 2
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    Hi friends! We are very excited to anounce GoXLR update 1.3.130.



    Color Wheel

    • Allows for unlimited choices to fully customize the look of your GoXLR.
    • Recently selected colors are saved to make setting up your color profile faster and easier.

    Cough Mute

    • Cough Mute now has its own dedicated mute options.
    • Mute behavior can be set to Hold or Toggle modes.
    • Mic no longer needs to be assigned to a dedicated fader, thus freeing up a fader to mix another audio source.

    Line Out fader

    • The line out level can now be controlled by the application and can be assigned to a physical fader.

    System Tray / Minimized on Startup

    • GoXLR app can now be set to be hidden in Windows System Tray on startup.

    Quality of Life Improvements and Bug Fixes

    • Double click an individual band on the EQ to reset gain to 0dB.
    • Reset button now also resets EQ bands to a gain of 0dB.
    • Right-click on device component in app to enter the lighting tab for that component. A left-click will bring you to the settings tab for that component.
      Mic, Chat and Music are now select-able on all channels for Mini.
    • Global settings now contains a checkbox to select whether muting Voice Chat also mutes your Mic channel.
    • Headphone and Lineout should now properly display audio passing when set to meter mode.
    • Profile mute mode and EQ settings now load correctly on start-up.
    • With Line Out or Headphones as the channel source, Mute to All is the only select-able option.
    • Adjusting the mid and high EQ bands on Mini in basic and advanced modes did not have reliable behaviour. This has been corrected but this may have changed your profile EQ settings slightly.
    • Better error checking on updates.
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    I need your help! I have my harmony singer set to when I hold the button down I have harmony. My problem is this… The harmony sometimes comes back on even after releasing the button. I don't think it's the pedal itself. I have tried two additional harmony singers with the same result. I welcome any and all suggestions! Thank you!

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    • mikecashmusic
      kiskadar69 Try turning off Mic Control.

      Original Harmony Singer:
      "Mic Control allows you to turn the harmony effect on and off from the optional TC-Helicon MP-75 or Sennheiser e835FX mic. Harmony Singer has a switch labelled MIC CONTROL that can be pushed in, allowing you to active or deactivate the device from the mic. When Mic Control is not desired, make sure the switch is out."

      Harmony Singer 2:
      "Mic Control allows you to control the effect's on/off status via an MP-75 microphone. Press and hold the footswitch while powering up the unit to toggle Mic Control."
      • May 17
    • mikecashmusic
      PedroRodrigues Hi mikecashmusic please consider that to be possible to assist you on this matter with more tools please follow the link below and submit an assistance request directly to our Tech support Team Thank you
      • May 29
  • Josenrique1987
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    What will be the set up or if there is any preset for Cranberries songs in the TC Helicon Voicelive Play?

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    I do have a ticket that I'm waiting to hear from but thought I'd ask here as well. 

    My unit power cycles for maybe around 4 or 5 minutes. It will then kind of "settle in" and work ok.

    While power cycling, the display will get dull then bright again. 

    Any thoughts on this? 

    Thank you. 

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    • TalRodriguez
      PedroRodrigues Hi Terri, Please be aware that via Tech support ticket we will have more tools to help you on this matter, never the less please be aware that taking your description in to consideration and without any other analysis I can only think that of the screen is faulty of the PSU is showing the first symptoms of going to faille in the near future. I hope this helped.
      • December 15, 2020
      • VoiceWorks Rack Mount
        TalRodriguez Thank you for your response. I have received an email already telling me where I can take the VoiceWorks for repair. I was kind of thinking it would be the power supply. Right now, as long as I leave it on, it is working ok. But I will be taking it to the repair shop as soon as I can.
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        • December 15, 2020
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    Hi there! 


    Just recently bought a brand new duplicator footpedal to use in my live singing events. I also bought the MP 75 Mic to use with it and at my sound check today the two paired together sounded incredible - but the button on the microphone won't activate the effects like it's supposed to and I was forced to use the foot pedal. After entire day of trying to update the firmware - VoiceSupport says it's at the latest version finally but is there something else I'm supposed to do in order to get the mic to work as it should with this pedal?

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    • KrisCarrasco

      Hi there, Mic Control allows you to control the effect's on/off status via an MP-75 microphone.
      Press and hold the footswitch while powering up the unit to toggle Mic Control.
      Note that when using a condenser microphone, Mic Control should be disabled to
      prevent unwanted on/off switching. -Can you advise this is what you are doing?

      • Jul 6
  • jt1
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    need selection pot for a Voicelive play

    Fantasia Painting(8).jpg
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  • Bigtime
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    Hi Everyone. I just bought a Voicelive 3 Extreme and I am running into an issue. When I use in-ear monitors I want to be able to completely control my in-ear monitor mix from my digital mixing board. I would like to use the headphone output control on the Voicelive to control the entire in-ear mix that is coming from my soundboard (much the same as a belt mounted headphone amp). However, it seems that the headphone output on the Voicelive is directly connected to the mic and guitar inputs on the Voicelive. For example, if I turn up my vocal mic in my in-ear mix from my digital mixer, nothing happens to the vocal volume in my in-ears. I have to turn up my headphone output on the Voicelive to increase the vocal volume and then turn down everything else on my digital mixer. Maybe I have something routed wrong. I am running the Voicelive in dual mono mode. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.
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    I just bought a Play Acoustic, but the included power supply is not compatible with U.S. electrical outlets. What are my options? 

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    • Smith1961
      Nigel67 Hi, the psu is a universal part and works from 100 to 240 volts. I would suggest that you could either purchase a travel adapter or contact our spares department and purchase the correct adapter. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spare parts tab and submit a ticket. If the reseller sent you the wrong part, then you could also contact them and ask them to supply the correct adapter for your country.
      • Mar 31
    • Smith1961

      Nigel, I contacted Thomann, but they were not very helpful. But, I have been in contact with another Nicholas Tavcar, who is in the process of creating an order for a new PSU, and to back order the correct adapter plate for the power supply that came with the unit.

      • Apr 12
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