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    Hallo eine Frage ich möchte über mein Handy bei einer Plattform streamen die es noch nur für handy gibt, habe ein mischpullt Behringer Xenyx 1202 USB und ein XLR-Mikrofon Rode Nt1 und ein Handy Samsung Galaxy A 51. Brauch ich da einfach nur ein  Kabel Chinch zu aux das dann in ein Adapter und ins Handy oder reicht da ein Kabel und das dann im Audio Buchse? LG

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    • linschen
      Nigel67 Hi. You can purchase a cable that has a mini jack on one end for your phone headphone socket, which Y splits to 2 TS jacks which you can then plug into a stereo input on your mixer. Hope this helps
      • January 17, 2021
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    Behringer Guitar2USB Guitar USB Interface Quit working after installing Big Sur. Is there a new driver?

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    • keller3987
      Nigel67 Hi Phillip, updating to MacOS11 / BS could lead to audio glitches with specific applications. However, USB audio/MIDI function of our products are fully UAC2.0 compliant (do not need drivers under Mac OS) and should keep working under CoreAudio as before. It is either an Apple issue, or if you are trying to record into a DAW, then it is likely this which needs updating.
      • December 1, 2020
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    Where can I buy one of these cables?

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    • scotttedford
      NicJonesMT Hi Scotttedford
      Please click support at the top of the page and submit a spare parts ticket. One of the team should then be able to advise you further.
      • May 23, 2021
    • scotttedford

      Hi Scott, I don’t know if you still need a pedal cable. But I bought the same piano used and the previous owner broke the end off of the cable that plugs into the piano. I saw that it was a five pin din same as a midi cable so I cut a MIDI cable and figured out which wires were which and I spliced it on to the piano wire and now all three pedals work great. There’s four wires coming out of the pedal wire and one of them is ground. So once you figure out which one is ground, it’s easy to figure out which of the other three are connected to which pedal by experimenting. On my piano cable, the brown wire was the ground. And I believe red was the sustain pedal, black was the middle pedal and the remaining wire was the left soft pedal. Fortunately since the pedals are passive, it doesn’t matter if you cross the wires while you’re experimenting to find the right wire, you’re not going to short anything out.

      • Sep 4
  • PenelopeN
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    Hi I have UM2 and would like to connect it to my speaker which is Portronics Sound Slick II. Please advise how to connect and what type of cables are required for the same. 

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    • PenelopeN
      ThomasAlexander Hi Penelope, It looks like you should be able to use a to 3.5mm to stereo RCA adapter cable. RCA out to 3.5mm in on the speaker.
      • September 6, 2020
    • PenelopeN
      NicJonesMT Hi Penelope.
      I work in the UK support team.

      Thomas Is correct. If you use a Stereo RCA to TRS 3.5mm jack then you should be able to run the audio from your UM2 to the Sound Slick 2.
      • September 8, 2020
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    Where can I buy a US power supply for a Xenyf 1202FX mixer?

    I am based in Colorado Springs 





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    Hello, I purchased a RD-8 from Andertons and it did not come with the US Plug slide adapter.

    I was wondering how I can get one or where to get one?

    I messaged Behringer support a few days back but no one has replied yet. 

    Is there anywhere online I can pick up the US Plug slide adapter thing (sorry do not know the proper name of it)


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    I need to replace the power cord for a Behringer bass v-amp. Power supply model VAMPUL. Please let me know where to order this from. 

    thank u

    Tim R

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  • fbdenis1
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    Can someone tell me what cable accessories I need to buy to connect my Behringer iNuke NX3000D to Buttkicker LF x 2 to Art CleanBox Pro to Pioneer SC-LX501 receiver for my home theater.

    Thank you,


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    • fbdenis1
      DavidKnighton Hi Frantz Denis,
      Not sure I completely follow your logic. Can you confirm the order of connections? Usually the amplifier is next to last in the chain and the buttkicker would be the very last in the chain. Effectively, the buttkicker is treated like a speaker. Can you provide a link to the exact model of buttkicker?
      • October 5, 2020
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    Hi there,

    I hope you can help me with my problem. I'm a drummer, and I thought, that it is a good Idea to have the music on the ear AND on a speaker. So I bought the HA400. But now, I can't listen to music with it, I have plugged in my headphones (with an adapter to a bigger jack plug), my Handy also with a adapter to a bigger jack plug and my box. It is all on the place where it belongs to. Could it be the adapters?

    PLEASE help me!!! Ps. srry for my bad english, i come from Austria

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    • SimonBoomMusic
      Dale_M Hi there it could very well be the adaptor, your headphones should be a standard stereo jack with 2 black sepeartion rings (like the one in the image) if you are using headphones that have 3 or even 4 rings then they will not be compatible, the same applies if you use an adaptor, your best bet is to borrow/obtain a standard pair of headphones that terminate to a standard 1/4" jack like the image and test again. Any further problems please raise a Technical ticket from the Support tab above and let me know the case number.
      • Mar 6
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    I need 3 ac power adapters for PM 1(personal monitor system). 9v positive tip?

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    • RGREEN8682
      Paul_Vannatto Are you meaning the P1, since the PM1 doesn't have a jack for an external adapter? If so, it requires a negative tip adapter.
      • Mar 23
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