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    I'm just starting out with synthesizers and need to know the correct connections to my keyboard amp.  I'm presently not getting any sound from the keyboard to the amp.  Need suggestions.

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    For the USB interface, what is the best way to connect to the the mixer if computer is more than 30 feet away? I'm using a usb extender over cat 5 & 6 ethernet adapter but it's not cutting it. We don't get a solid signal if any at all. 

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    • jangzer
      Paul_Vannatto Anything USB cable longer than 10' (3m) need the signal to be boosted. Most ethernet adapters only use the ethernet cable wire as an extension and does not boost the signal in any way. What you need is a booster/repeater device (which typically are quite costly.
      • Tue at 12:41 PM
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