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    can i ask about the availablity of some spare parts related to LabGruppen Amplifier on this window?

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    • Abdallah
      DavidKnighton Hello Abdallah,
      For spare parts information you must submit an inquiry via the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page.
      • Jul 9
  • jonsen01
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    Have 3 missing control knobs and corresponding D-shafts - can easily get the control knobs but can't seem to locate the relevant D-shafts, which seem to be differntly size to fit the knob and the receptor

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    Hi there, first post here.

    I have a Lab Gruppen C20:8x and am getting no output from channel F. The CPL fault LED is constantly illuminated (orange) for that channel, also the VHF fault LED. This is irrespective of whether inputs/outputs are connected or not.

    Can anyone advise pls? Feel free to ask for further info. Thanks in adv,


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    • johnaldrsn
      DavidKnighton Hello johnaldrsn,
      This type of issue would warranty a service request ticket. Please click on SUPPORT at the top of the page and then scroll down to SERVICE REQUEST to stat your inquiry.
      • Apr 3
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    I have a Behringer NX4000 that for some reason it locked up in protected mode. Now I can't get it to rest. Now I don't know how to get it fixed. 

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    • Cardenar
      DavidKnighton Hello Cardenar,
      Please submit a SUPPORT ticket using the tab at the top of the page. Someone will be able to advise how to resolve this issue.
      • May 5
  • paul_whitehurst
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    My amp powered off.  I replaced the fuse.  No sound.  I think it's in protect mode.  The display lights.  The light rings around the volume knobs are lit.  When I turn the power on the fan runs for one second and shuts down.

    Is this protect mode?  How do I get it out of protect mode?

    Thanks, Paul

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  • Coda2020
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    Warranty repair...

    I’ve been trying to contact Behringer for the last week. They used to be a phone number you could call and talk to a human. Now the only way to do it is to get on Music tribe. I’ve had such a hard time trying to get on Music tribe. Does anybody have a solution to how I can go about getting my Behringer app repaired under warranty?

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    • Coda2020

      Hi John ( @Coda2020 ), 


      Welcome to the community.  You need to open a warranty repair case here:|en)


      You should receive any automated email reply with a case number telling you that someone will contact you within one business day.  Be patient since that is more like a week (or more) these days.  If you don't get the auto-reply, check you spam or junk folder. 


      Hope this helps, 


      • November 26, 2019
  • cepatton
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    Where can I find an authorized Behringer repair shop for mr K3000FX? My rehearsal studio is in San Jose, Ca. Any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated.


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    Good morning, I was wondering if it was possible to convert an older LGFP14K from US mains to EU mains? If so, what would that entail?

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    • hiswkf
      DavidKnighton Hello hiswkf,
      Check the voltage spec on the rear panel near the mains input. If it does not specify operation up to 230V, then I would say not possible, at least not without some involved modifications.
      • Jun 23
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    e series 4.2 is there a knock down device to use 8 ohm speakers

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    Hi am am needing a microphone adaptor both peices for the Behringer Eurolive B207MP3. I have contacted the spares department 3 times and have heard nothing.

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    • PeteSheridan
      Dale_M Hi there sorry for your experience, can you please advise ticket numbers for us to chase up for you?
      • Jul 26
    • PeteSheridan

      • Jul 26
    • PeteSheridan

      CAS-470711-P1N5Z3 .

      • Jul 26
      • Spares.for B207mp3
        Dale_M I have found your ticket and advised my colleague to chase this up for you.
        • Jul 30
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