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    I have purchased two B-2 pro mics over the last few years.  Initially the sound awesome, clear, and very low noise.  After about 2 months of use they have extreme noise and low output.  The mics are left powered and go into a 100W transmitter at my radio station.  I have since switched to a EV RE20 which is indistructable but requires the preamps to be mazed out.  I gave one of the broken B-2 Pros away, but would like to fix the one I still have.  I have seen this issue elsewhere on the internet and it appears to be a design flaw.  Does anyone have the schematics or know what the common mode of failure on this mic is?  I would prefer not to have to reverse engineer the mic.


    I am a retired chief broadcast engineer for the HQ of an international news agency.

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    • Finelld
      Dale_M Hi there sorry for your experience but schematics are only available to support partners of Music Tribe. Is your mic still within it's 2/3 year warranty?
      • Jan 6
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    my freshly bought TM1 condenser mic works only for 1-3 seconds, then dropping power and signal.

    Bought additional pre-amp for mic, set gain at 100%, then I got the weak level on audio interface, but signal was more noise, then voice itself.

    Changed cables, phantom power suppliers etc. So definitelly broken unit and no news from support/service :(

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    • barsmedia
      Dale_M Hi there can you advise if you have created a ticket via the support tab above? If so have you got a case number we can check for you?
      • September 24, 2021
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    I will have to sign very closely to mic because sound is really low, and when I plug mic from my laptop then I am not able to use my head phones at the same time.

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    • arsalanahmedsiddiki
      JasonB81 Hello - thanks for contacting us. You will need to try a couple different USB cables and also check gain levels within your DAW. If swapping cables and restarting and checking your I/O connections does not help then you may want to click on support above and create a tech support ticket to see what can be done further.
      • October 9, 2020