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    Hey everyone, I have encountered a problem with my venice f24, one of the groups is not responsive when I route channels to it. I did check all the others and they are absolutely fine, just one (group 2) does not get signal into it, nothing on a meter, no output and it's been working fine the other day. Maybe anyone had this issue before? Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance


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    • Laumee
      Dale_M Hi Matas, if you have concluded that the Group 2 is faulty and nothing will route to it like the others it would be advised to look at organising a non warranty repair via a support ticket/service request, we can then advise the best course of action.
      • December 14, 2020
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    The other day while doing other work behind my Midas, I unfortunately bumped a speaker and it fell and broke off the Master and Mono Master Faders. In the attached pic, you can see what I'm left with. It was a pretty clean break, but there is nothing in the faders now to control them, although they still work and pass audio. I have 2 questions...

    -Do I really need to take apart the entire console to re attach the faders?

    -The metal port that the fader attaches to might be bent, what parts might I need to re attach them?


    Thanks so much for any help at all.

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    • CPMixing
      Nigel67 Hi CPMixing. I think that you will do very well if you can attach the shafts back on the faders. You will more than likely have to replace them. The faders are soldered on to the pcb, so yes, you will have to take out the fader pcb to desolder and replace the faders, or you can purchase a replacement fader pcb. If you know how to solder, then its a more time consuming job than being difficult. To access the pcbs, you need to take the bottom panel off the console. For availability of faders or fader pcb, please contact our spares team. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Spare Parts tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then get back to you with part numbers, availability and pricing.
      • Jun 19
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    Hi there,


    I have owned a Venice 32F for over six years and have it running on a Windows 7 (32 bit) system with a Sinux FWB3414G firewire PCI-e card. It has been working like a charm since day one.

    I have now put together a new PC because the old one is on its way out. It has a Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) system and I got a new fire wire PCI-e card by Star-Tech (2 Port PCI Express FireWire Card - PCIe 1394a FireWire Adapter).

    I installed the drivers, the card is being recognised by Windows but when I fire up my Venice it is not recognised (I have installed the drivers for the Midas console).

    I then tried my old firfewire PCI-e card (Sinux) and it does recognise the console but when I started REAPER the first time and set the sound device to the Midas console Windows popped up a blue window with an error code and restarted Windows.

    I tried it a few more times also with another audio program and the PC would just restart.


    1. Does anyone know what could be the issue? (Start Tech had drivers to install, Sinux had no drivers to install).

    2. Can anyone recommend a firewire card they know is working with Windows 10 (ideally available in Australia)



    Cheers, RLND

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    • RLND
      Nigel67 Hi RLND, I think your problem is more to do with the driver. Unfortunately Midas support for the Venice F ceased a number of years ago now and there was never a driver released for Windows 10. There are many posts on forums asking if anyone has made the Windows 7 driver work successfully with Windows 10. The only time that I have seen a person answer with a successful outcome was this one, however I have never had anyone else verify it. The post went as follows; 'Downloaded the Win 7 driver. Then right click the .exe file and switch compatibility to Win 7 so now the driver runs in Win 10, thinking its Win 7'. I hope this works for you. If not, then I can only suggest that you search on the internet to see if you can find someone else who has managed to get the driver working. Many thanks
      • May 2
    • RLND
      RLND Thanks a lot Nigel,
      • May 4
    • RLND
      RLND ... I tried your tip with the Star-Tech card and it recognises now the console, however, when I start Reaper and switch to ASIO Midas the same scenario happens - blue screen and PC restarts. Meanwhile I read on another forum that there is a difference with different chip sets on firewire cards re Win 10 - some work with Win 10 and some don't. I'll do some further research. Cheers, Roland
      • May 4
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    Hi there, 

    I wrote to your service team and they suggested I should write to you intead. My Midas XL4 

    has a broken IC circuit in the motherboard, i need either a new motherboard or just another IC cucuit. 

    I Have attached a picture in hope that someone in your network can help with this as without this the console 

    will be completely worthless, and that would be really bad. 


    Thanks in advance 

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    • Miklos
      Nigel67 Hi Miklos, I am going to set up a case for this. I will e-mail you in the next few hours and we can go from there.
      • Jan 12
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    Hey I have a Midas Venice F24 and when powering the unit off via the button on the back, it makes a weird sound.

    It doesn't make the sound when turning on via this button. It also doesn't make the noise if if the button is pushed into the off position quickly. 

    I noticed the noise while turning the unit on and off normally. I have attached a quick video where you can hear it.

    Any ideas if this is normal? Have had the mixer for ages and never noticed it before

    Any help is appreciated :)

    View Video
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    • mikerosen
      Nigel67 Hi, I am sure that is normal. We do not have a Venice F to be able to check this on, but I am 99.5% sure this is what happens when turning it off. You should be switching the unit off a little quicker than you are doing though, don't hold the switch in its middle position where it is neither on or off. The noise you are hearing is probably a little arcing as the internal switch contacts break. You could also try getting in touch with other Venice F users and asking their opinion. There is a Midas FB page called Long Live Midas Analogue Consoles and I have seen Venice F users post on there before. We can take a look at the console though at one of our service centres. You will need to fill out a Service Ticket. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Service tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then get back to you with an RMA number and advise the local service centre to you.
      • May 3
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    Good morning,

    I bought a Midas VF24 and I have this problem..

    I switch on the mixer and It Will go on whenever It wants, but when it's on is ok. The problem it's Just on the start.

    Some ideas?

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    • RenzoNerucci
      DavidKnighton Hello Renzo,
      Is the environment colder than average? Sometimes this can happen if the ambient temperature is extremely low. Otherwise, I would lean towards a replacement PSU. You might want to check the PSU connectors and cabling are all seated properly, as a bad fit could also cause problems,.
      • Jan 28
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    Hi, my Mic Gain dual encoder from a Stereo Channel is broken, or rather the middle shaft has broken off. Attached is a picture to clarify which one I'm referring to.

    Could you let me which encoder is a suitable replacement so I can fix it? Part number? Are they Alps?

    Many thanks






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    • Alvaro73
      Dale_M Hi there, I would advise going to the support tab above and selecting spares, we may still have some but the team can advise on price and availability for you.
      • May 5
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    A bought a F24 and everything was working and it connect to Midas FW Control Panel.
    When I came home in my studio to set it up I get "No device found". Tried different macs but no luck. Then I see that i have put the FW cable upside down. Cant believe that it ´s possible to do without force and how a could do that. Google it and found out that I probable have burned the FW board :( Have u heard about this situation before? Last Monday I contacted Support/Spear part and ask if u got a new FW board that I can install, have received a support ticket but no answer yet, how long is it usually take?
    Really hope u can help me cos right now i`m really sad and angry at myself.
    Best Regards


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    • MSTK
      Nigel67 Hi MSTK. Can you send me your ticket number and I will check why it hasn't been replied to yet.
      • Jun 7
      • Midas Venice F24
        MSTK Thanks for reply Nigel! I have send u a PM!
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        • Jun 8
  • SebRoth
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    Hello guys i have a question regarding some spare parts for the Midas Venice F Mixing Desks. I need at least one new channel fader and the master fader could be change for a new one as well. Normaly changing a fader is no problem but from what i can see all the fader of the Venice F Series are mountet to a pcb borad.

    My question before i disassemble the mixer. Are there any spare parts avalaible and if yes where? If not it would be awesome to have a Service Manual for this mixer because i cant find it? The Midas website only provide the Operation Manual. If there is no Service Manual for dl it would be awesome if someone knows what kind of fader (manufacturer) i could use to repair channel one and the master channel.

    I really dont want to buy a second Venice F Series to have enough spare parts for the future. The desk is still pretty awseome for its size and the price so it would be a shame if its not fully working.





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    • SebRoth
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Sebastian, I would suggest you submit a service/parts ticket by clicking on the Support menu (above). Someone will get back to you regarding your requested parts.
      • October 15, 2020
      • Midas Venice F16
        SebRoth Thanks Paul. I will give it a try.
        • October 15, 2020
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    Please, help me to order Fire Wire card for my Venice F32 mixer, it is broken and I need to replace it ASAP, your help will be much appreciated!


    Slobodan Markovic,

    [email protected]


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    • slowstar1
      Dale_M Dober dan Slobodan, you simply need to go to the above tab, hit support, +create a care ticket, then drop-down to Spares -from here simply ask for price & availability of Q09-AD600-41000 (VeniceF32 Firewire PCB T-VN214C-02) I hope this helps.
      • December 24, 2020
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