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    I wonder if someone could explain to me the numbering of the different models of mixers available such as the X1832USB, I know the 18 is the inputs but not sure what 3 in the model number stands for?

    Thank you


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    I installed asio4all drivers to my PC, Win10 64bit. I connected a mic to my Q502USB and then a USB cable, which was included in my product, to my PC.

    But I can not hear anyting from my MIC and the device seems not be found at all. In my device list there is a USB unkown to me which is conflicting, this is hopefully the Q502USB device.

    Why is it conflicting? Also asio4all drivers are very cofusing, is it drivers or just documentations? I do not see any drivers when I downloaded it, I got it installed but I have only manual to use.

    Can someone help me here? 

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    • hungsterx1980
      RexBeckett Hi there, ASIOALL is an optional add-on driver that allows ASIO-enabled software (e.g. DAWs) to access USB audio interfaces with lower latency. The Q502USB should be recognized and installed by Windows 10 using its standard USB Audio Codec driver. This needs to be done before ASIO4ALL can use the interface.

      See if these notes help:
      • Mar 31
      • Cant record with q502USB since I can not find the device in my pc
        hungsterx1980 OK then I have the problem that it didn't recognized by my PC. Where can I get help with that? If I connect with only the USB, ie no line in at all, I wonder if I should see the same devices as you shown in the link.
        • Mar 31
    • hungsterx1980
      Dale_M Hi there, please submit a Technical support ticket via the Support tab above.
      • Mar 31
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    I recently got Ableton Live 11 Suite and I want to record my churches worship services, but I cannot figure out how to do the routing so that the input/LC signal is sent to the expansion card.

    My church has an X32 Rack, and I am using X32-Edit without the mixer right now to figure out the routing.

    How do I tap the signal from input/LC and send it to the X-USB Card?


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    • Steelewolf
      RexBeckett Hi Steelewolf, the normal routing for recording is to take the signal directly after the preamp. This is done on the Routing -> Card tab. The attached screenshot shows the routing to record the sixteen local inputs on an X32 Rack plus sixteen inputs from a stagebox on AES50-A.
      • Apr 15
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    Can I use an electret (PC style) microphone with a 3.5mm jack with the Behringer MA400?

    My setup would be mic (3.5mm male)-->3.5mm female to male XLR balanced adapter cable-->Behringer MA400 female XLR mic input

    I will also be plugging in a set of headphones to the MA400 in order to listen to my own voice, which is the purpose of the device.

    Would this setup work? Are electret mics compatible with the MA400? Does  my mic need some sort of external phantom power supply?

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.  

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    • villanueva29
      RexBeckett Hi villanueva29, electret mics do need a power supply. There are several types available (e.g. Rode VXLR+) but they require phantom power from the mic preamp. The MA400 will pass phantom power that is applied to its Mic Thru connector from a mixing desk or external phantom power supply.

      Some mic manufacturers used to sell battery-operated preamp/power supplies for electret mics but it seems that they have all been discontinued. e.g. Shure MX1BP.

      Unless it is essential for you to use an electret mic, it might be easier to switch to a dynamic type that does not need power.
      • Jan 27
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    We purchased this great mixer recentlly.  for some strange reason we cant get levels with the usb inputs

    to get louder without feedbacking to the external monitors.  We use it for board room meetings and we

    have to play back the inputs for the audience to hear.  The USB inputs just won't put out enough volume

    when we are recording.  Any ideas?

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    • TheCashman44
      RexBeckett Hi there, normally if you select USB playback to the Main mix, USB recording is muted to prevent feedback. If you can explain how you have everything connected and what you want to achieve, we may be able to help.

      The USB recording output is taken from the Main mix. If you want an increased recording level, you will need to raise the Mainmix level. If this causes feedback, lower the gain settings on the monitor speakers/amps. It will also help if you position the monitor speakers to reduce pickup by the microphones.
      • Feb 12
    • TheCashman44
      DavidKnighton Hello TheCashman44,
      As Rex has mentioned, recorded files are going to have a predetermined level associated. Example if you record low level, the file will play back low level. The best thing to do is to get the recording as high level as you can before clipping so that play back is nominal level. One other thing you can do in this case is to take audio straight from the computer audio port and plug it into a spare set of channels. You can then use the channel gain to boost the play back level without causing feedback from the other sources.
      • Feb 15
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    I just purchased this mixer for Zoom online lessons. What I discovered after the set up, is when I connect the microphone and the headphones, when i connect on Zoom, either I can listen to my student or myself, but not both of us together. There has to be a  way where I can hear both of us in headphones, it should be so simple but I could not find it. Anyone who knows a way around it? The audio inputs and outputs in Zoom are USB AUDIO CODEC.

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    • mvsounds
      RexBeckett Hi mvsounds, there is a way around this. Connect both 2-Track Out to 2-Track In with a pair of short RCA/RCA cables. Press the USB/2TR To Phones/CTRL Rm button. Now you should hear both Zoom sound and your local mix through the Phones output. You may need to use the PC's output level control to adjust the mix.
      • Tue at 2:43 AM
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    I am upgrading my studio, and I need more inputs than what I currently have on my tiny Audient id4 audio interface.

    I have the Behringer Powerplay system just lying here, and it would be very nice to be able to use the P16-I as the primary or secondary audio interface with my studio.

    I use an iMac 27" late 2015 computer with USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt 2 connections.

    I also have an iMac 27" mid 2011 with USB 2.0, Thunderbolt and FireWire 800 connections.

    Would it be possible to use some kind of converter cable between ADAT and USB or one of the others?

    Or do I need a new audio interface that also has ADAT?


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    • GautesMusic
      GaryHiggins Well the P16-I has 16 adat inputs which is delivered by two 8 ch adat ports, so you get 16 digital input ch’s max. You can also use 16 analog inputs with it but the total Ultranet out is 16 ch’s period. Some combo of the 2 sources analog/adat that are output via ultranet. Not 16 adat and 16 analog. 16 total. As an Adat system it’s 16 ch’s in max and converted to Ultranet out (to connect to P16M’s or P16 D’s or both). Still very cool and useful but you are limited to 16 digital adat input ch's with NO adat out. You would need something that outputs adat to send to the p16i so you can attach and then use your P16 M’s as monitors. Or 16 analog inputs to ultanet out. As part of an adat system it could be very useful but I think you would need an additional interface with adat outs to do so.
      • December 14, 2020
  • Bjorn218
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    I recently upgraded my audio interface from a 1394 device to a PCI Card that uses ADAT in and out.  
    I am trying to use my ADA8000 to output to a set of powered monitors. I am getting no audio from any of the 4 pairs of analog outputs from the ADA8000. I have never used the outputs before a have never realized I had defective gear.  All inputs work good and the unit is sending signal to my sound cards routing software as well as being seen in the DAW.. Both the DAW and routing software also see all outputs of the ASA800.  
    I have also performed a loop back test on the ADA where I connect one ADAT cable to the o and out of the ADA and send signal (taking into a microphone) into the unit while seeing if audio is passed though. I still am not getting any audio to the outputs. 
    Am I missing something on this unit?  I can't believe all outputs are dead when I have all inputs functioning as well as sending And receiving audio from the sound card. The sound card was its own issue to set up, I'm hoping for a simple fix to get this thing to pass audio. 

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    • Bjorn218
      Paul_Vannatto Make sure that the ADAT settings of the PC card is identical with the settings in the ADA8000. I have an ADA8000 but haven't used it in years and mostly as an 8 chan DI (with a short loopback Toslink cable).
      • August 23, 2020
    • Bjorn218
      john0121 When you tried the loopback did you have the ADA set as Master? are you sure you were using a good toslink cable? With the loopback there should be 1 to 1 input to output.
      • August 24, 2020
    • Bjorn218
      Bjorn218 Not playng this. May I have an authorized service center name and address for San Antonio, TX please?
      • August 29, 2020
      • No audio output on ADA8000
        Paul_Vannatto Click on the Support menu item and submit a support ticket.
        • August 29, 2020
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    hi I have a xr16 and I'm trying to route several channels to 1 of the Aux outputs, can I do that?  I can select one channel at a time but I haven't been able to select more than one at a time...  FYI I'm using an iPad 

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    • wrh22967
      Paul_Vannatto You need to send channels to a mixbus, then assign the mixbus to an Aux Out. Using X-Air Edit, select a mixbus (eg bus 1) on the right side, then raise the desired faders that you want to send to that bus. Then in the In/Out, Aux Out screen, assign that bus to the desired Aux Out.
      • Apr 2
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    My name's Pablo. 

    I'm very interested in 

    Behringer Xenyx X2442 USB

    I'D LIKE TO KNOW IF THE INPUT (XLR o TRS) for a electric guitar has or not an ID box to level up the impedance near 20000 Ohm.


    And the secon question is if I'd like to use the mixer witw a DAW, can a use a subgroup to send multi tracks to the pc instead using the usb por to send altogether in two channels  


    Thanks a lot  Regards



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    • PabloAriasMachado
      RexBeckett Hi Pablo, according to the specification, the XLR inputs have an impedance of 2.6K Ohms (balanced) and the TRS inputs are 20K (balanced) and 10K (unbalanced). I would use a DI box with an input impedance of at least 220K to connect a guitar with a passive pickup.

      You could record multi-tracks by using the Direct or Sub outputs. You would need a multi-channel analogue interface to connect these outputs to a PC for recording. e.g. UMC1820 for eight channels.
      • November 16, 2020
    • PabloAriasMachado
      PabloAriasMachado Thanks a lot Rex. Your comments for are me are very helpful. THX
      • November 16, 2020
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