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    Am I missing something?  I can't find any way to export snapshots or channel presets from the console library directly to a USB drive like on the X32.  The only bulk method available appears to be setting the console in data drive mode and connecting a laptop via USB to read/write the folder structure.  Otherwise, it looks like I'd have to manually recall then re-save items onto the USB drive one-by-one

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    • GeorgeDougherty
      Paul_Vannatto Hi George, what firmware are you using? If it is the latest, when you are in the Library, load the desired snapshot. Then up at the top is a USB icon. Select that and save to the USB stick. I use this all the time. They are working on a better show/scene management. But it may be some time before it is ready.
      • February 23, 2021
      • Wing import/export of console data from/to USB drive.
        GeorgeDougherty 1.10.1, As noted, looking for a bulk copy option not the one at a time we both suggested as the only current option from the board without a computer.
        • February 28, 2021
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    I always love WING and thanks for BEHRINGER.

    and thanks for "+1" function in ROUTE page.

    if possible,

    If users can using BUTTON( attached picture ) for "Auto Next" push button.

    That will be great easy and usefull function for WING users.

    And this will be realized,

    User easly only push one button several times to route sequencely sevral channels.

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    3 outputs for my ears:
    Beyerdynamic DT770 Headphones (gaming, listening)
    Heil Pro 7 Headset Ham radio (specifically & only ham radio)
    Onkyo HT-RC430 (for doing any/all without sweaty ears, might be replaced by balanced-fed studio speakers)

    3 Stereo Inputs/Outputs to computers:
    Mac Mini (work video conferences)
    Win 10 GameBeast (work vid conferences, gaming, central command for all this various crap-n-junk)
    Win 10 RadioPC (connects to 2 ham radios, and ONLY does ham radio stuff)

    2 Microphones:
    Heil big chrome monster on a boom that looks 80 years old
    Heil Pro headset (which will likely only ever plug directly into the HF radio, so might not ever touch the mixer)

    2 Radio Transceivers with mono line in/out.

    Current mixer is Behringer Xenix Q802.

    My daytime life is I'm working simultaneously on the Mac and the GamerBeast PC.

    Listening to Spotify on the Mac - direct to the Onkyo.

    If a conference call comes in, I will hear the audio on the GamerBeast PC's LCD monitor (not ideal, but passable), and they'll hear me via the big chrome Heil boom mic -> Q802 -> USB -> GamerBeast.

    Where I get into trouble is if I decide to put on headphones (because Funk volume and wife also WFH upstairs are incompatible), then I get into a routing problem when the next VidConf starts.

    Plug headphones into Onkyo? Sure. But then I can't hear notifications from the puny LG monitor's speakers.

    Ideally, whether I'm listening to Spotify (Mac) and/or either/both ham radios, over room speakers or headphones, I should be able to hear from any and all sources, without un-plugging my headphones to move them around.

    Ideally, I could mute, solo, pan any of the above-listed inputs, to hear what I want for what I'm doing at the time. e.g. I would be able to hear everything, but when I answer a VidConf call on the GamerBeast, I'd poke the Solo button, and poof, I can't get interrupted by the ham radios, nor anything else.

    Ideally, I could take input from either of the PCs and send it to either ham radio transceiver's Line In, though most of the time only the RadioPC (digital modes) and the overhead boom mic get to the tranceivers' inputs.

    I do have an iPad Pro (not the latest one, but a gen older). I'm OK with using Win or Mac or iOS as the UI for setting up the routing of a new mixer thingy-jobber.

    There's a pair of switches within a screen-printed box on the Q802 indicating they kind of work together. The box is labeled "USB/2-TRACK".
    Top switch is "TO PHONES/CTRL RM"
    Bottom switch is "TO MAIN MIX"
    Because of how these 2 switches do/don't work together, it means that since I hear FROM the GamerBeast via the USB connection, and send Mic audio TO the GamerBeast via the USB connection (i.e. it is operating as a USB Audio Interface in this regard) it often happens that I was doing one of the other things it's possible to do, over the weekend, and then come the first VideoConference I find that they can't hear me, or I can't hear them, or both. Then I go through some panic poking of these 2 switches until they can hear me and I can hear them. I presume there is anti-moron logic here to stop me from making a feedback loop such that the PC input can "hear" the PC's output. Fair enough; I'm a moron, and I would totally do that. But because I'm prevented from doing that, I'm also prevented from using one routing setup that handles evening gaming, weekend ham radio contesting, and day-job teleconferencing.

    I suspect the solution to my multi-use weirdness is one of the following two units:
    X AIR XR16

    I'm not going to produce music. Many simultaneous inputs to a DAW is not needed. Many simultaneous inputs to my EARS is. Also, super duper audiophile quality is not high priority. I'm mostly listening to music to fight earworms, and otherwise am dealing with spoken voice in and out (often very narrow bandwidth/fidelity on purpose).

    Really the ultimate priority is to have control over which target devices are able to hear what sources, and when. Also, what target devices can be blocked from EVER hearing some target devices. For example, it is illegal to play music on ham radio. So the Mac Mini that plays Spotify music - I need to be able to block that from ever getting to the Line In of the ham radio transceivers.

    If you've read this far, you can see why watching spec and review youtubes and reading spec sheets has gotten me no further than suspecting one of those might solve my situations (or almost), but I'm still certain something I do occasionally is going to mean I have to unplug something that I'll have to plug back in on Monday.

    Given that this is often a high-RF-noise environment, if I'm getting audio from the Mac or the GamerBeast in a way that is not USB, I'd prefer to use their SPDIF feeds because RF does not cause intermod on photons.

    Help me - I'm a dork. I know I'm throwing the worst problems at this.

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    • kelvin0mql
      Paul_Vannatto The ADA8200 does not provide any signal zoning, mixing or mix-minus. The XR16 does provide a limited amount of zoning (routing). But the USB is designed to be used with a USB stick, not for connecting to a PC. The XR18 has more routing (and zoning) flexibility and the USB is designed to connect to a PC (18x18). If I was in your scenario, I would use one of my X32 Racks, which has much more routing (and zoning flexibility) as well as USB to PC (32x32)
      • July 1, 2021
  • JeffBernhardt
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    Hey gang!

    I did a search but got a "no results found", which I thought was odd. So I apologize if this has been covered...

    I have been running my x32 via my iPad more and more lately and I'm having issues that I think are related to my router, so I'm looking for recommendations for a reliable router.


    A little background... I bought what I thought was a very highly rated and pricy router 2yrs ago (it was almost $300!). But I didn't really use it much until recently. Now that I'm using it I'm having issues with iPad losing control of the x32 (faders stop responding to my adjustments. For example, I move a faded but it snaps back to where it was when I lift my finger) and sometimes the faders and knows kind of gray out and I can't control anything. Another grip is tap delay. Getting the tap delay to get in time with my "taps" is impossible.


    I'd love to hear your recommendations! Thanks in advance!

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    • JeffBernhardt
      PedroRodrigues Hi Jeff to be honest we cannot give advises for products that we do not manufacture but as a guideline on your search for a Router I would strongly advise you to acquire a unmanaged switch as it is easier to implement.
      • October 8, 2020
    • JeffBernhardt
      GaryHiggins It may be the program you use is a bit buggy on that particular device and version of it. I suggest trying Mixing Station Pro, I think i's around $6. It works on an iPad these days. Very stable and well supported. I always had issues with the Mix version although I understand it is much better these days. Many users do this with success. It can't hurt to have an alternate program to use anyway and the price is right.
      • October 8, 2020
    • JeffBernhardt
      PedroRodrigues I agree with Gary Higgins, you can try Mixing Station Pro, they released an update a month ago and that might also help you on the issue that you mentioned. Thank you for your help Gary
      • October 8, 2020
    • JeffBernhardt
      JeffBernhardt Thanks, guys! Actually, I have Mixing Station Pro. I never even thought about switching to that. I’d been using the X32 app and I prefer it. Probably due to nothing other than familiarity. I’ll start using Mix Station before buying a new router and see how that goes.
      • October 9, 2020
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    How do I verify a serial number of an X32 mixing console

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    • GeorgeNikoiDsane
      KyleJohnson Hi George, Kyle here with Music Tribe. The Serial number is on the rear of the console near the Power switch. It starts with S and ends with ASF (assuming this is a full sized X32 unit)

      You can also find the serial number in the SETUP>GLOBAL menu on the left hand side.
      • January 22, 2021
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    I'm thinking about purchasing the Behringer Wing for my church. I was told that the Wing has or had a "ghost touching" issue and that owners had to return the console for replacement of the screen. Have all the conoles currently available for sale been fixed or will I have to return my console (if I buy one) as well? Is there a way of knowing that the console i want to purchase has been updated?

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    • BHarris69
      GaryHiggins I would buy from Sweetwater and request they test it before they send it, they are a retailer that will do this. They do not want to replace it either. Also they are THE major (only) us distributor so that is a good thing for avoiding this issue. Supposed to be no specific serial number sequences related to having the bad screen. The early releases were the culprits.
      • February 23, 2021
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    im trying to route mix buss 9 to aux 1.

    can someone help me?

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  • MatthewJamesCoconis
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    I need help with me new xair x18 Behringer. I went into access point out in my ssid and key, went back out, shut off console, started it up in wifi client, but it cannot connect. Can I please get a phone number for tech support. Right now I have a$600 paper weight. Thank you.
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    • MatthewJamesCoconis
      JoeRivers96 Hi MatthewJamesCoconis,

      Please try the following steps to set up in Wi-fi Client mode. Connect to the XR18 (ETHERNET or ACCESS POINT) to setup WiFi Client mode. Make sure REMOTE switch on the front of the XR18 is set to that type of connection. In the SETUP/WLAN tab, select/input your External Routers Security Encryption, SSID and PASSCODE. Set MODE to DHCP to automatically get IP address or set to STATIC to manually input your IP address, Subnet Mask and Gateway. Disconnect the XR18 from its ETHERNET or ACCESS POINT connection in the X AIR EDIT App. (Remove ETHERNET cable if used for WiFi Client setup) Switch to WIFI CLIENT in the REMOTE section on the front of the XR18. Connect your computer to the external router with a hard-wired Ethernet Cable.  Load X AIR EDIT App, after computer establishes a connection to the External Routers Network you will see the mixer pop up in the SETUP/CONNECT tab. If you continue to have issues, i would suggest creating a technical support request using the SUPPORT option at the top of this page, and we will endeavour to help you further.
      • June 17, 2020
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    Anybody know where I can get a new X32 OR even a "B stock"?  Help....

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    Is there a possibility to expand the usersignals to 48 or even more?

    We're using the dp48 for monitoring and would like to get all signals pre fader but with eq, gate and compression.

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    • WillemKrabbe
      DavidKnighton Hello William,
      The maximum user outs is capped at 24. You can assign direct outs that based on your requirements, but you will be limited to 24 channels. I would suggest creating some busses to sub mix and then assign the sub mixes to DP48. Ultimately, the DP48 will group them down to 12 channels no matter what, so may as well get creative on the front end to save yourself some user outs.
      • February 24, 2021
      • Wing user signals
        WillemKrabbe Well that's the problem. I don't want to use a bus for that, also that bus contains the same signal for every user.
        And user outs is definite capped to 24?

        Still love the Wing.
        • February 24, 2021
    • WillemKrabbe
      GaryHiggins I agree, if one has a large recording project and wants to have Wing ch processing on the printed tracks, you may need more than 24 ch’s. However another option besides user ch’s to access ch tap points for usb card and Wing-live sd out routing would fix the problem. I mean a 48 ch mixer needs more than 24 ch’s of post preamp tap possibilities IMO. In most cases, yes 24 user ch's will get you what you need. More user ch's or similar has been on my wish list for a long time. The X/M32 has a way to access more possibilities by using the ultranet out and aux out in combination with outputs 1-16 to manage a full 32 ch's that have multiple tap point choices. The Wing seems to have 24 user ch's with that option only.
      • February 24, 2021
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