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    We've been using Mixtender with our Midas ProX and Pro1 for many years and we've noticed that the app will not connect on many of our iPads that have been updated and/or new iPads that have been purchased. Does anyone else have any issues with this? The app also hasn't been updated for years... any plans to update??

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    • Adamrussell
      DavidKnighton Hello Adamrussell,
      Apple have released some new features in their recent update. I noticed that deleting and reinstalling an app will usually fix certain issues. I'll need to check if there is a latest known working iOS. Within the advent of HD96, there is little chance the app will see any new updates.
      • Jun 15
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    Someone in our church band recently upgraded their iPad and can no longer connect to the M32 app.  It is a 4th gen iPad Pro (12.9 inch) and is running iOS 14.4.2.  Putting in the same IP address and linking them on the same WiFi as all of the other devices. Have restarted, redownloaded and repeated everything I know.

    Any advice?

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    • MykeWhyte
      GaryHiggins try uninstalling the app and then reinstall it...or get Mixing Station for iPad
      • Apr 30
    • MykeWhyte
      MarkNorgren Check the network permissions on the ipad.
      • May 1
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